Green heroic against the Heat

It’s been quite a few days stretch for a pair of former Michigan State standouts that are now rookies in their respective leagues.

Just days after Kirk Cousins was heroic in leading the Washington Redskins to an overtime victory over the Ravens, Golden State Warriors rookie Draymond Green made the game-winning basket in a 97-95 victory over the defending NBA champion Miami Heat on Wednesday night.

Green had seven points, seven rebounds, two assists and two blocks while logging a season-high 30 minutes as he helped the Warriors to their fifth straight win. Green has been making contributions for a Golden State squad that is 15-7 – one game behind the L.A. Clippers in the Pacific Division.The Warriors have the fifth best record in the Western Conference and the ninth-best overall in the NBA.

Reigning NBA MVP LeBron James complimented Green after the game.

“He played hard, it was great competition out there between me and him,” he said. “I’ve also respected him especially in college, a big-time player and no one really gave him a shot, but you can tell he knows how to play the game.

“Any team that got him he will find a way to get minutes because he knows how to play the game and (Golden State) is a good fit for him. It was good to see him out there.”

Video of Green talking trash to James and then making the game-winning shot can be found here. There’s also the game highlights on the Warriors’ team page.

Green has played at least 19 minutes in each of the Warriors’ past four games. During that stretch he’s pulled down at least seven rebounds every game, including a season-high 10 against Brooklyn on Dec. 7.

And now looking to the future, now that Jabari Parker is set to announce his decision in a week, what are the chances you believe Izzo can land him?

There’s also 2014 MSU recruit Drake Harris, who has just three points in a 48-39 win over Rockford on Tuesday.

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7 Responses to Green heroic against the Heat

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Congrats to Green he will prove a starter in this league.

    Brian I will only say this publicly , Coach K has a home game Dec 20. Tom Izzo has an open dance card, JP and his parents selected the date, read the tea leaves.

    Question, has a replacement for Jud been found by Kevin Pauga yet?

  2. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Defenders will no longer be giving a free pass to Draymond in the paint… smart play by Green, who knows what was said between Draymond and LeBron after the foul.

  3. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    The four letter network has stated what Draymond and LeBron exchanged. It was no big deal. The announcers took liberty of making up their own real time story.

    Green had a nice game. His ability to start is 100% up to him.

  4. avatar MAB says:

    From what I read, LeBron told Draymond “you can’t guard me. You need someone to help.” And Draymond responded, “you wont’ score again.” While that didn’t prove to be true, you gotta love Draymond’s toughness to stand up to LeBron. I also thought LeBron complimenting Green after the game was classy. Hopefully this is the first of many highlights for Green this season.

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