MSU to face TCU in Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl; team award winners

The MSU football team is officially headed to Arizona for the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl on Dec. 29 in Tempe. They will face 7-5 TCU in the bowl.

It will be their first ever trip to the bowl. The bowl appearance will be the 23rd for the Spartans and sixth straight.

MSU will receive an allotment of 11,000 tickets and the ticket prices will range from $25-$125.

Here are some of the MSU award winners from today’s team banquet.

Governor’s Award (most valuable player): RB Le’Veon Bell
Biggie Munn Award (most inspirational): LB Max Bullough
Doug Weaver Oil Can Award (team humorist): CB Johnny Adams and DL James Kittredge
Danziger Award (outstanding Detroit-Area player): DL William Gholston
Downtown Coaches Club Award (senior special teams): K Dan Conroy
Downtown Coaches Club Award (senior offense):RG Chris McDonald
Downtown Coaches Club Award (senior defense): CB  Johnny Adams
Up Front Award (outstanding offensive lineman): TE Dion Sims
Outstanding Underclass Back Award : RB Le’Veon Bell (offense) and LB Max Bullough (defense)
Outstanding Underclass Lineman Award: Jack Allen (offense) and William Gholston (defense).
MSU Football Player Association’s Community Service Award: OL Fou Fonoti.
Clarence Underwood Sportsmanship Award: QB Andrew Maxwell and LB Chris Norman
Tommy Love Award (most improved): WR Keith Mumphery (offense) and S Kurtis Drummond (defense)
Potsy Ross Award (scholar-athlete): P Mike Sadler
Iron Man Award (strength and conditioning): LB Max Bullough
Jim Adams Award (unsung heroes): OL Ethan Ruhland (offense) and CB Darqueze Dennard (defense)
President’s Award (senior lineman/senior back for perseverance): Anthony Rashad White (DL) and Larry Caper (RB)


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25 Responses to MSU to face TCU in Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl; team award winners

  1. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    Happy hunting for the Spartans against TCU – it’s a favorable matchup. Tempe is beautiful this time of year.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Congrats to Coach Dantonio on a great season and a rewarding bowl game against a tough opponent in Arizona.

  3. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    As far as coaches voting for their own teams: Pokey is trying to buoy his flagging morale, but has nothing but misery ahead – 70% of his offense gone. Bluimia should vote his team ahead of the rest of League, they won the darn thing – ineligible teams notwithstanding.

    • avatar marky mark says:

      where was msu on the poll I could’nt find them?

      • avatar MGoBlow says:

        Marky Walmart – enjoy getting at least half a 100 being put on lil sis by Johnny Football – it could be worse – U losers could be playing Bama again.

      • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

        almost as funny as scUM being ranked 8th to start the season


        • avatar Tru Ghost of Bo says:

          Yes it’s wonderful to be a Wolverine. We have made a dramatic climb into the top 20 to #19 this week after having a glorious victory over, uhhhh, just a second, I’ll get it. A resounding victory over ??????
          Well, never mind, We’ll be playing in our 2nd BCS bowl in a ……………………………. hold it….ehhhh I’ll take that back……………

          Fear not Gulo’s Fellow m man Murky Mark and I will reign supreme at being #19.. That I can assure you

          • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

            You have just delineated why I call them Paris Hilton – famous for being famous with NO TALENT.

          • avatar marky mark says:

            It sure wasn’t from beating the lowly hawkeyes!

            when was the last time sharty played in a bcs bowl?…………………….errr wait a minute, never……………….

        • avatar Tru Ghost of Bo says:

          As the tru spokesghost Let me magnanimously say, you’re welcome.

      • avatar MGoBlow says:

        USC & the ol’ ball coach will be pasting your wolvies on new year’s day – even better than Johnny Football as the gamecocks have a defense!

  4. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    Football Disappoint Watch! Week 15 Update

    MSU was ranked 13th by the AP in August; it was the highest pre-season ranking for MSU since 1979—when the 10th-ranked Spartans finished 5-6 (with only one close loss).

    More recent disappointing seasons of note include 1998 [AP #23 start to 6-6 final]; 2000 [AP #24 start to 5-6 final]; 2002 [AP #18 start to 4-8 final]; 2006 [preseason Big Ten #5 consensus to 4-8 (10th place) final]; and 2009 [preseason BT #3 consensus to 6-7 (6th place) final].

    The Spartans are now 6-6—and have fallen from a pre-season expectation of #3 in the B1G to a 7th-place finish. MSU is now a net -36 points relative to Las Vegas point spreads (an index unlikely to be biased for or against different MSU teams due to change with seasons). This is worse than ’98 [due to enormous wins over Notre Dame and #1 OSU that year] and ’09 (MSU was upset only twice that year—vs. 4 times in 2012 [not counting MI &UNL]), and about where the ’00 team was at the end of the year. (Close to 2010’s net, too—though the 11-2 record and BT Championship virtually trumps quibbles about point spreads.) But 2002 is thoroughly out of discussion—and it would take a six-score bowl loss for the 2012 team to sink into 2006 territory.

    The extent to which the 2012 team redeems itself depends on bowl performance (and the absence of student stupidity for the next four weeks). A close bowl win will position MSU into a better place than 2000 for the next season—but will weigh very little against the disappointments of the season at large. The simple fact of MSU’s opponent being a middle-of-the-pack B-XII team will make it very difficult for MSU to look like a BCS-Bowl-quality team [ignoring lesser selections] even if it blows out its BWW-Bowl foe. MSU could beat TCU [the strongly rumored choice at this hour] 49-7, but that still won’t get MSU into the Top Ten like it did Alabama two years ago vs. MSU.

    Or even back to its preseason ranking.

    That’s why this year won’t be comparable to 2007 despite identical records.

    But like ’99 & ’09, the last game of the year—if it be a decent showing—can augur a nine-plus-win season for next fall.

  5. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Forgot to ask Cracker,

    What bowl game is the “Best Quarterback” in the state going to? OOps.

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