Catching up with Draymond Green

Former Spartan standout and Saginaw native Draymond Green made his return back to Michigan on Wednesday, helping the Golden State Warriors open their longest road trip of the season with a victory over the Detroit Pistons at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

Green is embracing his role with the Warriors this season. In just under 12 minutes off the bench on Wednesday, Green scored 2 points on 1 of 4 shooting and had a team-high three blocks to help the Warriors to the 104-97 win.

Here is the complete excerpt of an interview with Green after shootaround on Wednesday morning.

Draymond: “I think it’s very similar to the way I came in at Michigan State. After a couple very good years at Michigan State I think a lot of people forgot my first year at Michigan State to where I was a complete role player. I had to come in and bring some energy off the bench,  had to come in to defend, take charges. It just reminds me a lot of that role but at the same time it’s a complete different level. I’m just trying to make sure I come in and bring energy. It’s surprising to me how much  people just don’t play with energy. I just try to come in and make sure I bring energy no matter what the situation is.”

Draymond: “I’m definitely getting used to that but this is a little bit different coming all the way to the East Coast on a seven-game road trip. I’m definitely looking forward to this and getting the experience of this first road trip of my career. We’re just looking to come out of here with a pretty good record, trying to come over here and take care of business and just try to gain some respect. I’m definitely getting used to it but this will be a little different being that it’s a 15 day, 12 day road trip.

Draymond: “It’s great coming back home. I came to a lot of these games coming up and all through high school and through college. Just to come back here and actually to be playing in a game here back at home is a great feeling. I’m definitely looking forward to it but trying to keeping my emotions channeled as well.”

Draymond: “I think the coolest part is having so many games. In college you have two games a week so you’re practicing four days a week and sometimes you have one game and you’re practicing five or six days. I think the best part about it is just having all these games.
“I think the best part is just being blessed to be here. There are so many guys who want to make it to this level and just the reality of it is it can’t happen. Just to be one of 400 guys or whatever it is – to be one of 450 – it sounds like a lot but when you think about it in the grand scheme of things its probably less than one percent. Just to be one of those guys I think is the best thing.”

Draymond: “Playing all those games in a short amount of time. You’ve got two games back to back and you might have a day off and then two more games so I think that’s the main thing is just trying to adjust to the schedule. You want to play in all those games but you have to make sure you do the proper things for recovery, eating right, stretch and doing all those things that it takes to recover and put your body in the best situation to succeed. Sometimes you forget about that and you don’t feel like stretching and you don’t feel like doing this but the reality of it is if you don’t do those things it’s just gonna shorten your career and it’s gonna take a toll on your body with all these games and with all the travel as well. I think that’s been the toughest part.”

Draymond: “I’m adjusting great. I’m definitely starting to get more and more comfortable each game. I think that’s the most important thing is just constantly improving. I’m getting more and more comfortable but like I said I’ve been in a position before where the offense didn’t run through me. It’s just about coming out and playing your role. Who knows years down the line it may. It may not. You never know but I just want to play my role and focus on what we’ve got going right now.
We have great scorers on our team so I’m not needed to score on this team. I think if I need to go get a bucket that I can. But that’s not my role on this team. My role is to come in and defend, rebound and bring some toughness, bring some energy. And that’s what I’m going to do because at the end of the day those are the things that are going to help you win. To be that guy to do those little things and try to help the team win, I definitely embrace the role.”

Draymond: “I’m not quiet. I can’t be quiet. It’s just not really in my DNA. One thing I don’t want to do is just change who I am.  For one I don’t know as much. I may know a bunch on the college level but in here it’s a completely different game. You still gotta learn, but things rthat I see or I know I can help someone with I’m definitely going to say something. I’m not just going to be quiet.
“That’s definitely not the case with me. I’m gonna talk and not overstep my boundaries as well. You’ve got guys that have been here eight, nine, 10, 11 and 12 years, four or five that know a lot more than me. I just have to make sure that when I see something or I feel that there’s something to be said I say it and also make sure I respect those boundaries.”

Draymond: “I’m definitely trying to help change the culture. That’s one thing we felt we brought in with this rookie class and some of the guys we’ve signed. We already had guys on this team that had won with previous teams or at their colleges but just didn’t have the pieces. I think now we’ve got the pieces and we’re definitely putting it together.”

Draymond: “I think we’ve been definitely doing a good job of contributing at what it is we need to contribute to and just making sure that no matter what the situation is – some of Harrison’s (Barnes) role is to score and he’s playing that role. I think we’ve just been doing a great job of playing our roles and contributing to the team in any way we can.”

“I think that’s definitely helped me a lot being able to get that experience under Coach Izzo and play for a great coach like that and learn so much. I think that’s helped me a lot.”

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21 Responses to Catching up with Draymond Green

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Great story Brian, I know Draymond is going to carve out a spot in this league and have a long productive career, he is already talking like a veteran.

  2. avatar The Tanner says:

    Daydrom in the league baby !!!

    Bird don’t do nuthin baby !!!

    The Tanner brings the goods baby !!!

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Well I know that Graham Couch would prefer that President Simon initiate a move to the MAC.
      But I am not sure if Simon is a big Couch fan.

    • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

      I’ve acknowledged MSU’s recruiting challenges on LSJ blogs for two years now.

      How does this address the issue? Switching conferences would do nothing to change MSU’s location–the implied key to improving MSU’s recruiting prospects. I look forward to a cogent counterargument on a conference move helping MSU football. But I won’t hold my breath.

      (The B.R. writer admits his ignorance, but puts MSU into a slideshow wherein it doesn’t belong anyway. This is, at best, par for the vapidity and waste of bandwidth I’ve learned to expect from Bleacher Report.)

  3. avatar LeeBee says:

    Great article. That guy with that attitude will have a long NBA career.

  4. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    In case you are being held hostage by the LSJ for your Spartan news (and related issues), read Joe’s piece about the maybe big doings at Cowboy Stadium:


    • avatar LeeBee says:

      A real 4-ring circus that would be fun to attand. Hollis just never stops.

    • avatar GoSt8Go says:

      Wow! Hollis does not stand still and has no fear of being run over any time soon.

      The concern I have is the one mentioned, that the four at a time games would be tough given the whisles going on. I could care less if one guy on the court in one game sees a dunk on another floor.

      My only desire – beat some of these friggin’ teams…

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        Now we know why Hollis tweeted he was at DFW several weeks back, I thing the whistles are part of the logistics feasiblity study that is ongoing.

  5. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    I really like what DayDay has to say. We said it when he was here and we will continue to say it until he proves us wrong (which I don’t see happening): Draymond Green GETS IT.

  6. avatar 79 Spartan says:

    Thank you for this really fine post, Brian. Me bowing —-> / _o_

  7. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    This is not the Couch on Fire Blog. I have zero interest in hearing about the Couch Blog here.

  8. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Gotta luv PTI making fun of Bluimia doing pig sooy (as they should, what a – whatever that word is.) And if the 1st words out of Bluimia’s mouth wasn’t “alright why aren’t you all smiling?” , he miss the boat – but we already knew that

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Did not see it but heard Glen Mason on the radio saying that Brewster was also from New Jersey and put on a fake Arkansas accent. He used to sit in Barrys backyard and Barry said he always had a couple of names in his head and did not use search comittees. I think Barry was not going to get into a bidding war to keep Brett.

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