MSU men’s basketball: Spartans host Purdue; Narduzzi to USC?

The No. 18-ranked MSU men’s basketball team will try to bounce back from it’s loss to Minnesota when it hosts Purdue in its Big Ten home opener at noon today on the Big Ten Network.

Purdue entered the Big Ten schedule with a 6-6 record (the worst in the BigĀ  Ten). That included a loss at Eastern Michigan and a home setback to Bucknell.

Since a stretch where they lost three of four, Purdue has won three straight, including an upset victory over Illinois at home on Wednesday night. Today’s contest will mark just the third true road game for the Boilermakers.

MSU (11-3, 0-1)
Last three games
Dec. 18 – @ Bowling Green (W, 64-53)
Dec. 22 – Texas (W, 67-56)
Dec. 31 – @ Minnesota (L 76-63)
Next three games
Jan. 10 – @ Iowa
Jan. 13 – Nebraska
Jan. 16 – @ Penn State

Purdue (7-6, 1-0)
Last three games
Dec. 18 – Ball State (W, 66-56)
Dec. 22 – William & Mary (W, 73-66)
Jan. 2 – Illinois (W, 68-61)
Next three games
Jan. 8 – Ohio State
Jan. 13 – Penn State
Jan. 16 – @ Nebraska

Share your thoughts on the game in this thread.

Lastly internet reports are starting to surface about MSU defensive coordinator possibly being headed to Southern Cal to take over the same position. Monte Kiffin was previously the defensive coordinator for the Trojans. Narduzzi made $501,700 this past year at MSU and is the third highest paid defensive coordinator in the Big Ten behind Ohio State’s Luke Fickell and Michigan’s Greg Mattison.

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10 Responses to MSU men’s basketball: Spartans host Purdue; Narduzzi to USC?

  1. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    I would think Narduzzi would want a more stable situation than USC. Lane Kiffin is a lightening rod that may be gone in a year. I think the only reason he is not on the hot seat now is that they are on probation, (for two more years?), and it would be hard to attract a top level guy with that hanging over the program.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      USC is teflon in that Nards can springboard into a HC job at a BCS school more easily there, In other words MSU DC to say Texas HC does not happen, USC DC to Texas HC does. Losing him is inevitable, would prefer Nards stays here untill a HC job opens up.

    • avatar Drew says:

      That and Lane Kiffin is a douche.

  2. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Narduzzi certainly would be a threat to Kiffin’s HC position.

  3. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    I looked at a potential California job about 18 months ago, and if he goes the State and Local taxes take an additional 14.3% of your income off the top compared to East Lansing. State tax 11.9% vs 4.3% in Mich, local taxes 7.85% vs. 1.2%. I think he’ll be getting a bigger raise than that, however…..$600K would be break even.

    The big hook would be the better chance of getting Kiffen’s job, and if you are in his projected income range, it’s a great place to live. However it goes, good luck, he’s earned it.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Plus, did not the home office tell you if you took that job you would have to change your email signature from Go Green to

      “You stay classy San Diego”

  4. avatar Mr. Cresote. says:

    He can go if Rousher is included in the deal. BOGO sort of deal.
    Hire a DC and get our OC at no extra charge. Having said all of that, USC is not a stable place. Especially with Lane Kifflin there. I would hesitate about taking that post. Especially with the tax bill that Breadtruck mentioned.

  5. avatar DC Spartan says:

    Re: Narduzzi – I would hardly call an anonymous posting on the RCMB an Internet report.

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