HALFTIME – Wisconsin 7, MSU 3

Michigan State finds itself down just 7-3 at the halftime but came away empty handed after starting a drive in the red zone as its offensive struggles continued.

It marks the fifth time this season the Spartans have been held without a touchdown in the opening half.

Tight end Jacob Pedersen had a 31-yard touchdown early in the second quarter to give the Badgers a 7-0 lead over the Spartans. MSU responded on the ensuing drive with Dan Conroy’s 34-yard field goal to account for the scoring.

The Spartans’ offensive struggles proved costly when they couldn’t capitalize after a blocked punt by Marcus Rush that was recovered by Isaiah Lewis at the Wisconsin 11-yard line. MSU’s drive went backwards, derailed by a holding penalty and Andrew Maxwell being sacked. The Spartans were forced to punt after losing 23 yards on the drive.

Maxwell nearly lost a fumble on MSU’s first possession but Chris McDonald recovered at the 19-yard line. Bennie Fowler fumbled after making a catch at a 21 but it rolled out of bounds as the Spartans avoided a costly turnover.

Le’Veon Bell has 30 rushing yards on nine carries and surpassed the 1,000 mark for the season.

The Spartans have limited Wisconsin tailbacks Montee Ball and James White to a combined 23 yards on 12 carries. Stave is 9 of 11 passing for 127 yards for the Badgers.

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41 Responses to HALFTIME – Wisconsin 7, MSU 3

  1. avatar Spartan81 says:

    We can win this thing 9-7′ next time we get a turnover in the red zone kick the field goal on first down

  2. avatar Vanilla Ice says:

    OK, Maxwell has to go. He is horrible. Granted, the coaching staff isn’t helping him out, but he is inaccurate and slow in his decision making and recognizing receivers come open. This season is lost, so why not give Connor Cook the ball and see what he can do?

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      YUP another genius is here amongst us, one who is just could convince the pop warner league that he really could coach. You just keep going to those meetings, things’ll get better, believe in your therapist.

      • avatar Vanilla Ice says:

        Yes, one drive with the UW starting QB out of the lineup makes up for the three home loses and the UM catastrophe. Way to see the cup one quarter full. Love my Spartans but hate the apologists like you who value mediocrity. Dantonio lost the only game against UW that mattered, the one that would have gotten us to the Rose Bowl. He punted in a game where Cousins showed he couldn’t be stopped and never got the ball back. He is a true genius.

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          How about those Bruce Jenner’s, geez what is Hokey Pokey gonna do next year when Dreadlocks is gone. No longer in the drivers seat, the Cobs are until next week when The Spartans take care of them, but you guys may have to beat somebody without 68% of your Offense. Desmond don’t try and be all Spartan, I have it from a “trusted source” that it’s you. Same way I know who green curtain is, same way I know Silverman is bribing the Cracker or Dhaini is trying to get on with the 4 letter network. Go on over to Goblow where you belong, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled that you stopped by, or is that why you come here because when you go to one of teal and corn blogs nobody cares, either? Early tee time tomorrow, nightie night, dessie, you little ice creamer, you.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      Desmond howard, you little dickens, is that you? are you hiding behind this moniker and hanging out on the Spartan Blog trying to cause hate and discontent. Did Silverman give you $10 like he did the other janitor? Well, good for you. Now don’t spend that all in one place cause when your schtick gets old in year, you’ll need some money for the bread line: pssst don’t invest with John L Smith or even rent a room, double wide is gone and Silverman’s not going to hire him.

  3. avatar marky mark says:

    Great defensive battle going on.I’m not seeing where Max is improving! For every good pass, theres two to three bad ones!!

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      At least he’s not sitting all alone is a basement somewhere. I know you are a football genius who is just misunderstood by the nfl, but try to at least find a companion, even a goldgirl; life’s too short to go through it alone.

      • avatar marky mark says:

        Better the basement than the closet GI JOE

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          Pretty funny there Markie, but I’ve been to the top of the Maslow Pyramid more times than you have IQ points and am still there, how are you doing, son?

          • avatar Denard owns MSU says:

            You sure like talking about yourself there son. Time to get off the meds and come back to the real world.

        • avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

          hey jackwagon, Denard finished 1-3 against MSU, congrats, he can join mike fart on the EMU coaching staff, I see he hurt himself falling down again tonight, what a wussy

  4. avatar IBleedGreen says:

    Nice to be on the winning side of another close one. Good for the psyche of this young team as it gives them something to build on. They are the first Spartan team to win up at Camp Randall in a good number of years! When you’re having a tough season, milestones like these are important for future years.

  5. avatar Ben Green says:

    HUGE win!

    • avatar 79 Spartan says:

      Agreed – I kept yelling “a HUGE win” after the Fowler TD!!!

      Coach D’s first win in Mad-town.

      GO GREEN !

      • avatar Ben Green says:

        It’s a mammoth win. It could save the season. Beating Wiscy in Madison is huge. Beating the biggest recent rival is huge. Beating a team that was 6-2 is huge. Beating a team that will play in the B1G Championship game is huge. Winning a close game is huge. Scoring points at the end of a game is huge.

  6. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    A win in Madtown and our Spartans snap a home winning streak… GO GREEN!

    Coach Dantonio is 6-0 after playing um (4-2). Go White!

  7. avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

    Maxwell played well, what are you goofs talking about??

  8. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Glad to see Coach Dantonio win the 3rd of the last 4 over blueimia and in OY where behind the green curtain also lost his double wide in OT.

    Where’d all the trolls go?

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      Them there hogs are 3-5 and still very much alive you son of a motherless whore. Remember the wager was no more than six losses. We ain’t there yet, Tulsa coming next.

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        What wager was that and no wonder your team loses, what 5 hours after the lose, your posting on a former school’s blog. I motherless only because she died 7 years ago and I’m not easy, bunkie, but I can be had, if the price is right, but you ain’t got enough scratch. Did you ever figure out why the refs were against you AT HOME? Thought you’d start hitting your head again.

        • avatar behind the green curtain says:

          Its called a smart phone son and my day is done 3 hours after the game ends, on my own time son , my own time.

          • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

            Ya on your own time when you should be trying to figure out how to beat the next guys on the schedule, not goofing off on a silly smart phone, what are you 14? I suppose you tweet about all the fun self centered things you do, too. Does you boss know your doing this? I had kids who worked for me who thought their day was 8 hours long, too. They weren’t there very long. See, Bunkie, let a successful leader of men give yo a little tip, those working for you pick up YOUR work habits, if they see you going home and or playing like a silly little 12 year old after losing an important game, they go home and play silly games, too. No wonder you’re a failure and owe >$40M.

    • avatar Vanilla Ice says:

      As far as I can tell, you are the biggest troll on the site. Propping up Dantonio to ensure that the Spartans will never achieve greatness. Cleveland will be letting Shurmur go in a couple weeks. We should bring in a real Spartan to coach our team and get rid of this second rate OSU assistant coach who stands no chance of competing with Meyer or Hoke. .

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        Desmond, Coach Dantonio has forgotten more about football than your cowardly other personality ever knew. NFL book on Desmond Howard: Won’t go across the middle – bad case of alligator arms – and will call for a fair catch if anyone is within 15 yards. Afraid to get hit.

  9. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Seems that there are more than the usual trolls on the Shadows these days, but when your a frustrated neighborhood flag footballer, what else do you have to do but complain about college kids.

  10. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    Where have all the trolls gone?
    Long time passing.
    Where have all the trolls gone?
    Long time ago.
    Where have all the trolls gone?
    Gone to Walmart every one.
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?

  11. avatar Spartan81 says:

    Huge win I said Dantonio would find a way to gets to a bowl couldnotpredictwhere the wins could come from just knew he would get them

  12. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Here’s the answer to the question why does Coach Dantonio runs the ball so much: Michigan State improved to 38-9 under Coach Dantonio when outrushing its opponent (22-2 since 2010).

    Today, Whiskey gained 19 yards on the ground

  13. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    Our defense was a tough as they come today, and a very familiar looking script ended up with a surprise ending! It was so interesting to see the absolute relief on the face of our players when the game was won.

    Great call on the shovel pass.

    We beat a tough team on the road in a place where they simply don’t lose. That was a biggie.

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:


      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        That shovel pass was an example of Dantonio reading Bielemas book, when it looks darkest he still has the innovation and he never quits. Thats why he is the right man for the job.

        • avatar MayoSpartan says:

          That play came out of the MSU play book, I believe. You are forgetting Treadwell called the shovel pass on a 3rd and 5 against bucky in 2010. That play kept a drive going that resulted in TD. A big momentum changing moment that season … perhaps this season too. Let’s see.

    • avatar Spartan in Los Angeles says:

      When a team never loses it can become conceited, conceit can open the door to oppurtunity to chase those ghosts of invincibility off those parquet floors. Thank you for your support of Mark Hollis during these times of adversity, and thank you for sponsoring that busload of kids every year. Mr. Hollis needs and appreciates fans like yours support.

      “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful”

  14. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    In Dantonio I trust, Chris is the Nebraska game a 3:30 pm slot yet?

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