Is the A-11 next to hit Lansing?

Some of you have probably heard about the A-11 football offense that makes every player an eligible receiver, and is beginning to make the rounds at the high school level. How long before an area team tries it out?

I’d seen something about this a while ago, but the New York Times recently did a story on it, and if you’re curious, check it out here. In essence, the scheme uses two quarterbacks, three linemen, and a bunch of receivers spread all over the field like an elementary school playground game. It’s supposed to minimize injuries and help teams with good athletes but not gigantic size compete with the rest.

Once the spread took hold locally about 2001, everyone started using some version of it, even run-heavy teams like East Lansing and Haslett. Okemos went completely the opposite way a few years ago, implementing the single wing patterned after the state title-winning run-based offense of Menominee.

There are plenty of area schools with good athletes but not the size or players total as some of their opponents. Maybe the A-11 will land here soon.

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Geoff Kimmerly was the Prep Sports reporter at the Lansing State Journal until September 23, 2011. Read his thoughts and thanks for his 14 seasons with the Lansing State Journal. 1,000 Thanks
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3 Responses to Is the A-11 next to hit Lansing?

  1. MediocreMan says:

    Back at Eastern in the late 90s we ran a few plays out a formation like this with success. It’s the next logical step in getting athletic players the ball in space. It creates matchup confusion and allows the offense to run screens to the outside with blockers already in place.

  2. Lionel says:

    I hope to see this A11 offense live in person soon.

  3. Dave Yarema says:

    I would have completely dominated in an offense built like this. The cool thing is that maybe even some of the “big boys” that are always stuck on the line, could have a shot at going deep. Kimmerly, I could see myself throwing you a skinny post for 6, time and time again…
    Your friend,
    Dave Yarema

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