MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans top IPFW

Follow along as the Michigan State women’s basketball team attempts to rebound from its first loss of the season. The Spartans are taking on Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne at Jenison Field House.

This is the final game this weekend at Jenison as part of MSU’s celebration of the “Game of Change.”

Today marks the first game for the MSU women in Jenison since March 11, 1989 when they suffered a 74-63 loss to Iowa. The Spartans were 40-26 in five seasons at Jenison.

Here is the tipoff with the matchups for today’s 2 p.m. contest against IPFW. And you can read a little more about Kiana Johnson and Akyah Taylor, who are eligible to play for the first time this season for the Spartans.

1:57 – A moment of silence was observed for former Spartan Kim Archer as well as the victims in the Oregon and Connecticut shootings.

1:58- Rachel Mauk, Stephanie Mauk, Amanda Hyde, Haley Seibert, Rebecca Bruner starting for IPFW. Klarissa Bell, Annalise Pickrel, Becca Mills, Jasmine Thomas and Courtney Schiffauer starting for MSU.

2:02 – Becca Mills makes a pair of free throws to open the scoring at 19:21
2:03 – Pickrel then puts converts a layup off an offensive rebound
2:07 – We’re at the first media timeout with 15:39 left. Mills has 4 points as Spartans lead 6-2. Seibert has IPFW’s 2 points.
2:10 – Jasmine Hines checks in for her first game action since the contest against Oakland.
2:13 – Kiana Johnson checks in with 13:17 left in 1st half. Its her first action of the season. MSU leads 13-4 after pair of free throws by Hines.
2:15 – Akyah Taylor checks in at 12:05 mark for her first action of the season.
2:16 – MSU leads 15-4 at media timeout with 11:34 left. Pickrel has 5 points. Mills and Hines each have 4 points.
2:19 – Kiana Johnson with a steal and layup for first basket of season. MSU leads 17-4
2:23 – IPFW calls timeout after a 3 by Bell. MSU leads 27-4 with 8:45 left and is on a 19-0 run. Pickrel has 8 points, Hines has 6.
2:24 – Rachel Mauk hits a basket at the 8:16 mark to end a 19-0 run by the Spartans.
2:25 – Media timeout with 7:44 left in 1st half. Spartans lead 27-6. IPFW is 3-12 from the field and has nine turnovers
2:33 – MSU was 9 of 9 from FT line until Pickrel missed the first of two shots. She made the second. Spartans lead 35-6.
2:35 – MSU leads 35-6 at media timeout with 3:56 left in first half. Mills and Pickrel each have 9 points. Hyde, IPFW’s leading scorer on the season, has 0 points on 0-6 shooting.
2:38 – IPFW scores for the first time in five minutes as Seibert splits a pair of free throws. MSU up 36-7
2:41 – IPFW has gotten to double digits after a circus layup by Erin Murphy. Its 38-11 with 24.3 seconds left in the 1st half
2:45 – It’s halftime and MSU has 40-11 lead over IPFW. Mills has 11 points and Pickrel has 9 points. IPFW is just 5-20 from the floor and has 13 turnovers. MSU is 12-29 from the floor.
2:49 – Several former Spartan women’s basketball players being honored on the court here at halftime.
3:03 – MSU has scored five straight to open second half after Schiffauer split a pair of free throws. Hyde, who is still scoreless, now has 4 fouls for IPFW.
3:04 – IPFW calls timeout. MSU leads 45-11 with 17:13 remaining.
3:08 – At media timeout with 15:31 left, MSU leads 47-11. Mills with 13 points. IPFW has yet to score in the second half.
3:16 – Pickrel hits third 3 of the game as MSU leads 51-15 with 12:42 left
3:18 – MSU leads 52-15 at media timeout with 11:52 left. Mills with 13 points and Pickrel has 12.
3:24 – Hyde makes a pair of free throws for her first points of the game for IPFW. She is averaging 20.3 points per game and scored 43 in a game earlier this season.
3:29 – IPFW calls timeout with 7:11 left. MSU leads 61-26. Pickrel has 14 points and 7 rebounds and and Schiffauer has 10 points and 7 rebounds.
3:37 – MSU leads 61-31 at media timeout with 3:45 left but Suzy Merchant hasn’t been happy with how her team has closed this one out. She’s shown some frustration on the sidelines.
3:41 – Schifffauer has 10 points and 9 rebounds. She is closing in on her second straight double-double with 2:37 left.
3:42 – Pickrel just split a pair of free throws, ending a long scoring drought for the Spartans, who lead 62-36. MSU’s last field goal came at 7:29 mark. There is 1:20 left.
3:47 – It’s a final. MSU wins 64-36 to move to 9-1 on the season. Pickrel finishes with 15 and Schiffauer had 10 points and 10 boards. Becca Mills finished with 13 points.
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18 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans top IPFW

  1. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    These weblogs of games underserved by media coverage is a great idea, Brian. Keep ‘em up–and let Solari know that there’s an audience hungry for similar hockey transcripts, too.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      That is a great idea 89 if Chris could do that for some of the non televised hockey games out of state fans could keep up.

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        Chris usually tweets a pretty good play-by-play for the hokey game and it’s carried on the right side under Green and White.

  2. avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

    And on a different note, how about Kirk Cousins’ debut as a starter? Agree with everyone else here, he’ll start somewhere in 2014 while dreadlocks will be pumping gas

  3. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Speaking if starters… these UM players won’t be and I hope we don’t hear any news like this:


    • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

      yep marijuana strikes again ! Hagerup getting big ten punter of the year over Sadler is a joke, it’s his third strike, let’s see if Hoke kicks him off the team

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        Suspension from the Bowl game says he’s not gone yet. I would expect Pokey to give him a chance to clear this up before practice next Spring or August.

        As far as the Spartans falling prey to these kinds of foibles, let’s hope the student leadership is better than has been demonstrated by Bruce Jenner.

  4. avatar marky mark says:

    Not good news, But Hoke is doing the right thing.

  5. avatar marky mark says:

    That crap happens everywhere. I guess smoking weed was more important to them than playing in a bowl game, what dumba**es.

  6. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    Jenison sure looked a lot better on TV than I remember it… good job MSU !

    GO GREEN !!!

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      Always has been the lighting and they put in new lighting for the game. Walked through there in August and it looked the same as it did in the ’70′s

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