MSU football: IMPORTANT Rose Bowl uniform information every Spartan fan MUST read

So much to do between now and Jan. 1. Arranging travel, organizing schedules, keeping up with injuries and awards. Then there’s covering all the other sports going on outside of football – a top-5 men’s hoops team, a volleyball team in the NCAAs, etc., etc.

And let’s not neglect our top priority as reporters, journalists and downright wholesome American citizens: the fashion beat.

And I have the vital details you demand, straight from the man who knows best: MSU¬†Athletic Equipment Coordinator Bob Knickerbocker. His shocking answer might surprise you. (See how I’m milking the digital trick of the before-the-cut tease?)

“We’re going to put the Rose Bowl patch on the jerseys,” Knickerbocker said. “But at this point – and I’m being very honest – we aren’t going to do anything special. I know we’re the home team, so that means green jerseys. And no surprises. I don’t know about the pants, to be honest. That decision will be made by coach (Mark) Dantonio.”

There you have it, from the man who has been the epicenter of MSU’s on-field wear since 1983.

Granted, that uniform decision isn’t within Knickerbocker’s control. Ultimately, it rests well above him – with Dantonio, Mark Hollis, apparel sponsor Nike and the school’s marketing department. Knickerbocker also didn’t reveal what helmet might be worn for the game. The Spartans wore their HydroChrome domes just once this season, against Nebraska.

But if there are any secrets, don’t expect them to be revealed until arrival in Pasadena. If Bob Knickerbocker doesn’t know or won’t tell, we scribes surely won’t know … or very much care.

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33 Responses to MSU football: IMPORTANT Rose Bowl uniform information every Spartan fan MUST read

  1. avatar dmbtierney says:

    I posted a few weeks ago about superstition and dress. I am the most superstitious person around. THIS year, we haven’t loss wearing green jerseys or green pants or the chrome dome.

    We’ve never worn the combination I just mentioned, and if I were coach that is what we would wear.

    Now, on the other hand, if Nike comes up with a “special uniform” for the game, I would go with that if it contained the school colors. Sorry, NO BLACK!

  2. avatar All Green Jersey & Green Pants says:

    Go with the old school Green and Green Pants. Please no white stripes on the jersey (Look Terrible that way). No Chrome Helmet.

  3. avatar Joyce H says:

    ABSOLUTELY NOT those horrible ‘special’ uniforms the Spartans wore for the Michigan game last year.

  4. avatar Joyce H says:

    There is something wrong with the time of the posting of these remarks…..they’re off by 4 hours!

  5. avatar Eddie says:

    Wear special uniforms is privilege it those who can’t keep up with the times and expect everything to always stay the same are the ones who have a problem with it. Most of the time the people complaining about it have never played sports in their entire life! I guarantee the players loved wearing the Nike Pro Combat uni’s. Look good and play even better! And it also attracts the recruits.

    • avatar Tony W says:

      The team wears the Nike Pro Combat uniforms in every game, it’s their base uniform.

      As for the comments about the UM game; move on. Some hated them, some loved them, some were indifferent. It isn’t about us fans, it’s about the players, and they loved them hands down. That’s ALL that matters.


    • avatar George says:

      Alabama has not changed helmets or uniforms for over 50 years!!!

  6. avatar John says:

    Green helmet, green jersey, white pants. MSU hasn’t been since 1988 and this is a traditional bowl game, I hope they don’t look ridiculous with the full green leotard.

  7. avatar Jmac says:

    I think all our uniforms have looked real good since 2010, and the all green look is really sharp. Exceeded expectations, I hated it in the past.

    Say what you want about the Pro Combat uniform fgom 2011, it is still
    probably Nike’s best effort in that area. There were some real stinkers.

  8. avatar Mike says:

    Traditional green helmets, solid green jerseys and green pants. It’s a good look and MSU wins big when they wear this uniform. GO GREEN!

  9. avatar SpartyOn says:

    The time is now to make these helmets a reality: https://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7qswxPWJK1rc5umfo1_500.jpg

  10. avatar Scott says:

    Green jerseys and green pants like they beat OH and MI in. The chrome helmets might be a nice addition.

  11. avatar Tom Wernet says:

    Please go with traditional green jerseys and white pants with traditional helmets. It’s a traditional bowl game. Let’s show some class.

  12. avatar Avi says:

    Green jersey with white shoulder pads hydro chrome helmet green pants or next year they should consider white helmet with green emblem

  13. avatar Paul says:

    The importance of which uniform is to be worn cannot be understated! Next to game plan and preparation, this is right up there….there should be a regular column alone just for weekly uniform updates. On another note, does anyone have a good pumpkin pie recipe?

  14. avatar dmbtierney says:

    At the Palace this afternoon, one of my ‘lil peeps told me green jerseys and green pants.

  15. avatar Mike says:

    Have to keep it traditional. Its the grandaddy of bowl games. I see Stanford keeping it traditional too. Keep the uniforms traditional.

    • avatar dmbtierney says:

      As someone mentioned earlier, how much has traditon helped us in the last 26 years?

      The world is changing and those that adapt will survive and thrive, those that don’t, will die.

      The last three years, MSU has played some of its best football in non-tradional or special uniforms. Why not the Rose Bowl? The only people whose opinion counts are the players! And they love alternate uniforms. If it motivates them to play better, go for it. The only people who seem to object are the old farts–screw ‘em–they’ll all be dead in a few years anyways.

      Heck, even Stanford has been playing in alternate uniforms lately, with a lot of black mixed in. This isn’t even one of their school colors. Let’s go with the times and have fun.

      • avatar Johnbigrig says:

        You hit the nail on the head. The only opinions that matter are those of the players themselves. Let them pick the uniform that inspires and gives them confidence.

  16. avatar Collin says:

    I’d like to see a traditional uniform, maybe the green pants, but add a little nod to the Rose Bowl in the helmet. Just a rose through the Spartan helmet’s mouth or something to that effect. Small, yet classy, is the way to go.

  17. avatar Justin says:

    Pull an Oregon and innovate the jerseys and surprise the nation with the jerseys, I see 80s green jerseys with white or grey pants and white or chrome or grey helmets with all white socks and cleats and no names on the back

  18. avatar Guido says:

    I am really hoping the plain green jerseys with a horrible looking patch is not the final decision. What’s innovative, or awe inspiring about that?? We are FINALLY on the national stage. You want to grab people’s interest, you want to grab recruits intrigue, you want to step up and say “WE ARE THE SPARTANS!!” This says “We are the same team we have always been, nothing special here.”

    As far far as fans go I was super excited to be able to lend $100 + on a special jersey for the rose bowl. I mean even Wisconsins jerseys last year were uniquely traditional incoporating the rose into their numbers. But no. We Spartan fans get the same green jersey we all own with a “commemorative” patch that’s no bigger than a silver dollar, and gaudy to boot. No thanks Nike, I already paid you for that jersey, it’s in my closet. I’ll buy the real patch and put it on myself for $10.

    I can’t express how disappointed I am in this decision. And these are only two of the reasons why. There is still time. Oregon’s uniforms drive me just as crazy as anyone else, but guess what, everyone was, and still is, talking about Oregon, for that very reason. They made sure they were know in that rose bowl, and have reaped the benefits since.

  19. avatar DJ Poland says:

    Bring back the Nike Pro Combat unis with a rose somehow mixed in…those things were sick!!

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