Chris Petersen talks opener against MSU

It’s officially game week with with five days until MSU opens the season against Boise State at Spartan Stadium.

Broncos coach Chris Petersen spoke with the MSU media earlier today in a conference call. He said this is one of the most challenging openers his team has had since he’s been coaching the Broncos.

Here are some other tidbits.

Petersen on preparing for MSU running back Le’Veon Bell.

“We taped two of our running backs together and they carry the ball at the same time to get a little feel for what it’d be like to tackle the guy because we don’t have anybody around here that looks like that.  That’s gonna be different for our defense. We try to simulate some of their plays and what they’re actually gonna be like, but there’s no doubt they’re gonna be different when its game speed because he is a load. That will be different for our guys.”

Petersen on how Boise is preparing for Andrew Maxwell.

“All we can do is study Michigan State’s style on offense, know that they’re gonna have some tweaks to their system to play to his strengths and that’s really what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to stop their system, especially when you don’t have a ton of tape on somebody. We have enough that you can see that the guy has astrong arm, he’s athletic. We know that they have a lot of confidence in him to pick up where Kirk cousins left off. You just gotta look at what they do and prepare accordingly, especially when it’s the first game.

Junior Joe Southwick will be the starting quarterback for Boise State on Friday. He takes over for Kellen Moore, who is now the third stringer for the Lions. Here are Petersen’s thoughts on him.

“I think Joe’s a good athlete. He’s been in our system four years, knows our stuff very well. He knows how to operate as a quarterback and you know has got a little bit of playing time here and there throughout the years. He’s always done a great job in terms of preparing so it will be nice just to finally give him this opportunity to see what he can do with it.”

Petersen later added this on what Southwick does best.

“I think what he does best – there’s a lot to our offense, we’re very multiple and have a lot of different things going on – is he can run the show for us. He can be like a coach on the field out there. He knows where people are supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there and those type of things.”

Petersen on what makes MSU DE William Gholston unique.

“I think it starts with 6-7, 278. That makes him unique.  And the second thing is somebody being able to move like he moves and play that hard. You couple those two things and you’ve got something unique.

Also if you missed it in today’s LSJ, we profile Andrew Maxwell and how he’s ready to step in to the spotlight for the Spartans and backup quarterbacks Connor Cook and Tyler O’Connor.

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12 Responses to Chris Petersen talks opener against MSU

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Thanks Chris, I like the fact they are practicing under the lights to simulate game conditions. Will you be chatting with the Boise beat writer this week like Joe used to do.?

  2. avatar hatrack says:

    Nice Petersen interview. He’s a helluva coach and we’ll have our hands full with his bunch. Hopefully our D will cause problems for the Boise offense. One quote I heard recently really intrigued me. It might’ve been Coach D saying that Fowler had the kind of camp that Devin Thomas had before his Junior (and last year). If this is true then our O might be okay after all.

  3. avatar ATLSpartan says:

    “We taped two running backs together to simulate Leveon Bell”

    You gotta love Petersen. Seems like a good guy.

    • avatar wearer of the belt says:

      He has a good sense of humor, do not underestimate him though with more than a week to prepare he will not be a quick out

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        They have even more holes to fill on both sides of the ball than Paris Hilton does, I wouldn’t want to catch BSU in say the 8th game of their schedule, but I think we’ll do fine. Run the football till the yell Uncle.

      • avatar GoSt8Go says:

        MD and staff would never underestimate BSU. The Broncs have been on too many highlight reels for that to happen. MD has a B1G championsip and two 11-1 seasons precisely becaue he will not overlook a team.

  4. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    He gets the most from his guys. You have to believe he gets good players but not the best of the best. Probably comparable to MSU. The philosophy is find guys with potential who want to learn and coach ‘em up.

  5. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Interesting that the guy down at South Niles has now suspended the starting running back (and another guy) for the first 2 games for the old team rules failure. Now, 2 comments: A) what’s hokey pokey doing with his guys? and B) what in the world did these 2 do that could be worse than Rees’s drunken-disorderly-resisting arrest-assaulting a cop to get 2 games while Rees is just out the Ireland game?

  6. avatar MSU Owns Denard says:

    Remember though Marine, @ South Niles they play Navy and Turdue their first 2 games, not exactly powerhouses, so they will be back for the back to back MSU and scUM games, I’m sure that was planned out, but yeah I get your point, hokey pokey knows deep down they will never beat ‘Bama, so if he sits them for a game, everyone will say what a good disciplinarian he is even though all us MSU fans know what really is happening.

    • avatar 79 Spartan says:

      Exactly my thought ! Look like a tough disciplinarian and give yourself an excuse when your trounced by ‘Bama.

  7. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    I really wish we’d hired Brin Kelly. NOT.

  8. avatar Ben Green says:

    Good stuff, Brian. Thanks.
    It may be a push at QB in terms of knowledge. BSU has a very diversified O and Southwick has been there four years. He’s obviously up to speed on their playbook. We can assume Maxwell has more talent and he’s as up to speed as Southwick. Nod to Maxwell.

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