MSU football makes Bollman hire official, restructures coaching staff

MSU made official the hiring of Jim Bollman this afternoon and announced several other coaching moves in the process.

Here’s the summary – Bollman joins the staff as co-offensive coordinator and he will also be the tight ends coach.

Dave Warner will be the co-offensive coordinator and also coach running backs. Warner was the quarterbacks coach the last six seasons for the Spartans.

Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi adds the title of assistant head coach to his responsibilities.

Brad Salem is now the quarterbacks coach. He was MSU’s running backs coach the last three seasons. Salem has been a QB coach before while at Augustana College.

With the changes on offense, MSU coach Mark Dantonio said things might be more simplified while the Spartans become more diversified as an offense.

“Throughout the spring, things will be added and subtracted from the offense,” Dantonio said in a release. “Changes aren’t being made for the sake of change; changes are being made with a purpose. With that mindset, we can create different opportunities for our playmakers.”

Bollman, 58, is the second new addition to MSU’s coaching staff this offseason. He joins the staff after former offensive coordinator Dan Roushar’s departure to the NFL to coach running backs for the New Orleans Saints.

Bollman has 36 years of coaching experience both at the college and professional levels. He was the offensive coordinator for Ohio State’s 2002 national championship team. Bollman has been an offensive coordinator in 11 of the past 12 years. (Solari has more on Bollman in this post.)

Warner will be an offensive coordinator for the second time in his career. He also held that title at Connecticut in 1999 and 2000. Warner has also been a passing game coordinator at Wyoming (1998) and Houston (2001-02).

Narduzzi becomes the first assistant head coach in Dantonio’s tenure as a head coach.


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5 Responses to MSU football makes Bollman hire official, restructures coaching staff

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Thanks Brian, sounds like good decisions from a proven winner. This will silence all the naysayers who say MSU was unwilling to reach outside the program for an elite choice. In my mind this every bit as strong a move as LSU made with Cameron. We did not go to the MAC to get this guy. He has played Tressel ball on the big stage. Very Innovative and out of the box to have co –coordinators, we have Warner for the skill guys and Bollman for the big uglies. Having co-coordinators will give us a leg up on the rest of the Legends
    Go Green

  2. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    Time will tell, Brian. Agree that this fits into the Dantonio philosophy. Tressel had the beef and the thoroughbreds to play his style – score points from field position and opponents mistakes. I’ll pull for Bollman and Warner to get us back to offensive prowess, willing to call last year an anomaly.

  3. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    Very much a continuation call. No one should expect Dantonio to be radical. Winning football is based upon execution, the art of performing the basic skills flawlessly in synchronization with 10 other guys at a time, each one doing the same. Bollman comes from a background of developing players to do just that. That is what differentiates football from a chess match in which the pieces always perform the same for both sides. In both chess and football there are only so many ways to move the pieces and ways to counter them. In chess it is solely the skill of the strategist that determines who wins and frequently among masters ends in a draw. In football it is the skill of the strategist and the skill of the players with the skill of the players being the more important of the two. I will always take a developer of players over a the latest strategy wizard. The weasels’ flyer with “offensive genius” RichRod should be a lesson to all, sound and fury signifying nothing.

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