MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans top Michigan

The MSU women’s basketball team will begin what Suzy Merchant calls the “February fight” with tonight’s game against rival Michigan.

The game will be broadcast at 7:30 p.m. on the Big Ten Network and will be MSU’s Play 4Kay pink contest. (More on that here and its meaning to Tracy Nogle).

The Spartans are 20-3 in February over the past three seasons and 29-8 in Suzy Merchant’s five seasons in charge.

Here is the tipoff for tonight’s matchup. Follow along here for updates.

Kate Thompson, Nicole Elmblad, Nya Jordan, Jenny Ryan, Rachel Sheffer starting for #Michigan.
Courtney Schiffauer, Jasmine Thomas, Kiana Johnson, Klarissa Bell and Jasmine Hines starting for MSU.

7:32 – MSU 2, U-M 2 – Michigan comes out in a zone. Teams trade buckets on opening
7:35 – U-M 6, MSU 2: Sheffer hits a pair of FTs at 17:21 mark to put U-M up four
7:37 – U-M 6, MSU 4: Spartans off to 1-7 start from field but Bell gets steal and layup
7:39 – U-M 6, MSU 4: We’re at the media timeout at the 15:12 mark. MSU is 2-8 from field. Michigan 2-5. Hines and Bell have MSU’s two baskets. Hines is 1-4 from the field. Thompson, Ryan and Sheffer each with 2 points for U-M.
7:43 – U-M 8, MSU 8: Back-to-back jumpers by Johnson tie the game at 8. 13:21 left in 1st half
7:45 – U-M 8, MSU 8: Jenny Ryan was down on the court and is being helped to sidelines for Michigan.
7:48 – U-M 10, MSU 10: MSU forces a shot clock violation on U-M, which takes us into the media timeout at the 11:26 mark. Johnson and Jordan each have 4 points. Michigan 4-10 from the floor but 0-4 from the 3 so far. MSU is 5-13.
7:52 – U-M 14, MSU 13: Spartans took first lead of the game on 3 by Annalise Pickrel, but Madison Ristovski hit layup as shot clock was about to expire to put U-M back in front.
7:56 – U-M 16, MSU 13: We’re at media timeout at the 7:23 mark. Spartans are 6-18 from the floor and U-M is 7-14 and 0-5 from 3.
8:04 – U-M 18, MSU 16: There’s 3:57 left in the 1st half and we’re at the final media timeout. Jordan and Johnson each have 6 points. Spartans are 7-23 from the floor (30.4%) with Hines being 1-6. Michigan 8-18.
8:12 – MSU 29, U-M 22: Spartans close first half on 13-4 run to take seven-point lead at the half.
8:15 – Spartans strong finish boosted  shooting percentage to 44.8% in 1st half. Klarissa Bell had 7 points and Johnson scored 6. Michigan finished the half 10-26 and 0-9 from 3. Sheffer led Wolverines with 8 points.
8:29 – MSU 33, U-M 22: Spartans score first 4 points of second half to push lead to double digits. Schiffauer hit pair of FTs at 19:26 mark.
8:30 – MSU 36, U-M 22: Johnson adds a 3 to expand the lead.
8:33 – MSU 38, U-M 22: Spartans go nine unanswered to begin the second half, forcing U-M to call timeout with 17:00 left.
8:38 – MSU 40, U-M 24: We’re at the media timeout with 15:50 left. Michigan 11-31 from the floor and 0-9 from 3. MSU 17-35.
8:46 – MSU 47, U-M 29: We’re at media timeout with 11:46 left. U-M just hit its first and only 3 of the game at the 15:09 mark.
8:49 – MSU 47, U-M 33: Spartans call timeout after Ristovski hits pair of free throws and Sheffer has fast-break layup. 10:54 left to play
8:55 – MSU 54, U-M 39: Thompson started the game 1-8 from the field but now has back-to-back 3s as the Wolverines cut into the lead. We’re at the media timeout with 6:49 left.
9:01 – MSU 56, U-M 44: Thompson makes 3-3 free throws with 4:41 left to pull the Wolverines closer.
9:02 – MSU 58, U-M 44: Schiffauer makes a pair of FTs at the 4:28 mark.
9:04 – MSU 61, U-M 46: Spartans will be closing this one out. 43.7 seconds left.
9:29 – MSU 61, U-M 46: Game is over .Mills leads way with 12 points. MSU has won 12 straight over Michigan and 11 straight at home. Spartans have won 20 of last 21 in the series

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  1. Akyah Taylor MIA again?

  2. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    All Pink was great, not so sure about the Corn and Pink, though.

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