MSU football halftime update: Spartans 14, Nebraska 14

It’s an offensive outburst by Michigan State’s standards in the first half today at Spartan Stadium.

MSU got two touchdowns in the first half for the first time in about a month, and the Spartans are tied 14-14 with Nebraska in a back-and-forth contest.

The Spartans got on the board first with a 10-play, 68-yard drive in the first quarter. MSU got three third-down conversions, then found the end zone on a shotgun draw to Le’Veon Bell for an 11-yard touchdown run.

Nebraska answered on its next possession. Taylor Martinez broke off a 59-yard run to get the Cornhuskers inside MSU’s 10. Three plays and two timeouts later, Martinez audibled and threw a 2-yard screen pass to Ameer Abdullah for a touchdown.

Early in the second quarter, the Spartans needed just four plays to pull back ahead. Bell ran for 41 yards on a third-and-1 to get into Nebraska territory, but a penalty pushed MSU back 15 yards. On the next play, QB Andrew Maxwell launched a 46-yard touchdown pass to Tony Lippett, splitting two Nebraska defenders with 6:56 left before halftime.

However, Martinez and the Huskers answered again shortly thereafter. The senior quarterback opted to keep the ball, bounced it outside, followed a huge block by receiver Kenny Bell and went 73 yards up the MSU sideline for the tying touchdown.

Martinez has 156 yards on eight carries, and hits two big runs are the longest allowed by the MSU defense all season. He’s also completed 8 of 16 passes for 52 yards.

Spartans running back Bell has 105 yards rushing. Maxwell is 6 of 14 for 89 yards. MSU has 208 yards to Nebraska’s 263.

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26 Responses to MSU football halftime update: Spartans 14, Nebraska 14

  1. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    Don’t forget some key mistakes by NU, fouls, pass interference and blown coverage… however, our outside containment has been a little sketchy…

    I thought Drummond was clipped by #62 from Nu on the first Martinez scamper.

  2. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    I don’t know how the Ref can throw a pass interference at the end there.

    Another ridiculously tough cost.

  3. avatar MGoBlow says:

    Should have never been in this position to lose another heart breaker. MD’s teams never put anyone away. Sorry, but this coach had his best chance at Pasadena last year. Downward trajectory for our program. No need to buy plane tickets – just get in the car & drive to Detroit for the Pizza Pizza bowl, folks. Nothing better than playing a bowl game in frozen Detroit in mid December against a MAC squad – reinforcing Hollis celebrate the state series – pathetic. If we can win 1 of the next 2 . . .

    • avatar IBleedGreen says:

      No need to jump off the ledge just yet. This season is a bit of a bust, but it was to be expected given the talent we lost. These kids are young and will grow into the roles. Remember the huge difference between the ’09 and the ’10 season? Hard to remember those things when you’ve enjoyed a few years of good football. Tough pill to swallow at times, but patience will win out.

      • avatar MGoBlow says:

        It’s just what I see. This was NOT expected – most expects penciled us into the Rose Bowl. It doesn’t help that there were such high expectations for this team – it makes everything worse in overall outside perception of his program. U can’t tell me that MD doesn’t understand that exact issue based on his hyper defensive plea for season ticket holders to not sell their seats for the game – he knows the pressure is on as Hollis wants to upgrade facilities, ect. MSU can’t do that when people don’t show up for the games & w/ a season like this – season ticket sales next year will be way down. He is in his 6th year & could not afford this type of season if he wanted to build a true top tier B1G program as our competitors are not standing still in A2 or Lincoln & will use this w/ recruits that we were a flash in the pan – basically a 1 hit wonder. MSU football has taken a huge hit this year that will not be easy to overcome. We have no choice but to have patience as we are stuck w/ MD good, bad, or indifferent. I know we are in trouble moving forward when Walmart fans are now telling me that they really like MD as our coach. He had the most golden opportunity for MSU football in 50 years w/ the disarray in A2 for 3 years & couldn’t get us to Pasadena. Do U really think our programs days are better moving forward as U look at the other programs we compete against for the B1G title, really? Whoever wins it this year better savor it as the acorns will be there for the next decade barring huge recruiting violations that bar them from playing in the B1G champ game. It makes me sick to my stomach that we might be seeing Walmarts vs Acorns for the next decade, but that’s what I see currently. Onto basketball & a great coach w/ a true top tier program!

        • avatar IBleedGreen says:

          Ok, let’s take a look at this statement – that the Walmarter’s are saying they like Dantonio as our coach? Really? Because if you look at the last 5 years, MSU is 4-1 and a lousy field goal away from being 5-0. UM did not score a single touchdown on us that game… But, being the confused individuals that they are, I suppose that makes sense that they’d forget the hurtin’ that they’ve experienced the past few years and only remember a squeek-out win where no touchdowns were scored.

          I can understand the skepticism. It’s tough when you’re in the middle of a rebuilding season to blame it all on the coaches, but ultimately, it rests on the players. The coaches aren’t out there making the plays. They can only do so much from the sidelines. Are you a parent? I am and I know that there is only so much you can say to your children to teach them good principles and hope that they enforce them in their own lives. Same goes to players – you can teach them, love them to death, do your best to dicipline where needed, but ultimately, they’re going to make the decision to commit a silly penalty, to not play hard, to zig when they should have zagged.

          At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself – what’s more important – flash in the pan success or a legacy that endures? Sure, OSU and UofM have had some lasting success, but at what cost? OSU got caught with their hand in the cookie jar, UofM got lucky and has dodged some bullets. PSU’s time bomb blew up in their face. We may not be hitting all the marks we want right now, but we’ll be there, the right way. I’m convinced that Dantonio and his staff can get it done, but respect your opinion to think otherwise.

          • avatar MGoBlow says:

            I am a parent like U, but don’t think that analogy is applicable as these student athletes are adults who are given college credits in exchange for doing a job on the gridiron for our university & the coaches certainly are paid very well. We will agree to disagree. Are U in a business w/ competitors? I am. MSU football is a business that has competitors. U are only as good as your last quarter’s #s in business. We are losing & MD’s franchise will be out of business if he doesn’t get his employees (players) to do their job, if his turnaround plan for MSU program is flawed (poor execution/ game planning) & his management team (asst coaches) are not up to the job (Roushar) = failure. This business is all about wins & losses – that will be his legacy pure & simple.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          We won this game,in my opinion a moral victory. Take away the personal fouls away from the ball and after the play and we win. We were up 31-14 , with six minutes to play against Nebraska, gentlemen Nebraska just think about that for a moment. All our goals are still ahead of us. This is the best 5-5team in America. One more win and this Coach will have taken us to six bowls in a row. That is the mark of an elite program. Less than 25 teams in the nation have done that. That is what makes Dantonio elite. Consistent bowl eligibility. Next week this season turns around. We can run the table now.As the best 7-5 team in America Hollis will leverage Northwesterns poor economic draw into Jacksonville.

          Go Green

          • avatar jimmy 5 says:

            That’s the problem with you Republicans Mgoblow, you think everything is like a business. Blah Blah Blah, bottom line this bottom line that. These are 18-20 year old kids not CEOs that got to where they are by stepping on others along the corporate ladder. Many variables that factor into the success of a program. Open your mind and think a little. I’ll bet my life savings you are voting for Romney on Tuesday.

          • avatar IBleedGreen says:


            Go White!

          • avatar Breadtruck86 says:

            Jimmy 5 – instead of letting envy run your life, how about putting in the effort and hard work it takes to actually work you way up to being a CEO, then feel free to criticize.

          • avatar Breadtruck86 says:

            Jimmy 5 – do you think Tiawan Jones “stepped all over” Norman to get his starting job, or did he work, be patient, and competed for his job?

  4. avatar IBleedGreen says:

    That penalty ranked right up there with the bogus personal foul call at the Iowa game a few years ago. Still, the boys had an opportunity to put away that game and just didn’t. Offense didn’t move on some key downs when it needed to, defense didn’t hold when it needed to. Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you. Got to hope that you’ve put yourself in a position when that happens it doesn’t cost you the game.

  5. avatar mysondave says:

    A real pattern has developed. We lead into the last few minutes of every game. We get the ball back and cannot run any clock. The other team gets the ball back and while we go conservative on defense they run and pass at will to win the game. This loss can be attributed to our coaches, our two best players in Adams and Gholston and the refs. I feel bad for most of the other guys because they played quite well. However, Maxwell just doesn’t seem to have any consistency and Lippett again dropped an excellent pass at a most inopportune time. Also, I’m wondering if we actually teach the upside of penalties. Otherwise, I can’t understand why they keep occurring. Still, Go Green.

  6. avatar hammer says:

    Just lay on a fumble, return a 95 yard pick six without a bonehead personal foul.
    Get a first down to run the clock out.

  7. avatar Cbrevard says:

    I personally blame it on the coaches. Calling 3 time outs in the last 40 seconds while you are in defense only helped their offense with no time outs left. We had the momentum but gave it to them. I would have liked to see that 90 yard personal foul penalty that cost us a touchdown too, but no foul was shown on the replays they showed. Are college games rigged? Makes you wonder.

  8. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    The events of today are just now sinking in after reviewing and breaking down the film
    It is appalling how many glaring and fundamental coaching mistakes were made. I have always been a big supporter of Coach Dantonio, but I am now starting to question whether MSU made the right decision in 2006. Could we have hired the wrong man?
    Let us take a look at the evidence Arkansas and MSU in identical close games against top competition. Both have slim leads. Arkansas with superior disclipine that comes from superior coaching held on to their lead. MSU did not have this coaching leadership and the game slipped away.

    MSU and Arkansas , both teams want to finish 6-6. Dantonios goal is to finish 6-6. Which team will get there.

    Right now them thar hogs are 4-5 and very much alive. South Carolina is about to be overwhelmed next week. I will be back to preview Dantonios bid against Northwestern next Friday night. Time to celebrate the victory with my boys


    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      It won’t be yours after you went for 2 @19-15. What idiocy. 0-3 you last 3 games to get kicked out of your double wide, Oh and I heard your application to Quicken Loans for a free mortgage was entered and the odds of winning are 1 in $40M+.

  9. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    This was our game to win, and a really bad call on a play that would have put the game out of reach was one of several improbable things that had to happen for us to loose. I have been oddly unaffected by our last two losses, when I’ve seen a lot of other fans going batty. Numbness? Capitulation? The repetition of a familiar script?

    I really feel for our players, they have taken some very real gut punches this year, and to their credit, keep coming back for more. Get healthy (mentally and physically) on the bye week. I think we all could use a break from this stuff.

    • avatar steveL says:

      What you saw on the field today is the difference between an elite program and a middle of the pack program. Cannot step up to the plate when it counts. 4th and 10 – UN 1st down, personal fouls at key times, an offense that is still less than steller that can’t run down the clock. On your field and leading into the 4th quarter and you surrender in the closing seconds. Mediocre is too kind a word for this team and the direction this program may be heading. Hate to be pessimistic but this game was a microcosm of a very disappointing season and a concern for the direction of this football program.

      • avatar IBleedGreen says:

        You know, I chuckle every time I read the phrase “the direction this program may be heading” because it’s a tad on the overly dramatic side. It’s been a tough season with some breaks that haven’t gone the way they’ve gone in years past. As this team learns and grows, they’ll learn how to be the ones grabbing those breaks, but the sky is not falling and a bad season does not mean that this program is on a downward spiral. Give the boys a break and we’ll see what happens next year.

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          Hear, here. Some knuckle head reactions do NOT a program break. Now if the coaches were going for 2, when leading by 4 in the in the 4th quarter, then I’d worry.

        • avatar 1/2 FULL says:

          Well put IBG. I will only be concerned if after the bye week the boys don’t give full effort. This team has lost 4 of the 5 by a combined total of 17 points. That’s painful. The foundation for this program is sound.

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