MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans top Indiana

The Michigan State women’s basketball team has just six regular-season games remaining starting with today’s 7 p.m. contest against Indiana at Breslin Center.

The schedule sets up nicely for a strong finish with all but two of those games coming against teams with losing conference records. Indiana is in last place in the Big Ten and has dropped nine straight.

Follow along here for updates on tonight’s game.

A few other tidbits and links pertaining to tonight.
- Today is MSU junior guard Klarissa Bell’s birthday.
- Annalise Pickrel has started to rediscover her shooting touch for MSU
- MSU-Indiana tipoff with game matchups

The starters for today are the following
MSU: Klarissa Bell, Jasmine Thomas, Kiana Johnson, Courtney Schiffauer and Jasmine Hines
INDIANA: Jasmine McGhee, Nicole Bell, Sasha Chaplin, Aulani Sinclair, Simone Deloach

7:02 – Indiana 2, MSU 0: Deloach’s inside basket gets the scoring started tonight.
7:03 – Indana 2, MSU 2: Hines makes an inside bucket to even the score
7:05 – MSU 5, Indiana 2: Bell looking aggressive early on, hits a 3. She also assisted on MSU’s first hoop
7:06 – MSU 8, Indiana 2: Bell with another 3.
7:07 – MSU 8, Indiana 4: Sinclair scores inside to end MSU’s 8-0 run. We’re at the media timeout with 15:50 left in 1st half
7:12 – Indiana 9, MSU 8: Rubene hits 3 to put Indiana ahead. Sinclair also had an earlier bucket for the Hoosiers, who have scored seven straight
7:13 – MSU 11, Indiana 9: Schiffauer hits a 3 – the third of night for MSU – to give Spartans the lead back
7:16 – MSU 13, Indiana 9: We’re at media timeout at 11:45 mark. Pickrel has scored inside to add to MSU’s lead. Spartans are shooting 50% (5-10), Indiana 36.4% (4-11)
7:19 – MSU 17, Indiana 9: Spartans have scored nine straight following inside baskets by Pickrel and Bell
7:20 – MSU 17, Indiana 12: Nicole Bell’s 3 at 8:41 mark ends MSU’s run.
7:21 – MSU 20, Indiana 12: Pickrel answers with a 3 for MSU and has 7 early points off the bench
7:24 – MSU 20, Indiana 12: Pickrel and Bell have combined for 15 points and are outscoring Indiana by themselves at the 7:33 mark.
7:25 – MSU 20, Indiana 14: Rubene hits pair of FTs at 7:04 mark
7:26 – MSU 20, Indiana 14: Promptly after returning to game, Bell picks up second foul on a charge and is replaced by Jasmine Thomas
7:27 – MSU 22, Indiana 14: Hoosiers call timeout at 6:14
7:30 – MSU 24, Indiana 14: A Jasmine Thomas jumper puts MSU up by 10.
7:31 – MSU 27, Indiana 14: Hoosiers call timeout at 3:38 mark after Thomas hits a 3. Indiana is without a field goal since 8:41 mark.
7:33 – MSU 27, Indiana 14: We’re at the media timeout with 3:26 remaining in 1st half.
7:37 – MSU 29, Indiana 17: Rubene hits layup as she’s fouled at 1:26 mark to end long drought without field goal. She also made the FT.
7:40 – MSU 31, Indiana 17: K. Bell hits a pair of FTs with 0.2 seconds on the clock which takes us into halftime. MSU shot 36.4% in 1st half (12-33). Indiana was 27.3% (6-22). Rubene led Indiana with 8 points. Bell had 10 and Pickrel scored 7 for MSU.
7:58 – MSU 31, Indiana 17: Second half under way. Hines misses shot inside on MSU’s first possession and Pickrel is headed in to replace her.
7:59 – MSU 31, Indiana 19: Rubene hits a pair of FTs at 19:10 mark
8:01 – MSU 36, Indiana 21: Pickrel in double figures after hitting a 3.
8:04 – MSU 36, Indiana 21: We’re at the media timeout at the 15:55 mark. Bell and Pickrel each with 10 points. MSU is shooting 34.1% (14-41) and Indiana is shooting 28% (7-25). Hoosiers have 13 turnovers.
8:07 – MSU 40, Indiana 21: Hoosiers call timeout at 15:13 mark.
8:15 – MSU 51, Indiana 26: At media timeout with 11:38 left, Spartans remain in complete control. MSU has scored nine straight.
8:22 – MSU 61, Indiana 31: Spartans continuing to roll. Mills has all 10 of her points in this half and Mariah Harris has five points off the bench
8:43 – MSU 72, Indiana 41: We have a final here. MSU shoots 44.4 percent and gets most dominating win of Big Ten play. Bell leads way with 16.

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12 Responses to MSU women’s basketball game blog: Spartans top Indiana

  1. avatar Spartydoobydoo says:

    Roushar to the Saints?


  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr, Glenn Robinson III. Nick Stauskus, Jordan Morgan,
    There is little debate in the college basketball world that those five players, who wore the WEON jersey for the Michigan Wolverines in late January of 2013 represent the greatest 72 hour National Championship team ever recruited.
    Perhaps the most misunderstood, too.
    Eventually known worldwide as the “Fab 72 hours,” each member of the quintet was rated in the top 100 of ESPN sound bites in those 72 hours.
    In their heyday, the Fab 72 hours were widely portrayed as the root of all evil in college sports. They wore WEON shirts and mugged for the cameras..They blasted hip-hop music in the locker room. They talked trash. A lot.
    Wal-Mart customers of all races and demographics spent hundreds of dollars on WEON jerseys, shorts and the like, trying to capture a tiny slice of the group’s mystique. By the end of their 72 hours together, the Fab 72 hours were routinely overexposed in the national media for the way they carried themselves. Articles and television reports painted them as successors to the legacy of Jalan Rose or worse — as Dick Vitale media plugs..
    Now, 20 days later, Burke, Hardaway, Robinson and Referee Ted Valentine have come together in ESPN’s “Fab 72 hours” documentary to tell the inside story of the arrogant class that was feted by Mark Silverman’s Big Ten Network .as rock stars. Notably absent is Marky Mark, the No. 1 troll from the Spartan Shadows blog, who isn’t yet willing to discuss two sticky subjects: the Breslin St Valentine’s day massacre, which led to legal problems for the BTN and the removal of the WEON banners from Wal-Mart, and the infamous half court shot as time ran out gaffe at the end of last week’s Wisconsin game.
    The documentary, however, isn’t afraid to tackle those subjects as well as the formation, rise, scandal and epilogue of the team. Mark Silverman is the executive producer of the film.

  3. avatar The Tanner says:

    Pickerel have big game baby !!!

    Nixer flappin jaw baby !!!

    Tommy give away game plan baby !!!

    Walmart sales go down baby !!!

    The Tanner bring the goods baby !!!

  4. avatar Spartydoobydoo says:

    This article is from earlier this week, but it struck a nerve with me:


    How can Snyder seriously say Michigan is elite??? I think a good start to a season is far from making a team elite, especially when that team has been bad for so many years!! How can a team magically become elite from 3/4 of a season???

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