Report: MSU headed east in Big Ten realignment

Michigan State’s path to a Big Ten football championship is set to get much tougher starting in 2014.

According to an ESPN.com report, MSU is heading east in the Big Ten’s division realignment. Joining the Spartans in what will be the Big Ten’s East Division are Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Indiana and conference newcomers Maryland and Rutgers.

The west division will feature Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Purdue, Northwestern, Illinois and Iowa.

The divisions, as well as a move to a nine-game conference schedule for football starting in 2016, are expected to be approved by Big Ten presidents and chancellors next week.

Geographically the divisions make sense. Competitively, the East appears to be the much tougher football division. With the move, the Spartans will have to face historically what have been some of the Big Ten’s best football programs – Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State – every year. MSU has Penn State and Ohio State off its schedule this fall and is scheduled to face just Legends division rival Michigan this season.

While Penn State will be affected by the NCAA sanctions, Michigan and Ohio State have picked up some positive momentum under Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer.

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4 Responses to Report: MSU headed east in Big Ten realignment

  1. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Unlike others, I think this is a proper alignment. I am NOT concerned about being in the same division with Paris, Glad Glade, and the Acorns. percentage says we would play them every year, anyway. What is disturbing about this news is the 9 game schedule which shows Delooonie’s total disregard for the Schools in the conference he is running. As Joe points out, you have to have 7 home games to run a football (and non revenue sports) and when a school is in the 4 conference home game cycle, that means all the non-conference games will have to be home. (we’re supposed to go to ‘Bama and Oregon, soon, and the In-State initiative by AD Hollis are in jeopardy) I would think that the Presidents – Deloonie does work for them, after all – should would tell him to pound sand. But there was only 1 negative vote when Deloonie gave the power of crowning a champion to an outside agency, so the other sheep will baa and make the AD/Coaches work it out.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      I agree with you on the scheduling, also remember Penn State may never fully come back and may be like UCLA football after the sanctions, a perennial 7-5

  2. avatar Jmac says:

    It sure has an imbalance that reminds us of the old big 12. However, this is probably temporary, and I would guess the east footprint will expand when the league goes to 16 teams. That means IU and Michigan State will head west in 5 year or less. That is if this division thing is truly geographical.

  3. avatar tim says:

    With UM and OSU here we’ll never have a chance at the RoseBowl

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