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It had to happen some time

The alleged assaults by a local volleyball parent of four people at a junior varsity volleyball game Saturday probably is shocking many these last few days. How could that happen here? But I’m hardly stunned. This was inevitable.

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Monday Mailbag

I’ve got the answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking this week.

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Take my hoops survey

We will use next Thursday’s prep page to focus in part on the boys basketball season so far — something of a mid-view detailing the best that’s happened at the halfway point. I’m hoping you’ll help.   

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A long, lonely road

The East Lansing and Okemos ski teams face an interesting situation later this season.

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East Lansing’s Brooks back in action at North Carolina

I’m hoping to turn Tuesdays prep blogs into something of a "Where are they now?" segment. This week we’ll take a quick look at former East Lansing volleyball star Heather Brooks, who missed the end of last season with an … Continue reading

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Monday mailbag

I’ve got answers to the questions you’ve been asking during the last week:

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Not everybody can coach these guys

Part of the fun of following high school athletics is the four-year cycling of teams’ rosters. Every season, someone’s not around anymore, replaced by someone new.

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Thanks for the perspective

I’ve been enjoying your comments on last week’s blog on our bowling preview — and the lack of cooperation we got on the part of many area coaches.

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This is our house.

The debate has been argued before. But after watching the Holt basketball team barely escape Sexton on Friday night, I’m considering pushing the Big Reds’ homecourt to the top of my "toughest places to play a road game."

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I’m taking suggestions

Not to harp on this again … but the bowling previews are a few hours from going to print, and I haven’t heard from 16 of our 40 area teams. Why are we even bothering?

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