MSU men’s basketball: Spartans vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Still without two guard, MSU will face a tough test today against Louisiana-Lafayette.

The Ragin’ Cajuns like to push the pace and press on defense, which will challenge the Spartans’ depleted guard corps. MSU committed 20 turnovers in a win over Oakland on Friday.

Travis Trice (concussion) remains in street clothes, and Gary Harris (shoulder) will miss his second straight game.

More later on a busy day – women’s team plays at 4 p.m., the same time the volleyball team learns its NCAA Tournament fate. Oh, and there was that big football victory on Saturday.

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  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    We will be fine today

    Go Green

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Why Mark Dantonio will never let the bottom Drop Out on his watch
    After attending the game yesterday I must now put pen to what I have witnessed. As the first half drew to a close I watched not in horror but in resigned frustration as our Spartans made every effort to give this game away. Not just the obvious red zone failure or designated missed field goal . But the right on cue dead ball personal foul late hit after a third and eleven stop. The frustration of a team beating themselves with mistakes, the offense by ineptitude and the crucial defensive mistake s after dominating the line of scrimmage. The most frustrating team that I have ever seen , because of the waste of a top ten defense and even that defense giving up explosion plays and dead ball mistakes, combined with the snake bit officiating . I felt numbness not anger, resignation more than frustration to a looming lost season. At one point I looked at the jumbetron seeing MSU with 252 total yards to the Gophers 48, and of course MSU trailing by one point. A bad sadistic movie Spartan Ground Hound Day, On a day which started out with the author high fiving Goldy on his moped confident of a methodical 24-14 Spartan victory.
    I propose that MSU won this game in spite of his Offensive Players not because of them. He had to minimize mistakes in the second half and focus on wearing down the shallow boulder with sledgehammer Bell. He did what he had to do. Mark Dantonio knew he had to get this team to a bowl for reasons I will address shortly. He simply refused to let this team Bottom out on his watch.
    Now the larger significance. Mark Dantonio has gone to a bowl six years in a row, (every single year of his tenure) He has won 9 or more games and played on New Year’s Day three of those six years. If Mark Dantonio wins 9 games or more and reaches a New Year’s Bowl Next Season he will have won 9 or more games 4 0ut of seven years or the majority of his tenure.
    I am not a statistician but to those who are I propose the following questions.
    1/ How may teams in the Big Ten have been to bowl games each of the last six years and won 9 or more games resulting in a New Year’s Day Bowl at least half of those years. Wisconsin, Nebraska? Who else pray tell?
    2. More importantly of the 124 BCS teams how many have met both of these criteria? More than 25? Only statisticians have the ability to discern this but I wager not.
    So Spartan Fans, I wager that Mark Dantonio has already established a top 25 program. The body of work bears that out. I go so far to say that if Dantonio posts 9 or more wins the next two seasons that the next time we have a season like this one. It will be regarded as Izzos 2010-2011 campaign. A dip in the body of work. As long as Dantonio is in charge the sky will not fall, the bottom will not drop out. And we are lucky to have this man.
    On Mark Dantonio the solid ground I stand all other ground is sinking sand. Go Green

    • avatar MGoBlow says:

      How’s Brian Kelly doing? & R we in the top 25 currently or will we be in any of the pre season polls next year? That being said – we have all our chips in on this guy & we have no other choice, but to see if he actually is what U say he is – I hope U are right for Spartan Nation’s sake. Go White.

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:


      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        I am right on Mark Danton, he gave you 50 wins in 6 years he will give you 100 wins in 12 I stake my life on that

        • avatar MGoBlow says:

          He better pray that Bell doesn’t bolt for the NFL & he better get a W on 11/2/13!

          • avatar GoSt8Go says:

            or what?

          • avatar Spartan 81 says:

            Season does not resolve around the Michigan game, I feel we beat them but Dantonio will win 8 or more games I am sure of that. He does not want the program to stall or to have to let members of his staff go, if we had the same season next year with no improvement both of those things would happen. As I said before Dantonio is not suicidal and he is not stupid he said that MSU has to change with the times. Next April in Spring Camp they will

          • avatar MGoBlow says:

            GoSt8Go -
            Or we’re stuck w/ him until his contract runs out . . .

          • avatar MGoBlow says:

            81 – U seem to read MD’s tea leaves better than the rest of us – what does change w/ the times specifically mean to coach D?

          • avatar GoSt8Go says:

            Faith encouraged. IDIT.

  3. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    M G0 Blow , no reply button. Two sources who I trust one on another private site regarding those close to the program and on the shuttle bus last night a sister of one of the coaches , I did not ask her brothers name as we were all as frozen as Titanic survivors. Both indirect and direct, Dantonio has been underfire to retool the offense or make a move on Roushar. He said no to Roushar. These were suggestions not ultimatums, but if you dont see 8 wins or better next season than the suggestions will be ultimatums. My guess is an open competition for QB and maybe a pure freshman running a Drew Stanton type game. But I dont know anything more exact.

    • avatar MGoBlow says:

      Great . . . we get the same “play action” type offense next year, but who is the Tailback that will make teams put 8 or 9 in the box w/ Bell 90% gone to the NFL – have U seen how bad Nick Hill is? What scares me is w/o even the threat of a run game that whether it’s Maxwell, Connor 1/ 2, or Terry – they will be in deep trouble based on the offensive scheme that needs players to execute almost perfectly to be successful & we know how that worked out this year w/ the best RB in the B1G in our backfield. This current scheme has little margin for error so offensive “feel ” is terribly important – Treadwell had it & Roushar is the polar opposite. Also, U talked about a Stanton type offense – good, bad, or indifferent – JLS was 1 of the brain childs of the spread option attack in college football – so we R going to have Roushar install & run that scheme? or will it be more poorly timed & badly executed wildcat? He can’t coordinate our current scheme. Your response scares me even more – based on your info – I’m led to believe MD is so stubborn that he is willing to risk a 2nd lost season to cover for his incompetent OC buddy & will only make a change when his own seat gets hot. So much for the proactive HC understanding he needs to get w/ the times . . . same old dinosaur based on your insight. This reinforces to me that we probably made the wrong choice 6 years ago – it was a solid choice, but not the game changer I was hoping for (that would have been Brian Kelly in hindsight being perfect of course & MSU has to always make the 2nd best choice or it wouldn’t be Spartan Football over the last 40 years) – the sleeping giant continues to slumber under MD’s watch, but much more consistent which I will give him credit for. Please remember his best 2 years were when A2 was in turmoil & his best friend in coaching was in Columbus (no going after our verbals). In my own experience, his approach to problem solving usually leads to bigger problems long term. I hope I’m completely wrong as I want him to succeed (my expectations for our program might be higher than some in our fanbase who R resigned to our program’s supposed place in the old line pecking order of the B1G – that thinking makes me sick – I know President Hanna wouldn’t have stood for that type of defeatism) for our university & program. Go Green.

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