Public worker salary information

Lansing State Journal

Lawmakers' salaries

Salaries for Michigan elected officials are set by recommendation of the State Officers Compensation Commission. According to the SOCC, elected officials' salaries at the time this report was compiled were as follows:

• Governor Granholm: $177,000 plus a $60,000 expense account
• Lt. Gov. John Cherry: $123,900 plus a $20,000 expense account
• Supreme Court justices: $164,610
• State senators and representatives: $79,650 per year plus a $12,000 expense account
• Lawmakers in leadership positions can earn up to an additional $27,000 per year
• Attorney General Mike Cox: $124,900
• Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land: $124,900

Salary comparisons

The following public employee salary databases are generated and maintained by their respective governments:
Federal salaries, Georgia, Iowa, Nebraska.

The following public employee salary databases are hosted by media outlets in their respective states: California -- Los Angeles, California -- San Jose, California -- Santa Clara County (pdf), Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania -- schools, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

A comparison of average public and private sector salaries for every state and county in the U.S. is available here. The 2006 AFT Public Employees Compensation Survey (pdf) compares salaries of state workers in many job classifications with their counterparts in other states, as well as providing private sector salaries for similar jobs.