Spartans miss out on top recruit

Tom Izzo and the Michigan State basketball program are still in search of their first recruit in the 2013 class.

The Spartans missed a chance to get their class started Thursday when consensus top-10 prospect James Young committed to Kentucky on ESPNU’s “Recruiting Nation” program.
“Kentucky’s just always been my dream school,” Young said after making his decision. “I always dreamed of going to that school. Once I went up there and took my visit I just fell in love with the place.”

Young, a five-star wing who plays at Rochester High School, choose the Wildcats over MSU, Kansas and Syracuse. He averaged 25 points and 11 rebounds and was a Class A All-State selection while playing at Troy High School last season.

The Spartans are still in the hunt for elite prospects Chicago Simeon forward Jabari Parker and Memphis Southwind power forward Johnathan Williams in the 2013 class. Parker is regarded the top 2013 prospect and has MSU in his top five.

“With the recruiting process it’s been a little tougher, and as you know, there are no commitments yet because I think we’re in on the right guys and got some work to do here the next few weeks,” Izzo said during basketball media day Tuesday.

In other links, Solari and Graham Couch talk about Saturday’s matchup against Iowa. And then there’s this piece on Hawkeye walk-on fullback Mark Weisman, who is Iowa’s leading rusher.

Then Solari has his hockey preview that has everything you could possibly want to know about Tom Anastos’ second team at MSU. The team has higher expectations after Anastos led the team to the NCAA Tournament in his first season.

And Couch writes about Ron Mason being familar with the task Anastos faces.

Lastly for those of you looking for activities to do in East Lansing on Friday night, there is plenty going on. Midnight Madness is the highlight, but the MSU volleyball team is having its “Pjamming with the Spartans” event, which raises awareness for childhood cancer. There’s also the MSU homecoming parade that starts at 6 p.m.

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38 Responses to Spartans miss out on top recruit

  1. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    do you guys in michigan still get the spartan football all access program..the big ten network used to show it but this year it is nowhere to be found.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      Fox Sports Detroit has it

      • avatar behind the green curtain says:

        Btn knows that people only want to watch Michigan and Ohio State. Couch understands that son that is why he will work at btn soon. Hogs beat Kentucky and they are 3-4 baby!

        • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

          Hogs are just raw bacon on the hoof. Wildcats love bacon.

        • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

          well BTN is owned by markie mark, why would they have anything MSU on when MSU owns Michigan? Thanks for playing jackwagon, don’t stay so long next time !

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          A) Cracker has a MAC mentality and it will never change

          B) That mentality cost the BTN folks $40K to the Gene Washington Scholarship Fund. I’m pretty sure we cured them of their foible.

          C.) Silverman has already told everyone in the know that he is NOT going to hire you come Jan. ’13, so you might as well stop trying to audition.

    • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

      It’s often available on the internet each Tuesday or so. Someone should be able to link it here weekly.

  2. avatar Chris Solari says:

    An update from this evening: Friday night’s MSU-Minnesota hockey game will be broadcast by Fox Sports Detroit. They reached an agreement to pick up the telecast from FSN North (Minneapolis). Faceoff is 7:05 p.m. ET.

  3. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    Ghost of Biggy,
    As you are driving to the stadium Saturday I would ask that you reflect upon these three questions.
    1. Does Coach Dantonio have the intellectual capacity to engage in a battle of wits
    with Coach Ferentz. Remember 2009, will the players play their butts off and the coaches screw things up?
    2. As an MSU fan are you better off now than you were six years ago?
    3. Is Coach Dantonio the kind of leader who gets your pi.. hot?

    I would ask that you reflect on these questions as you drive to the game. If the answer to #3 is yes than please pull over to a rest area and Smile when you think of me son.

    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      You should get together with mikey. Between the two of you the total would be just under a whole wit. The answer to question number 2 is unequivocally yes. As for number 3, open your mouth wide you don’t want to lose a drop.

      • avatar behind the green curtain says:

        I’m preparing for Kentucky, Ghost of Biggy trust me no one wants to play a 7-5 group of angry hogs, Dantonio is on a collision course with the Hogs in the Gator Bowl.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      Go scam some more money from the mentally challenged and orphans

    • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

      1. remember last year when MSU went to Iowa and beat that ass 37-21

      2. Hell yeah

      3. Dantonio has back to back 11 win seasons, how did JLS do the last couple years?

  4. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    The Oakland A’s media love fest comes to an end. Verlander left nothing to chane throwing strikes and mowing them down with 11 K’s in a show-em whose boss performance.

  5. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    Iowa Game Recruiting Classes; Decorated Players; and Line Masses

    This was to be a rebuilding year for Iowa, and nothing demonstrates that more than the average 2009-2012 Scout & Rivals recruit ratings: Iowa 2.76 stars; MSU 3.05 stars. The ‘09 class average was only 2.40 stars for Iowa, but they do have some younger talent.

    Iowa All-B1G Team Veterans: CB Micah Hyde 2nd team (& 2010 honorable mention); center James Ferentz & MLB James Morris h.m. MSU ABT veterans include two 1st-teamers that had lesser honors as underclassmen; four 2nd-teamers; and five h.m.s.

    Iowa B1G Players of the Week: QB James Vandenberg [2011] and K Mike Meyer. MSU has four past BTPotWs, plus two-time 2012 winner Le’veon Bell. (I don’t count Freshmen of the Week per se.)

    Award Watch List Hawkeyes [7]: Hyde, Ferentz [Outland], WR Keenan Davis, tight end CJ Fiedorowicz, Morris, Meyer, and Vandenberg. MSU had ten guys on preseason Watch Lists.

    Projected 1st-team ABT 2012 [2]: Davis, Hyde (MSU has five such players).
    Projected 2nd-team ABT 2012 [1]: Ferentz (MSU has three, plus Fonoti).
    Projected h.m. ABT 2012 [5]: Fiedorowicz, Morris, OLB Christian Kirksey, OT Brandon Scherff, free safety Tanner Miller (MSU has five, plus D. Sims).

    NOTICE: Three Spartans are on Phil Steele’s mid-season All-American team. D. Sims & M. Bullough equate to Honorable Mentions; Le’veon Bell is on the first team.

    MSU O-line Average—303#
    Iowa D-line Average—270#
    Iowa O-line Average—296#
    MSU D-line Average—294# [280# w/Kittredge at NT].

  6. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Friday prediction
    MSU 17
    Iowa 13
    Bell gets 100 yards, Iowa does not.

    Chris, sent you an important email regarding potential interview for you , he is at kellog center now.

  7. avatar NJ Rob says:

    I think Roushar has been calling better games as the season progresses, and I know he’s probably been trying to gradually unfold his “genius” as MSU works its way through B1G play, but he’s really going to need to dial up his A game over next few weeks given some of these injuries and our good (but not dominant/dictating) O-line. I really hope that he finds multiple ways to get Le’Veon the ball (i.e., running and passing plays). I don’t see the team looking past Iowa at all this week (which is good), but they are going to need to take a major step-forward to get the win in two weeks. Also, putting Gholston at nose-tackle and adding speed at the linebacker position (although Norman has played pretty well this season) may be a really nice adjustment by Narduzzi, who has also seemed a bit surprised that teams have chosen to go up-tempo with lots of dinks/dunks passes to negate our pass-rush. A bit surprising to me since Narduzzi is viewed as one of the top D-coordinators in the country, and this scheming by other teams is incredibly predictable. Without a solid pass rush, we are unfortunately staring a 7-5…if we figure it out, I think we have a shot at 9-3. Hard to see MSU winning U-M, Nebraska AND Wisconsin even if they’re playing pretty well…

    • avatar Ben Green says:

      I agree the play-calling is better but with two starters out from a promising but disappointingly under-performing O line puts pressure on the coaching staff to step up ingenuity several notches. Roushar has not demonstrated “genius” by any stretch of the imagination. Just hope he has an A game to dial into.

      • avatar NJ Rob says:

        Agree on “genius” comment. Was being a little sarcastic.

        As long as Roushar calls enough plays (and players execute) to keep Iowa/others from crowding the box, MSU should be able to move the ball.

  8. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    This week is the week we start to show. We start a run that finishes with a victory in Indy and a Rose Bowl trip.

    You heard it here first.

  9. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Here’s the latest on our own particular troll, JLS or behind the green curtain:

    Arkansas football coach John L. Smith has been asked to provide copies of his employment contracts to several creditors after questions were raised about whether the deals were structured to help Smith avoid paying a bigger share of his $40 million in debt.

    Smith appeared Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, a short drive from where his Razorbacks will play Kentucky on Saturday evening. At the 30-minute hearing, attorneys for two of his creditors questioned him about his assets and liabilities.

    Before the hearing, the creditors also asked to receive copies of his employment agreements, which came under scrutiny this week after USA TODAY Sports reported Sunday that $600,000 of his $850,000 salary was being deferred until after the season. The deferral agreement was signed one week before Smith filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Sept. 6.

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      Son who hot pi.. In your Cheerios, remember I’m not to old to find you son

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        I’ve give my place of residency on here, so U co0me on down, but as they say – come big or stay at how, fool. I’m packing a LAW

  10. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Perhaps MSU wouldn’t lose recruits or be on the receiving end of bad officiating if we exerted a little more influence on the community like O$U….


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