Shady aftermath?

A likely stretch of unpredictability started Monday when the Michigan High School Athletic Association finally lost its bid to keep sports seasons in their current configuration. Now the resulting moves are starting to be made — including a possible attempt by the tennis community to block a switch of the boys season to fall and the girls to spring.

I’m not entirely sure where this is going, but a post on the Michigan High School Tennis Coaches Association web site makes it known that a University of Michigan law professor intends on filing a brief in hopes of keeping those seasons status quo.

One of our reporters covered high school sports in South Dakota a few years ago when it made its seasons switches, and predicted Monday night that an appeal like this may happen. I don’t know that any attempt of this sort will do much. But these actions will continue to magnify how many people are opposed to this whole thing.

Meanwhile, basketball coaches are choosing which jobs to keep, and athletes are picking which sports they will continue since both groups now face two of their sports being played at the same time. We’ll report on both of these later this week.

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One Response to Shady aftermath?

  1. New Prep Guru says:

    Don’t leave us in suspense… what happened with the South Dakota appeal?
    An aside… do they play the state finals at the Corn Palace in SD?

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