Catching up with incoming WR Trey Kilgore

Incoming freshman Trey Kilgore joins the logjam at wide receiver when he arrives on campus this weekend. The three-star recruit from Cincinnati St. Xavier talks about how he’s prepared for his arrival to East Lansing, fitting in at receiver and more below in an interview conducted earlier this week.

Q: How ready are you to get your college career started?
Kilgore: I can’t wait. I’m so excited. Everybody is always asking me when I’m leaving and everything and am I excited and everything. I’m so excited. I just got back from a work out on the field and just making sure I’m up to speed with everything and everything is down pat. When I get up there I’m gonna be ready – 100 percent ready to go.

Q: What have you been doing to prepare yourself?
Kilgore: Right off the bat, I’ve been doing conditioning. I haven’t stopped training and running and keeping myself in shape. Usually I go for a three and a half mile jog about every other day – a three and a half to four mile jog around my town. After that, I come in and rest for a couple hours and then hit the field and get the jug machine out. I have the jug machine shooting balls at me fast and hard and making sure I make (catching the ball) second nature. I have my quarterback and a couple wide receivers and DBs come out that I played with this past year at St. X and we get some work in with that just correcting some routes. I bring my playbook out there from Michigan State and I run the routes that I’m gonna be running when I get up there just to make sure I’m up to speed and I’m not behind all the other players that are up there so I can fight and compete for a spot this year.

Q: How do you see yourself fitting in at a crowded WR position and how do you distinguish yourself?
Kilgore: I’ve been working on that a lot. That’s why I’m hitting the field and making sure that my routes are crisp and catching every ball that is thrown at me. That was something we kind of struggled with with past years is catching the ball a little bit and we relied a bunch on Le’Veon Bell to run the ball. We put the ball in his hands a lot, but I want to get it back to where the receivers have full trust of the quarterback and coaches and everything and we’re starting to stand out more. For me, to me I guess you could say route running and creating separation to catch – that’s what I’ve been focused on. I think I’m getting pretty good at that.

Q: How hard was last season for you when you missed time with the broken leg and is all fine there?
Kilgore: I feel like I’m fine, I feel like everything is good. With that injury last year, obviously it was devastating because it was my senior year and I want to play and everything, but that didn’t stop me from my mental prep and my mental state. Even though I wasn’t out there, I was still running routes and still doing all that in my head. That’s a huge part right there. I was running routes and every thing in my head so when I got back out there on the field there was of course a little rust and everything because that’s a natural part of it. But it didn’t take long for me to get back to where I was because of the mental preparation that I was doing.

Q: Did you play a sport this spring or was the focus on training?
Kilgore: I ran track but at the same time some days my quarterbacks and receivers would be like ‘Hey, we’re throwing at this time.’ I’d have track practice but my coaches understood everything and they would let me miss that practice to go train with the football players and do all that. It was non stop for me – conditioning and training was non stop.

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  1. avatar Terence says:

    I’m excited to have Trey’s services for the next few years. He seems to be a hard worker and more importantly, a great human-being. I can’t wait to root for him in the Green & White!

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