Former Spartan Enos gets contract extension at CMU

Former Michigan State player and assistant coach Dan Enos has been given an contract extension by Central Michigan
After leading the Chippewas to a bowl game this past season, Enos received a four-year contract extension today from CMU athletic director Dave Heeke.
“I am very excited about the next chapter of CMU football,” Enos said in a released statement from the school. “Leading this team and maintaining the great traditions and legacy of Chippewa football is a great responsibility and privilege. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with such an excellent group of young men and to strive together for continued success in the classroom and on the football field.”
The Chippewas finished 7-6 last fall. CMU won five of its last six games, including a victory over Western Kentucky in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.
Enos left MSU after the 2009 season to take over the CMU program. He went 3-9 in each of his first two seasons before leading Central to a winning record in 2012.
Enos’ first two seasons at CMU have mirrored what former MSU offensive coordinator Don Treadwell has done in his first two seasons at Miami (Ohio) since leaving after the 2010 season. Treadwell has led the RedHawks to 4-8 records in his first two years in charge.

Looking at another former MSU assistant that’s coaching in the MAC in a different sport, Mark Montgomery has led Northern Illinois’ men’s basketball team to a 4-13 mark this season and 2-3 record in conference play heading into Saturday’s game at Eastern Michigan. This is Montgomery’s second season leading the Huskies. NIU went 5-26 and 3-13 in the MAC in his debut season in DeKalb, Ill.

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13 Responses to Former Spartan Enos gets contract extension at CMU

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Good for Enos

  2. avatar Dan says:

    Future Spartan head coach?

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      I don’t think any time soon.

      Cracker thought he was actually getting praise from Nix and he was all weak kneed.

      So why does he retweet fools like you Cracker?

      Simply put, “I do that just to show how ignorant people are,” Nix said. ” … I feel like there are a lot of people out here who’ve never played sports, who’ve never sacrificed their (personal) life to do anything, but make comments on players and athletes, maybe because they have a bad game or they’re not a fan of theirs. I just think that’s stupid.”

      Now if Cheese-it can’t figure out that his comment was aimed directly at him, then he’s even slower than I’ve given him credit for being.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      thats 5-6 years down the road.

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        Cracker deleted the Anti Coach guy’s latest on his thread. Next he’ll have his intellectual cronies the Schutzstaffel Geheime Staatspolizei show at his door.

  3. avatar Tyler says:

    Huge rebuilding project for Montgomery at NIU. They have a great football tradition in Dekalb but basketball has always been a second class citizen in their athletic department. It’s a shame. So much of their regular student body comes from the greater Chicago area (especially the northwest suburbs), you’d think someone could have some success there if they get the right support from the athletic department. I just hope they give him enough time to rebuild.

  4. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    This is truly amazing, if you thought is was silly for the LSJ to go behind a pay wall the “newspaper of Appleton, Wisconsin has done the same and yes it’s a Gannat company, but here’s the kicker: you’d have to pony up to post your bowling scores. Searching to see what sports they covered in Appleton (only the Packers in particular have a link) I also found Bowling with this being the link:


    and when I clicked it was a place to post your League scores. Now I pay a fee for my golf handicap and the people who maintain it, but I don’t pay a newspaper to post the scores. Is there a bowling handicap? They didn’t cover that in the early 70′s when I took bowling.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Well then maybe bowlers in Appleton should start

      “tweeting like a Kardashian”

    • avatar Lancelot_Spartan says:

      I wonder how business is doing since they put up the pay wall. I still don’t get why anyone would pay when you can find almost all of the same articles elsewhere for free…

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        They all gravitated to Terry Donnellys former roommate site, Lance it gets over 200 hits on a game thread and 75 on a non game day just like the old Hey Joe . It is free and Donnellys Lubeck pays for a subscription so the link to LSJ blogs are on here. I just pay because I have met these guys personally and have a face to face relationship, but that’s just me.

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          I feel sorry for the guys on here, but this seems to be Ganett’s stratagem, pay for the little sites or they are going away, don’t pay for the sites that truly bring in the Advertising dollars: as I said back in the day, having local ads on the Hey, Joe blog was about as bright an idea as hiring Cheese-it. 97.8% of all the posters on Hey Joe were NOT from the Lansing area and only visited the site from afar because it was Joe and we liked the A) different threads every day which were filler for his articles and B) the folks who came here. I’m sure LSJ thought if they kept the blog going that everyone would join, but then they hired Cheese-it who is the antithesis of Joe, and the thing has died. Nobody pays to get stuff on the web that is available elsewhere and even if they had kept Hey Joe, but inside the pay wall, I’m not sure they would have generated the same interest it once did. It’s just people with small minds trying to generate capital, not realizing the “Dot Com” wave has passed them by. Cyberspace is too costly already as the phone companies are learning. The rebellion against data plans is well underway.

        • avatar headeast says:

          Would you be so kind as to name this site or link it…you’ve mentioned it before but why the big secrect…

          • avatar Spartan 81 says:

            Head East ,

            Please ask Chris or Brian to send me your email address, I will than forward you Jeff Lubecks email address so that you can read the site. The reason it is not a public site is that there are no trolls on this site. There are MSU Boosters , and prominent former athletes on the site. Lubeck is a gatekeeper to keep trolls or spam out. There are about 30 members. So send your email to me and I will forward it on to Lubeck who is Terry Donnellys roommate.


            Spartan 81

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