Another MSU recruit wins state title, other Spartan notes

Another player verbally committed to Michigan State won a state championship over the weekend, while two others moved a step closer.

Shane Jones, a 2013 linebacker commit to the Spartans, led Cincinnati Moeller to a state championship on Saturday night. He had 7 1/2 tackles, including two for loss, in a 20-12 victory over Toledo Whitmer in the Division I final.

Jones, who was also recently named the defensive player of the year in Ohio, joins Drake Harris, Jon Reschke, Deon Drake and Dennis Finley as MSU recruits that have won state football titles this fall. Jones finished the season with 130 tackles, 2 1/2 sacks, two fumble recoveries and an interception for Moeller.

Teammates Damion Terry and Delton Williams helped Erie (Pa.) Cathedral Prep keep its season alive with a 27-13 victory over West Allegheny in a state quarterfinal. Terry was 22 of 33 passing for 257 yards, three TDs and an interception. He also rushed for 108 yards.

Williams had 118 receiving yards and two TDs and rushed for 22 yards and a TD. Terry and Williams connected for the two passing TDs in the fourth quarter on Friday for Cathedral Prep (13-0), which faces Bishop McDevitt in this week’s state semifinals.

Here are a few other quick notes:

MEN’S BASKETBALL: The Spartans are 19th in this week’s AP poll and 17th in the coaches poll. There are six Big Ten teams in the top 25 in each of this week’s polls.

Ranked Big Ten teams
AP Top 25: Indiana (1), Michigan (3), Ohio State (7), Illinois (13), Minnesota (14), MSU (19).
Coaches poll: Indiana (1) , Michigan (3), Ohio State (7), Illinois (14), MSU (17), Minnesota (21).

MSU faces Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Wednesday and Loyola Chicago on Saturday.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: MSU received four votes in this week’s AP poll. The Spartans are 7-0, matching the 1999-2000 team for the best start in school history. MSU has road games against Oakland and Dayton this week. Dayton is ranked No. 19 and is 9-0. They will be the first ranked team MSU will face.

FOOTBALL: Former MSU player and assistant Dan Enos will be preparing for his first bowl as a head coach now that the Chippewas will be playing in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl in Detroit on Dec. 26. Enos led CMU to wins in four of their last five games to get to 6-6 and become bowl eligible.

Also the final Downtown Coaches Club luncheon of the season will take place on Friday at Eagle Eye Golf Center. MSU football radio broadcast host Will Tieman is the guest speaker. More info is available at www.dtncoaches.org.

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55 Responses to Another MSU recruit wins state title, other Spartan notes

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Thanks Brian good stuff.

    • avatar Ron Wallace says:

      As msu learned this season
      Offense wins games and msu needs a quarterback

    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      I think the last carpet bobing attack ws suffiecient. There is a new key for when a new post is up, BJII or BJ-lite or BJ-ette also here to fore known as the “Dancing Queen” or the “Private Dancer” makes his 30 pieces of silver just after it appears.

      Wonder if GoldGirl asked for the Wolfe Chili golf clubs back from Cracker to help fund these Private Dances?

      • avatar This just in says:

        Official drone photos of USMC air strike on Murky Mark


      • avatar marky mark says:

        Gotta love it, the golf club cracks never get old.

  2. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Just terrific examples of winners coming to the Spartans in the years ahead. Sounds like they all posses that quality that can’t be measured or taught: making those around them better.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Thats the thing we have kids with intangibles with leadership skills that you can not teach. We have a coach who can spot those like Cousins, that is far more important than having four stars attached to a high school recruiting level. Dantonio can coach these kids up, Hoke cannot that is something that Markey Mark fails to understand.

      • avatar marky mark says:

        Easy to understand 100% of MD recruits 6-6, Hoke using about 5% of his recruits 8-4, I get it.

        Hoke will never reach MD ‘s level, whats he got 3, 4 BCS appearances?

        • avatar marky mark says:

          Just look at Maxwell that’s a prime example of a 4 star being coached up.

        • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

          Almost 3/8 of MI’s two-deep are Hoke recruits. And I won’t waste my time compiling the long list of guys Hoke hasn’t been able to “coach up” in Ann Arbor; I might just as well explain why most of us think the Earth isn’t flat.

          Stay away from numbers, kid. You lack the skills to avoid drowning.

  3. avatar MGoBlow says:

    Marine – Marky Walmart posted a reply to LeeBee’s post on Cracker’s blog defending Cracker – U were right – the fix was in all along. Cracker is a Silverswine plant. Grammy Walmart needs to be ridden out of EL on a rail!

  4. avatar headeast says:

    I hit the LSJ sports page this morning, and what do I find, a nice article written by Joe Rexrode. I thought the cracker was the beat writer for the journal. What on earth does this guy do that the journal keeps him around? Seems like a complete waste of space. Why not use all of Joe’s articles and blogs on here since Gannett owns both.

  5. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    It looks good that the MSU defense will be a nasty one for years to come. Best news is if LeVeon stays with a largely intact O-line. Then wait to see the results of the Winter and Spring QB battles between Maxwell and Cook (and perhaps O’Connor).

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      It is going to be like 2010, an open competition with some snaps in August for the freshman, depending on the development of all concerned we may see a platoon system like with Cousins and Nichols if Maxwells development is not up to Dantonios timetable.

  6. avatar The Tanner says:

    Recruit get title baby !!!

    Damon still alive baby !!!

    Bird don’t do nuthin baby !!!

    The Tanner brings the goods baby !!!

  7. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Does anyone know if Manziel at Texas A&M was a redshirt freshman or a pure freshman?

  8. avatar '89 Chemistry says:

    Chris Solari disseminated a falsehood as fact last night.

    He Tweeted: “Fact: East Lansing became the home of the first Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck outside of Ohio in 1994.” It was posted on the Green and White Twitter feed (and thus is relevant to this blog).

    It’s difficult to say how many BWWWs were started outside of Ohio before 1994, but I dined at two different such restaurants in the state of Indiana in 1989. A map of franchises at the time indicated others in states neighboring Ohio–and even an outlier in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. (I visited that one in 1995; it has since closed.)

    Mr. Solari should reconsider the reliability of whomever he relied upon for the misinformation he passed along as fact.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      89 chem.

      Hey I am serious with this, if you ever go pro can we refer to you as

      The Spartan Bard

      that way after all of us are dead and gone future Michigan State blogging phenoms can be measured against the Spartan Bard.

  9. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Spartan players get some nice perks for Bowl participation. (per Joe R’s tweet and linked story)

  10. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    The one thing I like about Coach Dantonio’s approach to recruiting is a total disdain for the present ranking system – he doesn’t really care where a kid is ranked.

  11. avatar headeast says:

    Congats to LB recruit Jon Reschke on moving up to #148 in the rivals 250. He was unranked.

  12. avatar headeast says:

    I didn’t know this…State has a 124-34-1 record since 1990 when scoring 24 pts. or more…

  13. avatar headeast says:

    From the BWW bowl…based on cumulative opposition, State possessed the Big Ten toughest schedule and the nation’s fifth-most difficult slate…

  14. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    btn again fails to be the flagship for the Conference. Spartans and Paris Hiltons volleyball will be carried by espn3. Another example of no leadership from Silverman.

    • avatar headeast says:

      yep, six of sixteen teams are from the Big Ten…

      • avatar marky mark says:

        Are you kidding me, what are they thinking! V_Ball is huge.

        • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

          That’s the answer I’d expect from somebody who has no understanding of anything beyond cleaning a bathroom or breaking a 5 iron on the golf course because they can’t control their temper like any 6 year old.

        • avatar '89 Chemistry says:

          Unlike football, it’s something the B1G is good at this year. If the BTN covers the VB NCAAT as heavily as they showed that one PSU-UNL vb game some weeks ago, it will rise to its mission.

          These are Sweet Sixteen games–not the meaningless basketball Leviathan versus Sisters of the Poor one can see every day for six weeks…

  15. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    The Friday Hockey game against South Niles CC is on NBC sports network @1900R. Sat is not broadcast nationally.

  16. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Bluimia to Arkansas, fired a knucklehead, hired the dullest knife in the drawer. hog sewy

  17. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Ah, things are jumping in the land of the regional network that only carries some B1G Ten Sports. Our friend Mike the Private Dancer is now getting paid per post (GoldGirl must have read my estimate of his annual projected layout and balked – sorry Mike) and getting free beers from none other than Dhaini Jones that espn /life channel reject. Mike be careful of this former Dancing Queen, his once proud establishment in Mt Adams, Ohio was closed by the Cincinnati Board of Health. Maybe your services could have kept those violations at a minimum, but I don’t think so.

    FYI, folks: Bluimia was on thin ice at Whiskey from the day he fired the O line coach and B. Alverez took most of the play calling away from him and did it from the press box. Hope JLS tells him of his joy at coming on Spartan Shadows, so we can look forward to having Bluimia grace us with his football knowledge next year – NOT.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      so if the village idiot can do better, does that mean Brett will go 5-7?

    • avatar MayoSpartan says:

      Don’t know if Bielema was on thin ice after firing Markuson. I may speculate Bielema wasn’t a fan favourite after Chyrst and several assistants departed.

      We may come to miss Brett’s generosity while managing the clock or displaying other in game wisdom. But for $3.2 million, more than $600K above his current salary, he’s going to be exposed in the SEC either by his assistant hires or during the season. The Leaders division may also miss Brett if Alvarez returns to the sideline for a season before hiring a replacement.

  18. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Hey Cracker, can your beloved WMU do us all a favor and beat Paris Hilton? What’s your MAC crystal ball say? Try again later?

  19. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Mike, 6 posts tonight before the thread rolled over; very, very brave, but none were intelligently thought out. They were all just knee jerk reactions from an obviously uneducated layman, but you made some money (of course, ladies of the evening make that same amount of money in less time), so good for you.

  20. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    With Apology’s to the intellectual property of the Animals
    There is a house in Fayetteville
    They call the Rising Bum
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor coach
    And God Brett knows he’s one

    Brett’s predecessor was a failure
    He screwed up special teams
    JLS predecessor was a gamblin’ man
    Facedown in Volleyball Queens

    Now the only thing that Brett Bilema needs
    Is a suitcase and a trunk
    And the only time he’s satisfied
    Is when he’s on a drunk

    [Organmonkey Solo with JLS tapdance]

    Oh Frank Broyles tell your children
    Not to do what John L Smith has done
    Spend your millions in sin and bankruptcy
    In the House of the Rising Bum

    Well, Brett’s got one foot on the presser platform
    The other foot on a plane
    He is goin’ back to Fayetteville
    To wear that SEC West ball and chain

    There is a house in Fayetteville
    They call the Rising Bum
    And it’s been the ruin of many a poor coach
    And God Brett knows he’s one

    • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

      What was that about a face down in a volleyball queen? So it wasn’t about an innocent motorcycle ride after all?

      • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

        There are some riders of the Hog, who will tell you that there is NEVER anything innocent about a motorcycle ride.

  21. avatar Dan says:

    Reading this blog is like listening to the Jim Rome show. Hard to understand what anybody is talking about what with all of the “cute” phrases, and ambiguous statements. None of it makes any sense. Guess you had to be there.

  22. avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

    Hey Cracker, here’s the kind of story you get when you don’t stab the head coach in the back (just to try and further your own career – and how did that work out for ya?)


    • avatar USMCSpartan(Ret.) says:

      Just read an article Cracker wrote in ’11 about how the rivalry between CMU and WMU is bigger in the State of Michigan than Spartans and Bruce Jenner’s. And, in it he does what most uneducated hacks do, he calls the Michigan State team by the Mascots nickname. Not only is the article nonsensical and self aggrandizing, but when put in the scheme of things it’s like saying that the basketball game between Hope and Alma is the biggest rivalry in the state. There was a time when the Acorns game meant more to Brucie back in the 80′s and 90′s, but the Big 2 little 8 myth has been blown up by the expansion of the B1G. The onlky people who still feel that way are the morons who run the btn and their 0.00006 audience share.

      Cracker your colors have been exposed and they aren’t Green and White – go back to Kzoo you are not liked or wanted here.

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