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A few more football picks

Mid-Michigan coaches have made their league predictions (see left). Here are mine — with my picks of playoff qualifiers and a surprise team to watch in each conference.

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Football Section Eve

We’re in the final throes of finishing off this season’s prep football section, which goes to print Tuesday.

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Still working on “The Change”

I didn’t really get it when some coaches said going into this season that they were still dealing with low numbers because of the 2007 seasons changes. I’m starting to understand now.

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Who’s No. 1?

Football coaches love to tell us how rankings don’t mean a thing at the beginning of the season (and in high school, not at the end too). But that won’t keep us from doing them.

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Looking for a cool fundraising idea?

Saturday’s DeWitt Old School Shoot Out sounds like a good one to me.

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Swimming: Holt vs. Okemos

I’ll admit, we may have overstated Holt’s girls as "THE dominant" mid-Michigan program Tuesday, considering Okemos has been superior most of this decade. But it’s a pretty good debate, at least over the last two decades.

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Figure 8

How would 8-man football fare in mid-Michigan? Consider a few interesting possibilities.

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Unforseen dilemma

Hopefully you noticed our prep golf preview in today’s paper — weeks ahead of past years and part of our effort to get those out before seasons begin. But doing so uncovered an issue I hadn’t considered before.

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It’s almost officially Fall

In 72 hours, thousands of Michigan high school athletes will be in the midst of first practices (and golfers in the middle of first matches). And that means season previews are on the way…

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Flashback 1999

This is sort of random this time of year, but a pretty good story I heard just a few weeks ago.

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