MSU women’s basketball game log: Spartans top Minnesota

Follow here as the Michigan State women’s basketball team begins Big Ten play against Minnesota at the Breslin Center tonight.

Today’s game marks just the second true road game of the season for Minnesota, which is 11-3. MSU (12-1) has three of its first four Big Ten games at home.

The Spartans will be trying to carry the momentum from a strong start to the season into the Big Ten schedule, which figures to be challenging. Also, click here for the matchups for tonight’s game.

The starters for tonight are the following:

Rachel Banham
Shayne Mullaney
Sari Noga
Kionna Kellogg
Micaella Riche

Jasmine Thomas
Klarissa Bell
Annalise Pickrel
Courtney Schiffauer
Becca Mills

7:02 – MSU 2 , Minnesota 0 – Driving layup by Thomas starts the scoring. Kellogg misses pair of free throws on 18:49 mark after a foul by Schiffauer.
7:03 – MSU 3, Minnesota 0: Bell splits a pair of free throws after being fouled by Banham
7:05 – MSU 3, Minnesota 0: Two early fouls on Banham and she has to go to the bench not even two minutes into the game.
7:06 – MSU 3, Minnesota 2: Leah Cotton makes a pair of free throws after being fouled by Schiffauer. Foul forces Schiffauer to sit at 17:32 mark
7:09 – Minnesota 5, MSU 3: Noga hits a 3 at the 16:17 mark to put Gophers up. Mills misses a close shot inside on the other end.
7:11 – Minnesota 5, MSU 3: We’re at media timeout with 15:50 left in the 1st half. Both teams 1 of 5 from the floor.
7:13 – Minnesota 5, MSU 3: Very tightly called game early. Eight combined fouls (5 on MSU) and we’re just five minutes in.
7:15 – Minnesota 7, MSU 3: Banham is back in the game for Minnesota. 14 minutes left
7:20 – Minnesota 9, MSU 5: Bell ended a six-minute scoring drought for MSU with a driving layup. She has 3 of the Spartans’ 5 points as we’re at the media timeout with 11:19 left in 1st half. Banham is 1 of 4 from floor and has 2 points for the Gophers.
7:23 – Minnesota 9, MSU 8: Kiana Johnson converts three-point play at 10:50 mark to put MSU within one
7:25 – MSU 12, Minnesota 11: Hines converts back-to-back baskets in post to put MSU back in front at 9:22 mark
7:35 – Minnesota 18, MSU 13: Taylor has missed three free throws. Banham and Loberg have baskets for Minnesota.
7:29 – Minnesota 14, MSU 12: A 3 by Mullaney has Gophers in front at media timeout with 7:57 left in 1st half. Hines and Riche each have 4 points to lead all scorers. Banham is 1 of 6 from the field so far. MSU is shooting 33.3 percent (5 of 15) and has 6 turnovers.
7:37 – Minnesota 18, MSU 15: Hines is tired out there (Mills on bench with two fouls) but ends a 5 minute field goal drought for MSU. We’re at the media timeout with 3:39 left. Spartans 6 of 23 from the floor, Minnesota is 7 of 23.
7:41 – Minnesota 18, MSU 16: Akyah Taylor scores her first point of the season on a free throw with just over 3 minutes left. She was 0 for 8 from the free throw lines this season (0 for 4 today) before the make.
7:43 – MSU 18, Minnesota 18: Johnson’s floater ties the game at 18 with 2:06
7:45 – Minnesota 20, MSU 18: Things getting heated here and Merchant not happy with the officials. Gophers call timeout with 1:14 left in 1st half
7:48 – MSU 20, Minnesota 20: We’re at halftime and all knotted up. The bench has been huge for the Spartans led by Hines, who has 6 points. Johnson has 5 points and Akyah Taylor has her first 3 points of the season. Taylor has also 5 rebounds while playing a big role with Schiffauer and Mills in foul trouble. MSU is 8 of 28 from the field and Minnesota is 8 of 29. Banham and Riche each have 4 points for Minnesota. Banham is 2 of 10 from the floor.
8:03 – Minnesota 20, MSU 20: Second half underway and begins with Banham picking up third foul.
8:04: MSU  25, Minnesota 20: Bell makes basket and Pickrel hits 3 for MSU.
8:06: MSU 29, Minnesota 26: Riche makes pair of FTs at 17:14 mark as Mills picks up third foul.
8:09: MSU 36, Minnesota 30: Gophers call timeout at 14:50 mark in 2nd half. Pickrel and Bell each have 6 points since the intermission. Bell’s open layup forced Minnesota to call timeout. Banham also has 6 points in the 2nd half for the Gophers.
8:14: MSU 36, Minnesota 30: Timeout on the floor with 13:18 left in 2nd half.  MSU is 15-39 from the floor and Minnesota is 12-41.
8:20: MSU 38, Minnesota 32: Spartans have been up by as much as 8 in 2nd half and lead at media timeout with 11:10 left. Bell has 9 points and Johnson has 7 for the Spartans. Banham has 10 on 5 of 15 shooting for Minny.
8:23: MSU 38, Minnesota 37: Gophers have scored seven straight and are within 1. 9:36 left
8:25: Minnesota 39, MSU 38: Make that a 9-0 run after a Banham jumper. Naham has 5 of the points in the Gopher spurt. That forces MSU to call timeout with 9:20 left.
8:28: MSU 42, Minnesota 39: MSU regains lead as Hines scores inside and Bell makes a baseline jumper after an offensive rebounder. We’re at media timeout with 7:53 left in game. Banham has 15 points. Bell has 11 points and 7 rebounds.
8:31: MSU 46, Minnesota 39: Spartans have scored 8 unanswered. Hines has 4 of those points.
8:34: MSU 48, Minnesota 41: Gophers call timeout. MSU outscored Gophers 10-2 since 9:5 mark. There’s 5:33 left.
8:35: MSU 48, Minnesota 43: Schiffauer picks up fourth foul. Kellogg makes 2-2 from line with 5:13 left
8:38: MSU 51, Minnesota 43: Hines converts 3-point play with 4:57 left. MSU then forces shot clock violation on Gophers.
8:41: MSU 53, Minnesota 43: Driving layup by Kiana Johnson puts MSU up 10 at media timeout with 3:40 left.
8:54: MSU 66, Minnesota 51: Spartans pull away in second half to top Gophers. Kiana Johnson finishes with 17 points and Jasmine Hines scores 15. Banham had a game-high 21 points for Minnesota but was 9 of 24 from the field – her worst shooting night of the season.

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8 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game log: Spartans top Minnesota

  1. avatar The Tanner says:

    Coach McCall got the ladies ready baby !!!

    Big 10 play start baby !!!

    Bald wacko down the road got fired baby !!!

    The Tanner brings the goods baby !!!

  2. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    Nice Victory for the Women. Very nice.

  3. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Congrats to the Women’s Basketball Team. Great start to the B1G.

  4. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    The latest example of why the btn will always be a 3rd tier sports network: tonight under the heading of Big Ten Classic, Silverman is rerunning the Paris Hilton rout of the Purple from last night. A classic? really? in the same vein as the 1979 National Championship game which has also run under that moniker? As long as btn is run by a narcissistic small minded worshiper of Paris Hilton, it will remain a backwater station. You would think the University Presidents would complain to Fox over the lose of revenue that could be attained if somebody of vision was running btn.

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