MSU football: Dantonio wishes he would have redshirted WR DeAnthony Arnett (UPDATED)

All season, fans have clamored for DeAnthony Arnett to see the field and wondered why the Tennessee transfer isn’t part of MSU’s offense. Tuesday night, he finally broke his two-month silence.

Arnett said he has “no regrets at all” about coming to East Lansing and plans to return to MSU next season.

“I can look back on this season and say it was nothing but a learning experience,” the sophomore wide receiver said. “I just know I gotta get better. I gotta come in here next year a totally different player, which I plan on doing – come back a beast and just continue to be myself.

“I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere.”

Coach Mark Dantonio and Spartans QB Andrew Maxwell earlier Tuesday gave positive reviews of Arnett’s improvement but adding that Arnett still has work to do to join the playing group.

“DeAnthony is a guy that needs to continue to grow in our program,” Dantonio said when asked about the 5-foot-11, 170-pound Saginaw native. “It’s unfortunate that we didn’t redshirt him, because we had such high expectations and hopes for him at the beginning of the season. The reality is how many guys can you play? That’s the reality.”

Arnett continues to be listed as the co-second-stringer at MSU’s “Z/”flanker position along with redshirt freshman Andre Sims Jr., behind sophomore starter Keith Mumphery. Dantonio’s regular rotation of receivers includes Mumphery, junior Bennie Fowler, sophomore Tony Lippett and true freshmen Aaron Burbridge and Macgarrett Kings Jr.

Four times this season, Arnett did not play due to coaches’ decisions. The last time he saw action was a one-catch, 9-yard effort against Iowa on Oct. 13, and he has just one other catch for 48 yards against CMU. There were a few other targets here and there, but Arnett for the most part has not been part of MSU’s passing attack.

“He’s traveled to every game, but the number of plays that he’s gotten game time really hasn’t come to fruition for all parties involved,” Dantonio said. “I’m sure he’s disappointed in it. I’m a little disappointed in it as well. At the end of the day, you ask where his attitude and effort is, and it’s very, very good. I think he’s going to be a great player for us here.”

As a true freshman for the Volunteers last season, Arnett caught 24 passes for 242 yards and two touchdowns. MSU protested successfully to the NCAA to allow Arnett to be able to play immediately after he left Tennessee, citing his father’s health condition as the motivating reason for the transfer.

“He’s getting better every week. He’s been bringing more attention to detail and more focus to practice,” Maxwell said. “DeAnthony’s always been a guy who’s had all the physical tools. He’s as quick a receiver as we have. When he runs his routes, he’s shifty as there is.

“Each and every week, he’s learning the offense more and being around it and seeing the adjustments and the checks. He’s really soaking it in. You can see it in practice that he’s not thinking as much, he’s just going out there and playing, and it’s coming a little more naturally to him.”

After the win over CMU on Sept. 8, Arnett expressed his frustration to MSU’s student paper, The State News. He had not been made available by MSU’s athletic communications staff again until Tuesday night.

Media can only attend one practice a week, for only about 20 minutes worth of primarily positional drill work, and can interview players briefly after that day’s team workouts. Even without Arnett talking, he has been visible after practices those Tuesdays as he’s puts in extra work with other receivers and coaches.

“I’m here, I’m working every day to get better,” said Arnett, who estimated he’s been putting in an extra 45 minutes to an hour after practice every day.

Dantonio pointed to additional consistency in blocking as one area of growth Arnett must continue to improve upon. Getting the opportunity to work with the Spartans’ offense and primary positional coaches rather than performing scout team duties with the redshirt players also is helping, the coach said.

“He has big-play ability and a great future here,” Dantonio said.

Still, additional playing time is not guaranteed. Dantonio pledged that he and his staff will continue to use “who is playing the best right now and try to go with those guys consistently.”

Arnett said playing time is “ultimately not my decision.” He knows one thing will help achieve that goal of becoming a consistent contributor.

“More hard work,” he said. “That’s just plain and simple.

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55 Responses to MSU football: Dantonio wishes he would have redshirted WR DeAnthony Arnett (UPDATED)

  1. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    every year in the spring and summer we hear about how great certain players are..then the season comes and goes and they never see the field..recent examples are jeremy langford..henry conway..magarrett kings,,,etc..

  2. avatar Spartan in Los Angeles says:

    Thought there might be a basketball thread , big game tonight. Have to catch a flight so forgive the off topic.

    Tonight will be a good opportunity for Denzel to work on his skills against elite competition.
    Let’s work on our defense , tonight’s game is like a savings bond. It will pay big dividends in March. Coach Izzo will need a few weeks to blend this group together to maximize our potential. Looking forward to watching this young team grow in the weeks ahead.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      As Coach Izzo said, they didn’t play great, but they did play with more energy than last Friday (Denzel?). Big steps by Keith Appling, wouldn’t have taken the 3 at the end last year.

      • avatar Spartan in Los Angeles says:

        and an even bigger step forward tonight by Harris, much more assertive. Nice move by Appling to switch back in the paint, have faith in this young team. This game will pay big dividends in March. Says a lot about character that this team shook off the blown call which cost 5 points and closed out the game, thats the heart of a champion.

      • avatar behind the green curtain says:

        hey pardnah, I skipped a film session and watched this game instead fooling around on my smartphone . pretty good game, doing less preparation this week. maybe if I work less the team will win out.

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          That is 1 way to look at it, although not the best way to look at it.

          • avatar behind the green curtain says:

            Well I read that Maslow stuff didnt understand much of it but figure if I just win it Saturday I might get lucky.

          • avatar behind the green curtain says:

            just wing it that is show up in Starkville without any thought or preparation and just roll the dice, hows that for Maslow , pardnah.

    • avatar Ben Green says:

      Yes, it’s certainly odd there wasn’t a Michigan State versus #7 Kansas basketball thread. Huge game…huge win! Several players showed growth and stepped up big, Appling and Harris particularly.

  3. avatar The Tanner says:

    Dentrell dish the rock baby !!!

    Bird don’t do nuthin baby !!!

    Nixer don’t do nuthin baby !!!

    Gary fill it up baby !!!

    The Tanner blog the goods baby !!!

  4. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Very good win for the team tonight on a lot of levels.

    Go Green

  5. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    Any night wherein Jalen Rose says “Give Michigan State a lot of credit” is a good night.


    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Yes, he tried to pass it off as Pershing Doughboys but I think he admired the way we did not let the blown call effect us. That screamed Nebraska momentum but it showed professsional coolness to close the deal. Did it kind of remind you of Kalin Lucas in the clutch in 09?

  6. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    This was a very important win, and broke the cycle of early-season losses we’ve seen over the last few years. So nice to see us finish strong. Harris and Valentine looked great. Add Trice and a healthy Costello and we’ll be pretty good.

  7. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Nice post, Chris. It was informative and addresses COUCH’S radio show comments mentioned on the blog… to a degree. Although I don’t appreciate the author’s derogatory play on words stereotype “….on Fire”, I’d like to still learn why he felt compelled to suggest only one option Arnett may be considering? Specifically, why a scholarship player things the answer to his problems is to leave instead of working through it.

    The intensity and poise of last nights Atlanta showing completely vexed this mopy…. I prepared myself for a late collapse and now must say an attitude readjustment is long over due. Perhaps, a round at Turnberry or B&B in Spanish Point will do the trick…. after Saturday’s senior day game?

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      May, Cracker only thinks about what a DII/DIII players would do, he has no experience with actual DI scholarship players. The ignorance he shows in his writings and when he speaks to or about teams has left him with no actual face time except in press conferences. Coaches Dantonio and Izzo are so fed up with his act that he is all but barred from the locker room. If you are reading his stuff it’s most 2nd hand uninformed assumptions based on nothing.

  8. avatar Trophy says:

    Great game last night. Nice to see made baskets at the end, and great defense all game. This will be a huge confidence booster for the young team. Love Izzo’s “well coached play” comment. This team has unlimited potential.

  9. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    A great effort for Appling with 38 minutes 3 assists, 3 steals and 19 points. All without Trice coming off the bench. When was the last time a true freshman played 35 minutes? Harris was amazing. Valentine’s passes, outstanding! BJ had a big dawg night. Nix/Paye ate on the defensive end tonight while adding 12 points, Payne with 4 blocks, Nix 4-6 from the stripe and both with 8 rebounds. Valentine adds 24 minutes in only his second true game with 4 beautiful assists and 1 TO.

    We will need Trice back to help provide scoring off the benchs. This was a great effort from a team that will get much much better.

  10. avatar Lancelot_Spartan says:

    Awesome game. Nice signature win early on in the season. I don’t get why Izzo tries to play Byrd at power forward and post him up? Shouldn’t he be on the wing ready to pop 3 pointers? I know he hasn’t been hitting, but seeing him at power forward just seems a little odd.

  11. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    Quality win – even after the amazingly blown call – we fought through a lot of holding, clutching & banging from the Kansas D and that combined with clutch shooting from App and a standout performace from Harris was large.

    Only 4 TOs the second half was the difference, IMHO. We still look like we’re rushing a little on the fast breaks and finally Gauna looked like he had some hunger out there – especially his 1st half effort after his terrible Germany game.

  12. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    Was very encouraged by last night. Team still has some shortcomings but the play of the guards has been encouraging.
    Dawson is a strong talent and if he develops a jump shot will be lethal. Harris made a few freshman errors but is smooth and fluid. Nothing looks forced or like he is playing on the edge of his ability. He demonstrated last night why he was a top 10 recruit. The 3′s weren’t dropping but that will come.

    If Appling has regained his high school scoring form this team will have multiple scoring options.

    The bigs are the key to the season. Nix is what he is, a big strong guy with some agility but limited athleticism. He will provide a solid but not spectacular performance. Payne has tremendous athletic ability but he always seems a split second late in his actions-reactions. Overthinking instead of playing by instinct perhaps? Guana is destined to be a limited minute role player. Costello? Verdict is out no playing time as yet. Probably limited minutes in relief of Nix and Payne. If he shows consistent offense and defends like Harris he could cement the Nix-Payne Siamese twin center situation again.

    Valentine, as billed, is the best passer since at least Mateen. In style reminded me a lot of Magic’s passing. Could become the first tall point guard since Magic. Improved shooting will complete that package.

    Defense, hallmark of an Izzo team, will be a strength. Overplaying and occasional poor positioning led to a few easy baskets last night. I expect those to diminish as the season progresses. Overall hustle and effort was there. This team has definite weaknesses but more strengths and great potential.

  13. avatar behind the green curtain says:

    John L. Smith hasn’t given up hope of returning as Arkansas’ coach quite yet.
    The interim coach also said Monday, two days after a 38-20 loss to South Carolina, that he’s not concerned about the ongoing coaching search by athletic director Jeff Long.
    The Razorbacks (4-6, 2-4 SEC) started the season ranked in the top 10, but they are now on the brink of missing a bowl game. Arkansas must now win its final two games to earn bowl eligibility for a fourth straight season, beginning this week at Mississippi State (7-3, 3-3) before closing out the regular season at home against No. 8 LSU.
    “I’m the most optimistic guy you could imagine,” said Smith, a former coach at Michigan State. “So I’m always optimistic. I’m optimistic on us going to Starkville and getting a win this weekend. The other stuff can take care of itself. I’m not overly worried about any of that.”
    Smith was hired to replace the ousted Bobby Petrino in April, just weeks after the scandal that erupted following Petrino’s April 1 motorcycle accident that involved his mistress.
    The former Michigan State and Louisville coach was signed to a 10-month contract, and Long said last month that Smith was still a candidate to remain with the Razorbacks — even after an early four-game losing streak crushed Arkansas’ preseason championship hopes. Long added that it would be apparent at the end of the season whether Smith was his choice, a question that likely has long since been answered.
    Smith, however, is still holding out hope. He also said he’s not about to start reflecting on his 40-year coaching career — or the likely finality of his coaching career at Arkansas — with two games remaining.
    “No. That’s way over my head, mentally,” Smith said. “I have trouble just concentrating on today and this part of our season and where we are. I’m going to love every day that we go do the practice field, because that’s the best part of my day, and being around those guys is what it’s all about. And thank God I’ve had the opportunity to do that.
    “I’m just knocking on wood, stretch it as far as we want or as far as we can.”
    The Razorbacks were 21-5 the last two seasons under Petrino, but injuries and the post-Petrino turmoil have proved too much to overcome this season. They are last in the SEC in pass defense, allowing 291.1 yards per game, and Smith has been unable to live up to his preseason talk of competing for a national championship.
    Making matters worse, and much more personal, Smith filed for bankruptcy in September — revealing $40.7 million in debt following land deals gone wrong in Kentucky.
    Still, despite the personal troubles and Arkansas’ mounting losses, Smith’s upbeat personality has remained constant. He was a welcomed hire in April by the Razorbacks, who praised his colorful ways following Petrino’s heavy hand, and nothing has changed since then.
    “This situation is tough, for anybody,” Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson said. “He’s done everything that’s been asked of him, so he’s done an incredible job. I think tremendously high of him, obviously, and the rest of our coaches on our staff. They’ve done their jobs.
    “Now, at times, we’ve got to go out there and do a better job of doing what we do. And in that, you create some more wins.”
    Razorbacks kicker Zach Hocker was one of the closest to Smith the last three seasons, while the 63-year-old coach was an assistant coach under Petrino. Hocker, a junior, said he would “absolutely,” welcome Smith back next season.
    “I love coach Smith to death,” Hocker said. “He’s doing his job. It’s just on our plate now for the players to do our job and hold our own and win games. I think, as long as our team starts to show some leadership and step up and win games, I think we’ll be fine as far as the coaching situation.”

  14. avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

    if you go to scUM, you can commit a felony and only get probation, but we already knew that :


    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Was what Webber did a felony with the perjury charges? I know the star witness Ed Martin died before they could bring it to trial.

    • avatar marky mark says:

      And if you get caught driving while stoned, you get 2 days suspension during the off season and become team captain!! Get a life, your obsession is pretty sad!!!!

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        Janitors should not be seen or heard, just clean up the 4th stall and collect your bribe, don’t get into the war of words about who did what to who, you are NOT mentally capable of even winning a skirmish.

        • avatar marky mark says:

          douche bags should not be heard from either, yet we hear the same old crap day in day out! The only thing your capable of is having a sad obsession with big brother! I think Walmart needs a greeter.

          • avatar WildSpartanFan says:

            A comment about obsession ? From you ? Take a good look at yourself. YOU ARE POSTING ON A MSU FAN SITE !!! Just in case you didn’t realize this. By the way , no one here wants your old job at Walmart.

          • avatar MGoBlow says:

            As the student section at Munn chanted “Back to Wal Mart” applies to U, also.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          He is not worthy of your time sir, pearls before swine

        • avatar behind the green curtain says:

          “Will Arkansas still need me
          Will Arkansas still feed me
          When I am 64″

          Tomorrows that day marine

          Nov 15, 1948

          • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

            Happened for me over a month ago, there bunkie.

            Hey Markie Mark, how you doing? I’ve told JLS to look up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and I would suggest you google it, too. It will allow you to achieve a fulfilling life even at your reduced circumstance. I absolutely live at the pinnacle of that triangle.

  15. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    “Stars”, Decorated Players, Line Masses, and Injury Notes: Northwestern Edition

    In Rivals/Scout 2009-2012 recruiting-class assessments, MSU recruits averaged 3.05 stars; those of NU averaged 2.74 stars.

    All-Conference Veterans
    NU returns two All-B1G Honorable Mention athletes: QB Kain Colter and OG Brian Mulroe.
    MSU ABT veterans include two 1st-teamers that had lesser honors as underclassmen; four 2nd-teamers; and five hms.

    All-B1G expectations for NU 2012 in August:
    Projected 1st-team ABT 2012 [0]
    : None. MSU has five such players.
    Projected 2nd-team ABT 2012 [3]: Mulroe, WR Demetrius Fields, & safety Ibraheim Campbell. (MSU has three (not including Fou Fonoti)).
    Projected h.m. ABT 2012 [2]: OT Patrick Ward and C Brandon. (MSU has six).

    Phil Steele’s mid-season All-B1G is a shorter list for the Spartans—but longer for the Wildcats. Bell, M. Bullough, Lewis, Sadler, & D. Sims are on the 1st team for MSU. Steele has kicker Jeff Budzien on the 1st team for NU. Gholston, McDonald, and Rush from MSU are on his 2nd team; NU’s Campbell, Ward, and RB Venric Mark also made his 2nd team. Conroy & Dennard are on the 3rd team for MSU. Steele’s 3rd team also includes LB Chi Chi Ariquzo, CB Nick VanHoose, punter Brandon Williams, and Kain Colter—as an all-purpose threat.

    FBS Watch Lists:
    Northwestern only had two players on summer W.L.s: Vitabile [the Rimington] and LB David Nwabuisi [Butkus]. MSU had ten players on summer W.L.s.

    Some notable advancements since then include Sims to the Mackey mid-season stage; Gholston to the Lombardi quarterfinals list, and Bullough to the Butkus semifinals list. Most recently, Le’veon Bell and Venric Mark have been named Walker Award Semifinalists.

    Big Ten Players of the Week
    NU has 6 BTPotW awards on its current roster. Colter has won three of these. The other awardees are Budzien, Ariquzo, and kick/punt returner Venric Mark.
    MSU has four traditional BTPotWs from prior years—plus two-time 2012 winner Le’veon Bell and punter Mike Sadler.

    2012 National Players of the Week
    Budzien has won two. Venric Mark has won three weekly Hornungs; the Hornung honors the FBS’s “most versatile” player.
    Dion Sims won NTEotW earlier this year; and Gholston was named the National D-Lineman of the Week for his game against UW.

    Line masses:
    NU’s O-line 301#. MSU’s D line averages 283 #.
    NU’s D-line averages 274#. MSU’s O line averages 305#.

    Injury notes:
    Colter should be good to go; V. Mark is reportedly probable. VanHoose has missed the last three-plus weeks with a separated shoulder; since he was a game-time decision against UM, it’s likely he’ll play against the Spartans.

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      Son could you break down Arkansas and Miss State as a birthday present tomorrow.?

      Much obliged

      • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

        I hope you have a good birthday, but I don’t have enough time to look into those teams today. The Bulldogs have had some perplexing losses, I think, but not enough to say the Hogs have a good chance of winning Saturday.

  16. avatar Ben Green says:

    Good info on Arnett, Chris. Thanks! Glad he’s coming back and determined to do what he needs to do.

    Why no MSU versus Kansas thread? It had national attention but not here?

    Is anyone going to fix the clock on this blog?

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Its not your fathers Hey Joe anymore Ben

      • avatar Chris Solari says:

        Any thread here is open for any MSU discussions, you don’t need (nor, really, have ever needed to ask for) our permission to talk about other sports on threads. Neither Brian nor I were sent to Atlanta to cover the game, and we were busy here covering and working on advance stories for football, hockey, women’s basketball, soccer, cross country, etc.

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