MSU women’s basketball game log: No. 25 Spartans vs. No. 15 Purdue

Follow along here as the No. 25-ranked Michigan State women’s basketball team faces No. 15 Purdue at 4 p.m at Breslin Center. The game can also be viewed on ESPN2.

The Spartans will be trying to bounce back from Thursday’s road loss at Nebraska. The game information is here for the matchup with the Boilermakers, who are coming off a win over Northwestern. And for more reading material, analysts have been impressed but not surprised with MSU’s success this season.

Here are the projected starters
22 – KK Houser
15 -Courtney Moses
20 – Dee Dee wIlliams
24 – Drey Mingo
32 – Sam Ostarello

1 – Jasmine Thomas
21 – Klarissa Bell
11 – Annalise Pickrel
24 – Courtney Schiffauer
52 – Becca Mills

4:03 – Tipoff is slated for 4:10. The lower bowl is almost completely full today and the curtain is up with people sitting in the upper sections
4:09 – Starting lineups announced and MSU has altered its starters for the first time this season. Jasmine Hines and Kiana Johnson replace Becca Mills and Annalise Pickrel
4:12 – Strong first defensive possession for Spartans, forcing an air ball
4:14 – MSU 4, Purdue 2: Johnson and Bell each have buckets for MSU at the 17:31 mark
4:18 – Purdue 5, MSU 4: We’re at the media timeout with 15:38 left in 1st half and Purdue went ahead after a 3 by Moses. Both teams are 2-6 from the floor.
4:22 – MSU 6, Purdue 5: Johnson has another bucket to put MSU ahead. Becca Mills and Akyah Taylor are the first Spartans off the bench
4:24 – MSU 13, Purdue 7: Mills hits a 3 and two jump shots. Purdue calls timeout.
4:29 – MSU 17, Purdue 11: Mills scored nine straight points off the bench for Spartans and then Jasmine Thomas added a jumper. We’re at the media timeout with 10:10 left. Spartans are 8-16 from the floor. Purdue is 5-12.
4:30 – MSU 17, Purdue 12: Mingo completes three-point play with FT. Pickrel now in game for first time.
4:36 – MSU 17, Purdue 14: Mingo has seven points and has kept Purdue in this and helped them weather MSU’s surge behind Mills. MSU is 8-22 from the field, while Purdue is 6-14.
4:41 – MSU 19, Purdue 18: Mills just picks up second foul. Manuel makes pair of free throws.
4:43 – MSU 22, Purdue 22: Ostarello’s first basket ties the game.
4:47 – MSU 24, Purdue 22: Schiffauer’s driving layup gives MSU the lead back heading into final media timeout of first half.
4:54  – MSU 30, Purdue 28: We’re at halftime and the Spartans have a two-point edge. Much better execution offensively today than they had in Lincoln, Neb., on Thursday. Purdue is 12-25 (48%) from the field, while MSU is 14-39 (35.9%).

***Drey Mingo has 9 points and Taylor Manuel has 8 points off the bench for Purdue.
***Becca Mills led MSU with 9 points in the first half. Jasmine Thomas and Kiana Johnson each added 6 points,while Annalise Pickrel had 5 points off the bench,

5:08 – Second half about to begin
5:11 – MSU 32, Purdue 30: Mingo scores to tie the game but Johnson responds with bucket for MSU.

5:33 -  Purdue 42, MSU 41: Back connected to the internet. MSU pulls within one on a driving basket by Schiffauer. Ended nearly a 3 minute drought for Spartans.
5:34 – Purdue 45, MSU 43: Hines makes a pair of FTs at 9:09 mark.
5:37 – Purdue 45, MSU 43: Purdue calls timeout with 8:11 left. Boilers 18-38 (47.4) from the field and MSU is 19-58 from the field. Mills and Johnson each have 11 points. Houser with 14 points and Mingo with 13 to lead Purdue.
5:45 – Purdue 47, MSU 47: Pickrel ties game on a pair of FTs at 7:14 mark
5:46 – Purdue 52, MSU 47: MSU calls timeout with 6:41 left after five straight points from Mingo.
5:53 – Purdue 55, MSU 52: The Spartans have answered Purdue’s 8-0 spurt with five straight points (a 3 by Johnson and a pair of FTs by Thomas). Bell will be at the free throw line after the media timeout. 3:09 left in the game. Purdue is 22-49 (44.9%) and MSU is 21-64 (32.8%) from the field.
5:57 – MSU 55, Purdue 55: Johnson hits a 3 to tie the game and now has 19 points. Purdue calls timeout with 2:21 left.
6:04 – MSU 59, Purdue 59: Thomas misses shot on final possession and MSU and Purdue are headed into OT. Purdue already has 3 Big Ten wins in OT this year. MSU won in overtime in Las Vegas in December.
6:13 – Purdue 63, MSU 60: Boilermakers call timeout with 2:06 left in OT.

Here is the final story from Sunday’s game with videos.

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  1. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    Watched the overtime; ’twas a bitter pill. Definitely a tougher loss than the men’s loss today.

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