MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans fall to No. 9 Penn State

Follow here as the MSU women’s basketball team tries to remain unbeaten at home this season as it faces No. 9 Penn State at 2:15 p.m.  The game will be broadcast by the Big Ten Network.

The Spartans and Nittany Lions have each won five straight entering today’s Big Ten contest. Here is the tipoff with all the information relating to today’s game.

And there’s also this story on sophomore Kiana Johnson, who is coming off one of the best scoring games of her career and is starting to find her form after missing the first nine games because of a suspension for a NCAA rules violation.

Today’s starters are the following:
PENN STATE (11-2, 1-0 Big Ten)
2 – Dara Taylor
20 Alex Bentley
24 – Mia Nickson
33 – Maggie Lucas
54 – Nikki Greene
MSU (13-1, 1-0 Big Ten)
1 – Jasmine Thomas
21- Klarissa Bell
11 – Annalise Pickrel
24 – Courtney Schiffauer
52 – Becca Mills

2:17: Penn State 4, MSU 0: Nickson scores in the post and Picjrel misses badly. Greene then gets a rebound putback
2:18 – Penn State 6, MSU 0: Lucas makes 2-2 from line at 18:46 mark to put Peenn State ahead. Schiffauer then picks up second foul at 18:42 mark.
2:20 – Penn State 6, MSU 2: Mills makes 2 from the line at 18:00 mark to get MSU on the board
2:24 – Penn State 11, MSU 4: Nittany Lions have scored last five. 14:13 left in 1st half
2:28 – Penn State 13, MSU 8: We’re at the first media timeout of the game with 12:23 left in 1st half. Bell and Mills have combined for all of MSU’s points (each have 4). Spartans are 3-10 from the field and have 3 turnovers. Nickson has 4 points for Penn State, which is 5-11 from the floor.
2:31 – Penn State 15, MSU 8: Lucas makes a pair from the line.
2:36 – Penn State 15, MSU 10: Hines scores inside and Penn State calls timeout with 10:23 left until halftime.
2:38 – Penn State 15, MSU 13: Pickrel hits a 3 to put MSU within 2 with 9:38 left
2:39 – Penn State 18, MSU 13: Ariel Edwards hits 3 as shot clock is about to expire for Nittany Lions.
2:41 – Penn State 18, MSU 13: We’re at media timeout with 7:57 left. Nickson and Lucas each have4 points for Nittany Lions, who are 6-14 from the field. MSU is 5-16 from the field. Bell and Mills have 4 points.
2:45 – Penn State 20, MSU 13: Mills misses pair from the line for Spartans at 6:38 mark.
2:47 – Penn State 26, MSU 13: Nittany Lions on 11-0 run to build lead with 5:56 left in 1st half.
2:50 – Penn State 28, MSU 15: Sloppy first half continues for Spartans, as Thomas commits a turnover (1oth of game for Spartans) and then commits a foul that sends Lucas to the line. Lucas made a pair.
2:52 – Penn State 30, MSU 18: We’re at media timeout with 3:40 left in the first half. Bentley has 9 points for PSU.
2:56 – Penn State 30, MSU 20: Mills makes a pair from the line at 3:06 mark.
2:58 – Penn State 34, MSU 25: Mills hits 3 to put  MSU within 9 with 1:38 left in the 1st half.
3:04 – Penn State 34, MSU 25: We’re at halftime. MSU had 12 turnovers in the 1st half (averaged the fewest in Big Ten – 13.4 – entering today’s game). The Spartans’ season-high in turnovers was 25 against Texas Tech on Dec. 20. Mills had 12 points to lead the Spartans, while Bentley scored 9 in the opening half to pace Penn State. MSU shot 34.8 (8-23) in the opening half, while PSU was 12-26 from the field (46.2 percent).
3:18 – Penn State 34, MSU 25: Second half getting started at the Breslin
3:19 – Penn State 34, MSU 27: Lucas commits third fould 13 seconds into second half. Bell makes both free throws.
3:21 – Penn State 40, MSU 27: Lucas converts three-point play at 18:46 for PSU, which has scored six straight
3:23 – Penn State 47, MSU 29 – Greene converts three-point play at 16:57 mark to put PSU up 18.
3:29 – Penn State 47, MSU 30 – Hines makes 1-2 from the line for MSU at 15:51 mark
3:31 – Penn State 47, MSU 31 – Hines splits a pair of FTs at 15:08 mark.
3:35 – Penn State 52, MSU 34 – Lucas and Mills trade 3s
3:38 – Penn State 52, MSU 34 – We’re at media timeout with 11:41 left. Spartans have just two first-half field goals and are shooting 26.3 percent.  Mills has game-high 15 points.
3:42 – Penn State 55, MSU 34 – PSU goes up by more than 20 after an insude bucket by Greene
3:44 – Penn State 57, MSU 36: Nittany Lions call timeout with 9:15 left. Johnson headed to line for MSU after the break. Spartans are 11-42 from the field (26.2 percent).
3:50 – Penn State 59, MSU 39: We’re at media timeout with 7:26 left.
4:15 – Penn State 76, MSU 55: It’s a final from the Breslin Center.
Michigan State picked the wrong time to have one of its worst shooting performances of the season.
The Spartans shot a season-low 29.3 percent from the floor as it fell to No 9-ranked Penn State, 76-55 at the Breslin Center on Sunday afternoon.
It marked MSU’s first loss at the Breslin Center this season, ending a streak of 11 straight wins at the venue dating back to last January. The Spartans’ last loss at home was in overtime to Illinois on Jan. 26, 2012.
Dara Taylor had 18 points and Nikki Taylor had 14 points and 10 rebounds for preseason Big Ten favorite and defending conference champion Penn State, which ended a four-game losing streak to MSU. It was the sixth straight win for Nittany Lions (12-2, 2-0 Big Ten).
Becca Mills had 17 points and five rebounds and Jasmine Hines added 12 points and five rebounds for the Spartans (13-2, 1-1 Big Ten).

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4 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans fall to No. 9 Penn State

  1. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    why is penn state ranked so high and we aren’t even ranked..we need to spank them..

  2. avatar The Tanner says:

    Coach McCall have game plan baby !!!

    The Tanner watch lady hoopsters baby !!

    The Tanner brings the good baby !!!

  3. avatar dvorahz says:

    A different level of competition, compared to most of our preseason foes. We played a lot of cupcakes, good for confidence but of limited value preparing for PSU. We’ll see what we’re made of today.

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