LSJ All-Decade Team: Football receivers/tight ends

Today's installment focuses on another set of playmakers made even more important by this decade's shift to the spread offense. 

At the bottom I've posted links to our first two days of football, in case you'd like to jump into those conversations as well. 

Back to receivers and tight ends … 

My starters (so far): Michael Stevenson, Everett (2005) and Jason Fleet, DeWitt (2003, Saginaw Valley State). 

Other finalists: Kirk Williams, DeWitt (2003, Michigan Tech); J.T. Jones, Ithaca (2002, Central Michigan for baseball); Willie Brown, Eastern (2007, Lansing Community College for basketball); James Jackson, Grand Ledge (2009, Ohio State); Joe Estrada, Grand Ledge (2009, CMU). 

Best of the rest: Jordan Johnson, DeWitt (2011); Dom Todd, Holt (2010); Jake Blake, Alma (2008, Grand Rapids Community College); Ben Sherman, Charlotte (2005, Northern Michigan and Olivet College); Gabe Ellis, Okemos (2001).

A tight end possibility: Garrett Bushong, Ionia (2003, Purdue). 

Another toughie, especially considering some big-time prospects emerged from this group in Jackson and Bushong. But it was arguable in 2008 that Estrada had a bigger senior season at least as a receiver (Jackson made all-state also in part because of special teams and defense), and most of these receivers made bigger contributions than Bushong could for Ionia, which didn't throw much. He actually made the LSJ Dream Team as a defensive end. 

Stevenson was a four-year starter (including his first as a quarterback) as Everett went from the bottom of the area to its elite. His senior season he caught 50 passes for 1,100 yards, and his final two combined he had 89 catches for 1,831 yards and nine touchdowns. Fleet just edged DeWitt predecessor Kirk Williams after a review of the stats — Fleet edged him that way with 66 catches for 1,302 yards and 19 touchdowns — although Williams remains a favorite after his state-record 204 yards in a gutsy state finals performance in 2002.

Jones holds four state records, but did so against Class C competition and as a much bigger part of his offense. Eastern's Brown was awesome as a senior and might have had the most natural ability of the group. 

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7 Responses to LSJ All-Decade Team: Football receivers/tight ends

  1. Panther Fan says:

    TE Chet Davis DeWitt 02

  2. don23 says:

    hey geoff what about scott-emuakpor from east lansing? he had more catches and yards than johnson and todd after 9 games. and he still ended up leading the area in catches having played about 4 less games. the kid is only a sophomore too

  3. GVKings says:

    How about Geoff Keye’s or Chris Smith from Holt. I know Smith only played receiver for 1 and 1/2 years but he put up good numbers. And Keye’s went on to walk on at MSU for at least a short time.

  4. GVKings says:

    Geoff are you considering any of the Jackson kids since Jackson High plays in the CAAC. Also, are you going to do an athletes section?

  5. Geoff Kimmerly says:

    Nope, just the schools and positions we’ve recognized over the decade. Of course, the special teams guys are always important, but most of them excelled at other positions as well, and vice versa.

  6. Nick says:

    DeWitt WR Sam Celentino is actually tied with Fleet for most touchdown receptions in a career at DeWitt ( Which I believe is 20). He was a three year starter and an outstanding wideout. I’m surprised he’s not on the list

  7. fballking1000 says:

    Jordan Johnson of Dewitt holds the career TD record with 21

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