FINAL: Iowa 19, MSU 16 (2 OT)

All of their goals remain in front of the Michigan State Spartans – it’s just that they’re way out there now. As in next season.

Greg Castillo intercepted a twice-tipped Andrew Maxwell pass in double overtime, preventing MSU from at least attempting a game-tying field goal and sealing a 19-16 victory for the visiting Hawkeyes.

The Spartans’ hopes of getting to a second straight Big Ten Championship Game and the Rose Bowl this season are miniscule now with two losses in the conference. At 4-3 overall, MSU must win two of its five games just to become bowl eligible. That stretch includes back-to-back road games – at Michigan next Saturday and at Wisconsin the following week – before a home game with Nebraska. Following the Spartans’ bye week, neither Northwestern nor at Minnesota are gimme wins, either.

Le’Veon Bell ran for 140 yards and MSU’s only touchdown. Maxwell went 12 for 31 and threw for 179 yards, with the interception on his final toss ending his streak of passes without an interception at 233.

The Spartans also outgained Iowa, 328-257. But Iowa’s Mark Weisman ran for 116 yards, including a 5-yard score with 55 seconds to play in regulation that sent the game to overtime. Mike Meyer connected on all four of his field goal attempts, including the eventual game winner from 42 yards out on the first possession of the second overtime.

More to come later here and at greenandwhite.com.

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34 Responses to FINAL: Iowa 19, MSU 16 (2 OT)

  1. avatar MGoBlow says:

    What position has continually under achieved during MD’s tenure as head coach – Offensive line who was the O line coach: Roushar. The Offensive playing calling has been a joke for 2 years now (we just had players who were good enough to be successful in spite of the OC last year as hold overs from Treadwell). Who is the OC: Roushar. Roushar had his Booby Williams moment today when asked what he can do to create more explosive plays, his response “I don’t know.” Who needs a pink slip: Roushar. I wish we had taken the money that we paid for the video screens & went out a bought a top notch OC. I sure he is trying his best just like he tried his best at all his other unsuccessful stops as an OC, MSU Offensive Line Coach, & now our OC, but he needs to go.

    • avatar Ben Green says:

      I’ve had time to cool down after the major disappointment, but I was thinking the same thing. MAC teams are capable of putting points on on the board against B1G teams and other major conference teams. MAC teams do not have, man for man, players of the caliber of MSU, yet this Spartan team is offensively inept. In my opinion the coaching staff is most culpable.

  2. avatar Larry Hamilton says:

    Hawkeye fan here. Was nice to steal one on the road. I feel bad for the Spartan fans. Pretty vanilla play calling for both teams also. Good luck against the Wolverines next week. Go MSU

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      It ’tis a bitter pill on this Oct. evening, but the Spartans shall rise up again in AA to smote the dreadful Paris Hiltons.

      • avatar MGoBlow says:

        Unfortunately, that’s all this pack of _____ have to play for this year. Which is truly disappointing. This season will set back our program 10 years for whoever is coaching them at that time . . . Pat Shurmur!? So as long as we beat Michigan it’s a successful year for Spartan football. Unfortunately, in the 6th year of MD tenure – I expected a lot more than that.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          No mas

        • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

          What’s worse is that MSU has a bona fide Top Ten defense. Yes, they’ve failed to make some stops–but a 15 ppg yield in regulation means that they’re pretty much doing enough for State to win.

          I read your post on the last thread, and although only time will tell for sure, this does have the feel of a “program loss”. It wasn’t that MSU got its butts kicked so much that it snatched defeat from the jaws of victory time after time. This happened against OSU, too–but in that case OSU at least had statistical superiority to lend credence to its win. Today–ugh!!

          I’ll consider this season a success if MSU wins all of its next five games. Unfortunately, there’s tons of recent evidence to argue against that happening.

      • avatar Behind the green curtain says:

        Hogs are3-4 you piece of garbage. Hogs will finish with a better record than Dantonio

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          Considering you were left with top ten talent that’s quite an accomplishment. How does it feel to be a losing coach, in debt 40M, and your creditors coming after your deferred salary.

  3. avatar sprtndwg9 says:

    The D gets a HUGE 3 and out with under 5 to play and Iowa with ONE timeout…SWEET! Roushar calls not ONE, not TWO but THREE Pass plays and we go 3 and out. Even the ESPN crew was commenting on the fact that with Bell, “I would have run the ball.” Hmm, no SHAT!

    We are going to get ________ in the Big House. I hope I’m wrong but with D.R. calling the plays we have about as good as shot as Jerry Sandusky the first time he visits the “yard”. Actually had a different analogy but I thought I would keep it “clean”.

    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      Yep it’s all a big conspiracy. Hasn’t anyone noticed Dan Roushar has the same initials as Denard Robinson and everyone knows he isn’t competent as a quarterback. That’s sarcasm folks. As for the ESPN geniuses, I would not pay ny attention to them at all. Their job is to hype and stir sh**. And that is mostly what comes out of their mouths.

  4. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    yes..the party is over..it’s time to root for nebraska to win out..including against us just to keep u-scum from winning the division..also, maxwell’s job better be up for grabs next year..he is a stiff.

    • avatar SteveL says:

      Unfortunately MD probably won’t change anything with the coaching staff at the end of the year. His stubborness and “loyalty” to coaches will win out. Our only hope is that our offensive leader finds another offer and leaves on his own. Just can’t figure out how we can be so poor after 6 years under this regime. I still think the recruiting which is 25-35 nationally every year won’t get you to the next level. This is about it with an occasional year with flirting with greatness. Just enough success to get folks to buy season tickets for the next year with high expectations only to fall flat. Oh yes, MSU football. It’s always what could and should be, disappointing.

  5. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    Everyone has to be held accountable and sometimes changes have to be made, but as someone has held a position of responsibility I can tell you that it is not as simple as those on this blog make it appear. Nothing I repeat NOTHING is that simple. Don’t let disappointment and emotion rule the day. Your and my disappointment pales in comparison to the young men and coaches in the locker room today. I went into the season with high hopes but recognizing that as in past years there were few if any teams we could not beat with good effort and execution or lose to if they gave effort and execution. Unfortunately some of the team and perhaps coaches forgot that. We have met the enemy and he is us. The solution is not suicide.

    • avatar Behind the green curtain says:

      Hogs are3-4 and that piece of garbage Marine can’t handle it

      • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

        Your pi** is still cold. And you’re still the Wiz behind the curtain. A little man of little consequence. When does your job sweeping the locker room at the University of Phoenix on- line begin. Thanksgiving? Maybe they’ll have a few leftovers for you. It will only take 2700 years to pay back your debt with that job.

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        At least you realize I earned the Capitalization there bunkie. I can most certainly take it, I’m just a fan, I’m not trying to pay back 40 mil by taking a job that is less than 1% of what I owe. The Eagle still poops every month for me, thanks for asking. Can’t take it, this is entertainment not life.

        • avatar behind the green curtain says:

          The events of yesterday are just now sinking in after reviewing and breaking down the film
          It is appalling how many glaring and fundamental coaching mistakes were made. I have always been a big supporter of Coach Dantonio, but I am now starting to question whether MSU made the right decision in 2006. Could we have hired the wrong man?

  6. avatar Breadtruck86 says:

    We should NEVER have been in overtime today. But thanks to offensive mismanagment of the game, we were bouand and determined to give the Hawks every posession we could.

    What made our defense and our team leathal the last two years was that we were MONEY in the fourth quarter. We would put away games that the defense gave us the ball back with five minutes and a lead.

    Our offense is giving Arkansas a run for its money as the biggest disappointment of the year.

    Oh, yeah, the easy part of our schedule just finished up.

  7. avatar marky mark says:

    I think John L is looking for work.

  8. avatar drmuffin says:

    One way to look at this is we’ve lost 2 BIG games by a total of 1 point.
    Look at the game IU gave THE osu. Iowa may be better than the early season debacles indicate. Next weekend will give us the test of of spirit and guts

    • avatar behind the green curtain says:

      “It can only get worse”

      Sparty Nation you must respond with these two words


      Does anyone know the number on Dantonios buyout so we can get the funds together from the boosters?

      • avatar MGoBlow says:

        Seriously, why are U here? Shouldn’t U be stalking your alma mater’s local rag’s blog, the Ogden Standard Examiner? They hate U there as much as we do & U actually went there. Don’t U have some film to watch or debt counseling w/ a tax attorney to attend? No wonder the hogs are 3-4. They are paying U to do a job like we did in EL & we now know what U were doing w/ your time & why U continue to be such a failure as a coach & in business.

  9. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Tigers win in 12 after Valverde gives up the 4-0 lead, and Jeter is out for the year with a broken ankle.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Thank God we won, now for the love of God Leyland has to start doing what he did in Oakland game 5. Complete games, why rest them it is a 13 game season now , rest does not apply any more.

  10. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    Six years of Coach Dantonio’s successful leadership still has my trust. A steady hand on the tiller has led to winning seasons. Coach D has said he wants the game to be fun in the past, and it’s missing. Everything on offense appears to be a struggle. So I wouldn’t throughout the baby with the bathwater here.

    Remember, Dantonio instilled coaching continuity, player toughness and a never say die attitude at MSU. He dismantled a losing, mediocre culture and that deserves fan loyalty through this offensive display of offense. Which IMO, needs to take baby steeps to build confidence and productivity at each position.


    • avatar MGoBlow says:

      Good points. Do we have a choice, really? No. We can learn from the mistakes made in A2 w/ another similar coach in Carr who never exceeded expectations, but was steady (Carr had 1997 as MD had 2011 are the exceptions). Changing direction mid stream would be a big mistake. However, I’m not sure MD was the right hire based on the candidates they interviewed & I am not sure this regime won’t end as badly & w/ the cupboard as bare as the Perles years. Besides, we are getting exactly what MD said he would build here – Iowa or Wisco’s program – We have got Iowa’s program, but not Wisco which is a disappointment in my mind. Unfortunately, I was hoping for an under promising & over producing program which would be perennial top 10 to 15 program w/ an opportunity to get to a top tier bowl most years. I don’t see that. I see a coach who confuses stubbornness for loyalty who’s program has so little margin for error w/ mid level recruiting talent that any coaching or player mistakes are amplified which is why we never ever blow out teams like the Saban era & allow teams to stay in games like yesterday & when the ball doesn’t bounce our way like it has the last 2 years – U have a demoralized 4-3 football team that will be lucky to get to the little caesars pizza bowl. If we had a competent OC – we might be 6-1 instead of 4-3, but that’s our head coach & we are stuck w/ him.

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