MSU football pregame: Hollis donates $1 million, Hoover out

MSU announced late this morning, hours before kickoff against Ohio State, that athletic director Mark Hollis and his family has donated $1 million for a variety of purposes.

Here’s Rexrode’s story on the gift, part of which will be directed toward renovations at Spartan Stadium. Nearly half of it is going to establishing the Hollis Family Endowed Scholarship that will be awarded to in-state undergraduate students with “strong academic credentials.” Hollis and his wife, Nancy, are both alums who met at MSU as students.

On the field, defensive tackle Tyler Hoover is not dressed for the Spartans. He’s been battling a calf injury, and not having him leaves Micajah Reynolds as the starter and the MSU interior rotation a bit depleted while facing moble Ohio State QB Braxton Miller.

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26 Responses to MSU football pregame: Hollis donates $1 million, Hoover out

  1. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    Proud to be a Spartan, and so very humbled when genuinely good people do what the Hollis’, Izzo, Johnson and many other families have done for this school.

    It’s a great time to be a Spartan.

    • avatar Jeffrey Lubeck says:

      Agree completely.

      Don Canham, it can be argued set the standard for creativity and brilliance as an Athletic Director in college sports. Mr. Hollis has raised the bar given his genuine demeanor. In the end, the evidence may show Hollis is an even better in organization and delegation.

  2. avatar NorthForkRancher says:

    “Bigger’n Dallas!”
    Glad to see it will be pretty evenly divided between the stadium upgrade and academics.

  3. avatar Ben Green says:

    Very nice of the Hollis family.

  4. avatar It's over, tun out the lights. says:

    Dumbtonio missed his opportunity when he took the ball away from Cousins against Wisconsin last year. He will never smell Roses.

  5. avatar NorthForkRancher says:

    Game long over. Nothing new here

  6. avatar MSUAussie says:

    At least there was some progress with the offensive passing game. The OL needs to dominate the line of scrimmage more to better help the running game. Was dissapointed that the run scheme always seemed to be between the tackles. The few outside runs seemed to gain more yardage.

  7. avatar Chris Solari says:

    Have a few things to watch back on the tape when I get home, so expect a blog update overnight. Until then, a few things to spark your conversation:

    Here’s a final game update from Rexrode along with my grades of MSU’s performance.

    And here’s a sure-to-be discussed story on the allegations of doctored game tape.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      I am not surprised that Urban Meyer ordered his film crew to doctor the game tape, I am not too disapointed in the game for a key reason. We found a way to put points on the board and no one else in the big ten is a top 25 team, look at Nebraska tonight wildly inconsistant. We just need to find a way to run the table our defense will keep us in every games and seven wins in a row punches our ticket to Pasadena.

  8. avatar Not ready for primetime players says:

    Dantonio = average
    MSU football = losers
    So sick of this type of result in a big game.
    The 2nd coming of perles is doing a great job – not.

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      The events of yesterday are just now sinking in after reviewing and breaking down the film
      It is appalling how many glaring and fundamental coaching mistakes were made. I have always been a big supporter of Coach Dantonio, but I am now starting to question whether MSU made the right decision in 2006. Could we have hired the wrong man?
      Mark Dantonios fall from grace has become a Shakesperian tragedy, the true tragic hero.

  9. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    Can Mark Hollis remain steadfastly comitted to this sinking ship.

  10. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    Who among you can point to a worse coaching job than Mark Dantonios on Saturday , who among you can name a single coach who was more ill prepared than to blame doctored game film, who among you?

  11. avatar Not ready for primetime players says:

    Can someone take the lyrics from Dreamweaver & make it into a Spartan themed montage of shoulda, coulda, maybe – didn’t . . . make it to Pasadena. This team reminds me of 1987 – we went to the Rose Bowl, but got blown out by 2 real contenders that year – we won the grandaddy of them all, but MSU was a pretender that year like now. I want no excuses or we are just like Wolvie fan. We need to stand up & say we are frauds like the rest of the B1G including the perennial cheater, dirt*ss Urban Meyer who I hate more than Hokey Pokey.

  12. avatar Not ready for primetime players says:

    And like the Perles years – we are back to the tired old mantra of if we beat JofM it’s a successful season, really? So what has MD changed in his 6 years except barely taking advantage of JofM’s historic blunder of the RichRod era?

  13. avatar Not ready for primetime players says:

    Who lost this game – Conroy. If he had made all his FGs – the final would have been 19-17 MSU. Those points are critical when your offense can’t score TDs in the red zone. Obviously, he is enjoying the EL nightlife a bit too much as a senior.

  14. avatar Not ready for primetime players says:

    MD – “All our goals are still in front of us” – like playing in the Gator bowl. Your team has been out coached in every game this year against real competition including the opener which we were lucky to win. Petersen, Kelly, & Meyer all out schemed us. Roushar is a joke & Duzzi’s D is way over hyped as evidenced by OSU final drive when our vaulted D really needed to make a stop & showed it’s a true colors. We might, if we are very lucky, back into the Rose Bowl, but we are a fraud. I love my Spartans, but I call it like I see it.

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      Wisely spoken how differant MSU future would have been if we had just stuck with the Cowboy , on Tuesday instead of next question we would


    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      Very prolific tonight but your handle says it all. You are not ready for prime time. Your opinions are just that. All games involve shoulda, woulda, coulda. Most winners shoulda, coulda lost and most losers shoulda, coulda won. I don’t like losing but we had our chances. I don’t think that deserves the criticisms you toss out. The only thing you managed to express was your disappointment. We all share in that. If the coaches and players adopt your attitude, we might as well cancel the rest of the season. You are the anti-Stewart Smiley.

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        We can still finish tied for the legends at 6-2 , 9-3 as the offense can put 20 up against the defenses we have left in front of us, we just have to beat Neb and Michigan to get the tie breakers in my opinion. If we had lost 17-3 tonight I would feel we were in trouble, but we came out swinging and improved in the passing game, However it looks like we either get to Indy or play in the Gator if we go 8-4.

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