Mid-Michigan’s most dominant

The Okemos boys tennis team is going for its fourth straight state title this season. Unless I’m forgetting someone, this is the most an area team has dominated its opponents since the Okemos girls teams won four straight state titles at the turn of this decade.

Williamston has had some great cross country teams and the championship-winning Everett girls basketball teams were incredible. But neither accomplished a similar feat.

It may be more difficult to be dominant in the bigger sports with more teams to compete against. But at the same time, the best tennis teams in the state are really all-star teams from those area’s clubs. There isn’t much parity throughout tennis, but the competition gets stiff among the elite.

One final thought: The state’s best tennis teams could become more dominant when the season is moved to the fall in a few months. Schools like Okemos, whose athletes play tennis all year long and don’t often show up on other sports’ rosters, will have an even larger edge with other teams losing depth, especially in doubles, because those athletes will choose football or soccer instead.

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  1. Steve says:

    I would put Mason Wrestling in the same sentence as the teams you mentioned. 2003 – state champs, 2004 – state runner-up, 2005 – state champs, 2006 – state champs.

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