MSU football: Spartans focused on moving forward

Johnny Adams was very surprised when he saw the flag come out on during Darqueze Dennard’s interception return for a touchdown during Saturday’s game against Nebraska.

And he certainly didn’t think he was the one that was going to be penalized when he saw the flag on the field. And when he saw the play on film Monday he still thought what he did was legal.

But with at least two games remaining, Adams and the Spartans are moving forward from the loss to the Cornhuskers.

“We gotta take this one, swallow it and move on,” Adams said following Tuesday’s practice.

“… We’re still pushing. We still got two games left. I’ve got two games left here. The seniors have got two games left here. We’re still playing and playing hard.”

Adams’ thoughts were shared by quarterback Andrew Maxwell and MSU coach Mark Dantonio on Tuesday.

“I know a lot got made about the officials. But we have opportunities to close it out and really not leave it up to a call here or there. We could have done our part,” Maxwell said.

“As an offense, we could have grinded out a couple first downs when we had the ball there with three minutes left and really put the thing away. We watched the film yesterday morning and you learn from it. I think it was Vince Lombardi that said, ‘Once mistakes and setbacks have served the purpose of teaching and you learn from them, you have to move on. I think you have to move past it and look forward to the next challenge.’

During his weekly press conference Tuesday, Dantonio also pointed out his team’s last four games have been decided in the final seconds and was unsure if that’s ever happened in his career.

But he did say his team would be ready for its next challenge.

“We’re going to be ready to play, and get back focused and focus on our next deal which is Northwestern. I also know that we need to get past this,” Dantonio said.

“Today is a point where we get back on the field and start practicing and start moving forward in that respect. Yeah, it’s disappointing because you work so hard. But you look at a lot of games around here…Even this year we won a close game against Boise, a close game against Indiana, a close game against Wisconsin. Now we lost four. The other ones were sort of close a little bit initially. I guess it’s part of it.”

Dantonio on if his leadership is more important now than during an 11 win season
“I’m going to have my moments. There is no question. Like (Monday) in the shower as I was getting ready to come to work. But I think it’s very important that the person who leads, whether that’s your quarterback or your leaders on the team or your head coach, position coach or your strength coach, whoever it is, I think that in a time of disappointment, that they’re the ones that need to be able to step up and say, hey, everything’s going to be fine. We’re good.

“We’ve done that here, so we’ll continue to do that. But it goes without question after the game I was hurting. But you regroup. It all comes back. I know some people may not like to hear this because it drives all of this, but it is a game. It is a game. You compete. I’ve always said it. I said it in here before. You compete and do the very best you can. Then you let it go. You have to, because it will eat you up if you don’t.”

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10 Responses to MSU football: Spartans focused on moving forward

  1. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    Wonder if Dantonio was suicidal in the shower Monday morning.?

    • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

      nope but JLS is, took a Arkansas team that should be in the national title hunt to .500, that’s why MSU fired him

    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      Sad attempt at humor Porky.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      That’s reserved for children of the corn like you, nobody who has all their faculties and is not a borderline manic depressive would even think somebody is suicidal about football – it’s a game bunkie. I’d be more concerned about somebody OWING +$40M OD-ing.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Election polling on Mark Dantonio’s body of work.
    Coach Mark Dantonio was 22-17 in the first three years of his watch. That screams 7-5 to me.
    Mark Dantonio is 27-10 in the second three years that screams 9-3 to me. How many of you feel that Mark Dantonio will average 9 wins a season over the remainder of his career at MSU? I do. How many of you would be satisfied with that, Rose Bowl notwithstanding, I would? I would appreciate all of your well thought out and reasoned comments on this subject. I would especially like to get the opinion of Breadtruck 86 and Atlanta Spartan on this subject.

  3. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:


  4. avatar GreenGuy says:

    Moving forward starts with getting bowl eligible in 2012. Bye week to get healed up: Gholston, OL, Bell, DB’s…all looked worn down v. Nebraska. Huge task vs. NW…looking forward to seeing if Narduzzi can re-group and stop a running (and very fast) QB. Hope the fans come out loud. It felt strange having that much red around me last week, didn’t like it.

    If MSU can get to 7-5, go bowling, maybe win a second consecutive bowl game…momentum will be established for 2013.

    Speaking of 2013, here’s my projected 2-deep:

    QB: Maxwell, Cook, O’Connor (no surprises here)

    FB: Palazeti, Pendleton, Calero (I’d like Thomas to stay at FB, but think he’ll be a DE)

    TB: Hill, Langford, RFr./Fr. TBA (only a flash, but Hill for the first time, looked like a B10 player, I’m still hopeful about Langford’s speed)

    SE: Burbridge, Mumphrey (Madaris might work his way into playing group)

    FL: Fowler, Lippett (Fowler featured on jet-sweeps/reverses, Lippett needs to be more comfortable going over the middle to get more than third down PT)

    TE: Sims, Lang (Sims stays to fulfill his probation requirement to stay in school, Gleichert gets into mix as well)

    LT: France, Dennis (can France elevate his game, not much after Dennis makes for a big problem)

    LG: Treadwell, Clark (again, young and thin at backups)

    C: Jackson, Allen (walk-on Lints after that)

    RG: Fonoti, Klatt/Kruse (like Fonoti @ G…thin here as well)

    RT: Burkland, Conway (walk-on Kamm as emergency backup, thin)

    DT: (in some mix) Reynolds, Kittridge, Knox, Clemons (Hoover back?…maybe Charlie Sanders kid makes playing group)

    DE: Gholston back (feedback from NFL shows he needs work in some areas), Rush, Calhoun, Heath, and Thomas. Pretty strong group.

    LB: Bullough, Jones, Allen starters…Hammock, Davis, Elsworth, Harris, Bullough as backups in some mix (good group)

    FCB: Dennard, Waynes (Dennard all-B10, potential all-american)

    BCB: (yikes) how about Colquhoun at 6-1, 190 to handle short side, Hicks as backup (?) or a RSFr TBA

    FS: Drummond (all-B10 candidate), Williamson (awfully good) and good RSFr coming up

    SS: big news is Cox at SS, Lewis as backup and nickel safety. I contend Lewis is good in run support – when he tackles the other team – and a liability in coverage. In recruiting – MSU needs to recruit bigger/taller players at FS and SS…receivers and TE’s are getting mismatches too easily. I think Kerrick moves to FS, Caesar (6-4, 210) to SS (if he doesn’t transfer).

    Any thoughts?

    • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

      I didn’t see Calero on the roster in September, but FB will be in good shape, imo.

      [The somehow-misutilized] Caper’s loss is hard enough without Bell leaving, but I understand the motivations leading to the idea that Le’veon will leave early.

      I think there are other OL options on the 3rd string. Clemons would be just fine on offense (with Fennell, there should be enough DTs), and there are a few RSFr that might edge out older walk-ons. I expect Hoover to be back at DT.

      Some thin areas for a Rose-Bowl contender, but still phenomenal depth at LB.

  5. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    I’ll respond to GreenGuy as time permits. For now, this is Joe Rexrode [with a crafty phrase in the second PP] reporting on Dantonio’s late UNL game analysis:

    • avatar MAB says:

      On the last thread, you brought up Dantonio’s record in close games (8 points or less) as 17-17. I said that a 50% win percentage in those type of games is probably about all we could ask for. But that made me wonder, what is the winning percentage for an “elite” coach in those types of games. So I looked up Nick Saban (since he’s probably considered to be the best college coach right now). Based on what I found, he has a 36-23-1 career record (not including this season) in games decided by 8 points or less. This is about a 61% winning percentage. Make of it what you will, just thought it was interesting.

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