MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans vs. Iowa

Follow here as the Michigan State women’s basketball team faces Iowa in the lone regular-season meeting between the teams this season. (6 p.m. Big Ten Network).Both are 2-1 in the Big Ten and receiving votes in this week’s Associated Press women’s basketball poll.

Here are tonight’s game matchups, and there also is a story on Courtney Schiffauer, who Spartan coach Suzy Merchant describes as the Bill Laimbeer of MSU women’s basketball.

Other interesting/notable things about tonight:
- Jasmine Hines has been the best offensive player for MSU in Big Ten play and is the lone Spartan to score in double-figures in every Big Ten game.
- Iowa coach Lisa Bluder is going for her 600th career victory. She would be the 25th coach with at least 10 years of Division I experience to reach the mark.
- Iowa sophomore reserve Kathy Thomas is a Flint native and attended Hamady High School. MSU senior Jasmine Thomas also attended Flint Hamady.
- Iowa’s Morgan Johnson, a preseason All-Big Ten selection, has five double-doubles this season and 17 for her career

The projected starters for both teams
IOWA (13-4)
G- Samantha Logic
G- Jaime Printy
G- Theairra Taylor
F- Bethany Doolittle
C-Morgan Johnson
MSU (14-2)
G – Jasmine Thomas
G – Klarissa Bell
F – Annalise Pickrel
F – Courtney Schiffauer
C – Becca Mills

6:02 – Iowa 2, MSU 0: Doolittle hits a 2 to open the scoring
6:04: Iowa 6, MSU 2: Mills has bucket for MSU but then Logic hits shot in paint and Doolittle makes jumper
6:05: Iowa 8, MSU 2: Doolittle with another jumper.She’s killing MSU right now.
6:07 – Iowa 8, MSU 4: We’re at media timeout with 15:45 left in 1st half and the Spartans trail. Bell just hit a driving layup as she was fouled and is heading to the line. MSU 2-6 from the field early, while Iowa is 4-6. Doolittle with 6 points and has made all 3 of her jump shots.
6:10 – Iowa 8, MSU 5: Bell converted the 3-point play
6:12 – Iowa 8, MSU 5: Spartans just 2-11 from field after missed inside shot by Bell
6:16 – Iowa 10, MSU 7: We’re at the media time
out at the 11:26 mark. Bell has 5 points for the Spartans, who are 3-14 from the field. Iowa is 5-13. Akyah Taylor has also checked into the game for the Spartans. She hasn’t played since MSU’s win over Minnesota.
6:21 – Iowa 12, MSU 9: We’re in a delay while the officials sort some things out. Iowa’s Kayla Timmerman has been hit with a technical.
6:22: Iowa 12, MSU 11: Johnson makes the technical free throws at the 11:00 mark
6:23 – Iowa 12, MSU 11: Hines picks up her second foul and is headed to bench
6:28 – MSU 13, Iowa 12: MSU has scored 6 unanswered and took the lead on Taylor’s layup off a nice feed from Johnson.
6:31 – Iowa 14, MSU 13 : Johnson makes pair of free throws at 7:05 mark to end Iowa scoring drought
6:34 – Iowa 18, MSU 15: Printy makes a pair of free throws at 5:35 mark
6:35 -Iowa 18, MSU 17: Johnson with 4 points off bench with basket inside for Spartans. That’s a career high for her.
6:40 – Iowa 21, MSU 20: Bell up to 8 points after making a 3 and has pulled Spartans within one at media timeout with 2:23 left in the first half. Morgan Johnson has scored 7 and has 9 rebounds for the Hawkeyes. MSU 8-29 and Iowa is 8-26 from field. Also Johnson now has two fouls for Iowa.
6:45 – Iowa 23, MSU 22: Spartans trying to take the lead just before the half. 27.9 seconds left and MSU has possession with 5 seconds left on shot clock.
6:48 – MSU 25, Iowa 25: Spartans tied with Hawkeyes after Bell’s long range 3. She has 11 points and five rebounds to lead all scorers. Johnson with 7 points and 9 rebounds for Iowa.
6:53 – MSU 25, Iowa 25: More halftime numbers – MSU’s bench had 10 first half points (Johnson with 6 and Taylor with 4).  Schiffauer and Mills accounted for the other 4 points for the Spartans, who are shooting 30.3% (10-33). Doolittle hasn’t scored since the opening four minutes of the first half and has 6 points for Iowa. Logic, Taylor and Printy each with 4 points for the Hawkeyes, who are shooting 35.7% (10-28). No Hawkeye reserves have scored. Both teams have 7 first half turnovers.
7:03 – MSU 25, Iowa 25: Second half getting started. Starters on the court for both teams.
7:05 – Iowa 27, MSU 25:  Good defense by MSU, but Logic hits jumper as shot clock expires to break the tie.
7:07 – Iowa 29, MSU 25: Johnson adds a baseline jumper and now has 9 points.
7:07 – Iowa 29, MSU 27: Mills makes pair of FTs at 17:00 mark
7:08 – Iowa 31, MSU 27: Iowa starting second half like it started the game. Has scored on all three possessions so far.
7:10 – Iowa 31, MSU 29: Bell makes a layup as she’s fouled heading into the media timeout at the 15:45 mark. She has 13 points and is heading to the line for another shot after the break.
7:13 – MSU 32, Iowa 31: Bell makes FT then Mills hits inside shot on next possession to put MSU ahead.
7:14 – Iowa 34, MSU 32: Iowa regains led on Melissa Dixon 3. Those are the first Iowa bench points
7:19 – Iowa 40, MSU 39: Lead has changed a few times in the last few minutes as we’re at the media timeout with 10:40 left. Bell has 16 points now.  MSU is 15-45 (33.3%) from the field, Iowa is 17-41 (41.5 %)
7:23 – MSU 41, Iowa 40: Schiffauer makes pair of FTs at 9:19 mark as MSU takes lead back
7:27 – MSU 44, Iowa 40: Pickrel gives MSU its biggest lead of the night with 3 from top of the circle. 8:21 left
7:32 – MSU 46, Iowa 40: We’re at the media timeout with 7:27 left. Hines was just with a technical foul after making that basket.
7:33 – MSU 46, Iowa 42: Printy made both technical free throws
7:36 – MSU 48, Iowa 47: Printy makes 3 to cut the lead to 1. Iowa has outscored MSU 7-2 since the technical.
7:38 – Iowa 49, MSU 48: Iowa takes lead on a pair of free throws by Dixon.
7:38 – MSU 50, Iowa 49: Bell converts 3-point play
7:42 – MSU 53, Iowa 51: Bell has matched a career-high with 21 points with 3:04 left. We’re at the media timeout. Johnson has 13 points and 11 rebounds for Iowa.
8:10 – MSU 65, Iowa 54: Spartans outscore Iowa 17-5 in final 4:30 to earn win and move to 15-2 overall and 3-1 in the Big Ten.

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15 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans vs. Iowa

  1. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    The refs in the B1G women’s game are just as AWFUL as they are in the men’s game – hmmmmm, I sense a trend. Especially the short haired one, she’s just terrible. The guy doesn’t do anything.

  2. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Laura Morris is an IU grad with an ax to grind against the Spartans. out of position most of the game.

  3. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Cheese-it is now emailing his 1 poster, who only posts over there because he feels sorry and thinks it’s bad form for the hometown paper of the Spartans to have a game thread where nobody contributes, that I’m libeling him. Let me tell you something there, sonny boy, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

    • avatar Steve says:

      If he could, then he would finish that way. But that would mean the rest aren’t. And I’m not sure if the Spartans had that or not. But I am inclined to think you should do that if they are going to do it.

  4. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Good win by 11 for the women!

  5. avatar LeeBee says:

    Brian, I really appreciate the blow-by-blow account or the games.. Please keep it going.

  6. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Good win for the women of Sparta … sorta speak.

    Hey ’81,

    McIlroy is wooed by Phil and misses his first cut. Ha! Should have stayed with Titleist. This reminds me of the song by the Guess Who – American Woman. Unfortunately the lad’s ego was seduced by Knight’s money and the seamless transition to play with new sticks aint so seamless. Rory’s doubts caused him to ditch the Nike putter and switch back to his once Titleist Scotty Cameron.

  7. avatar Spartydoobydoo says:

    What a great comment on the Manti Te’o story!!

    “This whole thing is so nutsy that I believe it only could have happened at Notre Dame, where mythology trumps common sense on a daily basis. … Given the choice between reality and fiction, Notre Dame always will choose fiction,” sports writer Rick Telander said in the Chicago Sun-Times.

    • avatar MayoSpartan says:

      Thanks for sharing the quote.

      I was just reading SI’s Oct. 1st article and the current website piece on Te’o. Absolutely shameless… yet I can only imagine some duped espn broadcasters snickering on this clever guise.

      • avatar MayoSpartan says:

        SI has major egg it’s face for allowing an un-subtantiated cover story to run. Actually, the blame goes both ways. It’s more like all sports writers who reported Te’o ‘s mourning are lazy hacks and we sports fans are idiots for believing everything we read or hear on ESPN etc.

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