MSU football: 40 minutes away from kickoff vs. Northwestern

Arthur Ray Jr. is an honorary captain today for the Spartans, a fitting senior day tribute to a player whose story has meant a lot to MSU during Mark Dantonio’s tenure.

Rexrode has more on Ray’s football future. Two other items of note for today’s game with Northwestern: LB Chris Norman gets the start over Taiwan Jones in his last game at Spartan Stadium, and FB Niko Palazeti is not dressed.

Here’s a look at today’s matchups, our predictions and Graham’s column on what is looking like another poor fan turnout.

And here’s my story on three juniors – RB Le’Veon Bell, DE Will Gholston and TE Dion Sims – who also might be playing for the final time at home today, should they decide to pursue their NFL dreams. I’ll have more from the cutting room floor on MSU’s draft candidates later this week (most likely as a leadup to the Minnesota game due to my move this week, but possibly earlier).

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4 Responses to MSU football: 40 minutes away from kickoff vs. Northwestern

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    nice safety , defensive score.

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Could you check into the status of Bells arm at halftime?

  3. avatar C'mon eh says:

    What a waste of an offense and season. Two goal lines an NO points? Are you kidding ? NW leads at half? Why not call a TO to make sure we are set?

    So many questions with no answers…

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