MSU women’s basketball game log: Spartans top Temple

The Michigan State women’s basketball team concludes its non-conference schedule against Temple this afternoon.

The Spartans will try to run their record to 12-1 before they begin Big Ten play with games against Minnesota and Penn State next week. Today’s game can be viewed on the Big Ten Network starting at noon.

Temple is 5-5 and has dropped three straight.

The starters for today’s game are:

TEMPLE: Rateska Brown, Sally Kabengano, Tyonna Williams, Victoria Macaulay, Natasha Thames
MSU: Jasmine Thomas, Klarissa Bell, Annalise Pickrel, Courtney Schiffauer, Becca Mills

12:05: MSU 3, Temple 2 – Pickrel put back an offensive rebound for a bucket as she was fouled and made the free throw. Macualay made a basket for Temple to open the game’s scoring
12:08: MSU 7, Temple 7-  At media timeout with 15:38 left, the score is tied. Temple coming out with full-court pressure defense. MSU has broken it at times but also has turned it over. MSU is just 3 of 9 from the field and Temple is 2 of 8. Brown and Pickrel each have 3 points.
12:12: MSU 11, Temple 7 – Mills was slow getting up after a basket by Thomas and has been taken back to locker room.
12:17: MSU 16. Temple 10: Pickrel has 6 points as Spartans lead with 11:47 remaining in the first half
12:19: Becca Mills has just returned to the huddle after being evaluated in the locker room after her fall.
12:22: MSU 19, Temple 10: Hines converts a 3-point play as MSU pushes lead to 9 with 10:35 left.
12:25: MSU 23, Temple 13: Spartans push lead to 10 with 7:59 left, forcing Owls to call timeout.
12:28: MSU 23, Temple 13: We’re at the media timeout with 7:31 left. Temple has nine turnovers. Pickrel has 6 points and Jasmine Hines has 5 points off the bench for MSU. Williams has scored 6 points for Temple.
12:32: MSU 25, Temple 15 – Owls call timeout after Schiffauer puts back a rebound for a basket. Mills has gone to scorer’s table to check in for the first time since leaving the game and going back to the locker room.
12:36: MSU 29, Temple 19 – Bell hits a basket as she’s fouled at the 3:56 mark, bringing us to the final media timeout in the 1st half. Schiffauer and Pickrel each have 6 points for MSU. Macauley, who was averaging 16.8 points for Temple, has just 2 points on 1 of 4 shooting.
12:42: MSU 34, Temple 22 – Spartans had scored 7 straight until Williams drained a 3. We’re just under a minute left in the 1st half.
12:46: MSU 34, Temple 22 – We’re at halftime and the Spartans have a 12-point lead over the Owls. Williams has 7 points in the first half for Temple. Schiffauer scored 8 on 4 of 5 shooting for MSU. The Spartans shot 41.7 percent in the opening half, while Temple shot 30.8 percent. The Owls had 12 turnovers.

1:00: MSU 34, Temple 25 – The second half is now under way and starts with a miss by Mills and a three-point play by Thames.
1:02: MSU 34, Temple 27  – Temple gets within 7 after Macauley makes her second basket of the game.
1:05: MSU 38, Temple 30 – At timeout on the floor with 15:50 left in game, MSU is up 8. Owls outscoring 8-4 in second half. Macauley and Thames have combined for Temple’s eight points in the second half.
1:09: MSU 38, Temple 30 – Schiffauer and Hines heave each missed two easy layups for MSU as Temple is hanging around with just under 15 minutes left.
1:11: MSU 41, Temple 30 – Pickrel hits a 3 to push Spartan lead back above 10.
1:16: MSU 44, Temple 34 – Thames has just picked up her fourth foul for the Owls as we’re at the media timeout with 11:45 left. Pickrel has 12 points for MSU after making a pair of 3s. Macauley has 8 points in the second half to give her 10 for the game to lead Temple.
1:22: MSU 51, Temple 38 – Schiffauer just picked up her fourth foul for MSU. She has 10 points today. There are just under 9 minutes let in the game.
1:24: MSU 53, Temple 39 – We’re at media timeout with 7:50 left. Pickrel is up to 16 points and has scored in a variety of ways here in the second half. She’s made a pair of 3′s, hit a mid-range jumper and has scored in the post as well. Bell is up to 10 rebounds
1:30: MSU 53, Temple 39 – 5:55 left and still no change in the score here.
1:32: MSU 53, Temple 42 – Rojas hits a 3 with 5:05 left. Owls still hanging in there with 4:51 left. MSU has nine team fouls.
1:37: MSU 53, Temple 44 – MSU hasn’t made a field goal since Pickrel’s layin with 8:14 left. 3:11 left in the game and the Owls are within nine.
1:40: MSU 53, Temple 47 – Rojas hits a 3. Temple within six and has the ball with 1:36 left
1:42: MSU 53, Temple 47 – Owls call timeout before Bell steps to the line to shoot with 56.5 seconds remaining.
1:44: MSU 55, Temple 47 – Bell hits two from the line to extend the lead to eight and end the Spartans’ scoring drought.
1:48: MSU 57, Temple 47 – It’s a final as the Spartans go 4-4 from the free throw line and hold on to beat the Owls. MSU is now 12-1.

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5 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game log: Spartans top Temple

  1. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Suzy has a quality character group, they may wear down towards the end of the season because of the short bench, but Thad “I am not a game coach” Matta did alright a few years back.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Short bench not her fault due to injuries hey Marine LSJ had Couch talking to a Camel up on video now???????

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        The look the camel has says he thinks Cracker’s just as boring as the rest of us do. What do you think Cheese-it wanted, this to go viral so he could be trending and get his 15 seconds of fame? This guy really is a Paris Hilton clone, just without the looks or the body parts to forge a career out of over exposing himself.

  2. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Chris, I don’t really think this was as big a win as the Ga win last year. Fans expected Spartans to beat an equally matched TCU team, not so with the runner-up SEC squad last year. That win was more on establishing the program to where it was before this win; ie, fan base expected the win. This was a program sustaining win, but not “Maybe biggest program win of Mark Dantonio era at MSU. “

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