Spartans set to tip off season vs. UConn and other links

A busy sports night will begin in a few hours with the Michigan State men’s basketball team opening its season at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany and the Spartan hockey team traveling to Ann Arbor for the opening game of its weekend series with rival Michigan.

To get prepared for the basketball game, Graham Couch has the tipoff that displays the matchups and everything else you need to know about the MSU-UConn matchup.

Keith Appling, MSU’s leading returning scorer, begins his junior season as a candidate for the Wooden Award. He was one of nine Big Ten players and 50 players nationally named to the preseason watch list for the award.

What are your thoughts and predictions for today’s game against the Huskies, who will be beginning a new era under the direction of former NBA player Kevin Ollie.

And Solari has you covered from hockey tonight and write about MSU coach Tom Anastos and Michigan’s Red Berenson being a big part of the rivalry between the schools. There’s also the faceoff with the things to watch tonight and Saturday. Of note, Saturday’s game will be the only MSU-Michigan game played in East Lansing at Munn Arena this season. MSU’s other home game with the Wolverines will be played at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

The football team is off Saturday, but Le’veon Bell was named one of 10 semifinalists for the Doak Walker Award earlier today.

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22 Responses to Spartans set to tip off season vs. UConn and other links

  1. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    GO GREEN !!!

  2. avatar Spartan in Los Angeles says:

    Let’s all turn on our television sets and get behind our boys as they honor our military today.
    Looking forward to a good fast paced game where we get some Husky tongues hanging out in the second half, let’s get their big men too tired to emerge. Looking forward to BJ at full strength and Gary Harris helping to light things up tonight.
    And a special thanks to Hans for jumpstarting that car.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Yeah, that car story is great I think Rexrode was in that vehicle. Wont get home till 7 eastern as I am in the central time zone so wife is DVR the game for me and I will watch it 90 minutes behind you guys. Pretty confident we are going to tire out their big men tonight

      Friday Prediction MSU 71
      Tired leg Huskies 63
      Go Green.

  3. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    mens soccer just beat penn state in big ten semis…way to go green…

  4. avatar mysondave says:

    Though I’ve only seen Harris in the two exhibitions, IMHO, he seems to have a smooth flow to his game that is not the norm for most freshmen. These UConn guards will present a difficult test right off the bat. He may grow enormously in experience from just this one game. Nix or Payne (or both) should have a big night. Appling needs to penetrate and make assists. We’ll know pretty soon how healed Dawson is. He could have a breakout season, knee permitting. This should be fun. Go Green.

  5. avatar drmuffin says:

    22 wins, 4th in the BIG, 5 seed, sweet sixteen, can’t wait for an exciting season

  6. avatar drmuffin says:

    Thanks to all our vets. Your courage humbles me

  7. avatar MLM89 says:

    Our back court was exposed big time. Way too slow. Appling is not and never will be a point guard. Looks like another year of too many turn overs. Payne and Nix both played 4″ shorter than they are.

  8. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Anxious and nervous in the first half.

    • avatar Spartan in Los Angeles says:

      The team will learn and grow from this, and I have complete faith in their coach. His name is not Mike Brown.

  9. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    I was pretty impressed with the big picture performance. To come back from 16 points down on a big stage against a team like UConn was a moral victory to me. Think about it we were down 34-18 and only lost by four. We could have folded our tents and been blown out but pounded the glass hard. Take away the last 4 minutes and it was one hell of a game. If the team falls far short of this level Tuesday night in Atlanta no one should be concerned. It is a tremendous disadvantage to fly back across six time zones and go on the road within 48 hours. So that game is a Mulligan. But before long Izzo will have the team back to this level. This is a young team but I have complete faith that Izzo will keep the streak alive and have us in the NCAA for 16 years in a row , think about that. In my mind this year is a tune up to get this young team ready for Jabari Parker, Its allready 2014 in my mind, this team is building towards a National Title in 2014 with Parker cutting down the nets.

    • avatar MLM89 says:

      If UConn was 14th ranked and we were unranked, coming back from 16 down would be a moral victory (a term I really hate). But we were the ranked team so to get down 16 marks this game as a failure.

    • avatar steveL says:

      Typical fantasy thinking of someone who likes to drink the proverbial cool-aid. How about playing the way we need to play NOW, not in preperation for some fantasy future. Terrible way to start the season on the national stage in a game we should have won. No excuses.

  10. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    At one point I was told it’s better to say nothing than complain.

    Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

  11. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    i agree with stevel. i believe in praise when it’s due and criticism when merited..these are big boys on scholarship..as for this game, you have to question coaching when you lose to a rookie coaching his first game..nix and payne can NOT play together..match-ups and conditioning make this obvious..we will lose to kansas but overall we will be fine..we will go further in the NCAA’s than u-scum..as for jabari parker coming to msu..forget it..someone will pay him.

  12. avatar SpartanMan says:

    “Moral victories” aren’t exactly making fans happy on the football field either and I find very little satisfaction in watching a ranked team almost come back for the win. Kind of surprised at how outplayed we were most of this game and UConn is not that great, even though they think they are now. I love Izzo for taking on a challenge at the beginning of every year, and yes it does seem to pay dividends come March, but wouldn’t it be nice to open against “slippery rock” or the equivalent and then another cupcake instead of coming out of the gates again 0-2? I really don’t see this team belonging in the same gym as Kansas right now. Hopefully they will grow and improve as a team, but right now they seem very young for a team that returns so much from a sweet 16 appearance. Would love to see Dawson take over a game, drive the energy and get the opposing team looking at him, then he can feed one of our shooters on the perimeter and hope for one of the big men to clean up the misses…I see him as our x factor to replace Draymond in that capacity. Just my 2 cents.

  13. avatar dmbtierney says:

    All of the reasons for losing this game are obvious. However, I feel that in playing a super-hyped game of this nature that there are really too many distractions to overcome. At the start of the game MSU was simply not focused in to play. UCONN was able to play through these distractions, we were not. The trip was a fantastic experience, but I feel it was not condusive for good basketball. Hopefully, the team learned lessons from this loss.

    BTW, I feel we may have seen the last of the carrier games, unless they are played in warm, daylight hours. Once the sun goes down, cooling occurs and condensation begins to form. Remember last year? We had some condensation issues against Carolina. After two VERY EXPENSIVE cancellations, promoters may be rethinking the viability of these games.

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