Would shared Big Ten title with Hoosiers, having lost twice to IU, feel like a championship?

Tom Izzo talked Thursday about all his team still has at stake — Big Ten title included.

Tuesday’s home loss to Indiana obviously made the league championship a bit harder to attain and, to some degree, out of Michigan State’s control.

The bottom line for MSU is this: It’ll almost certainly have to win out to grab a share of the Big Ten crown and someone has to beat Indiana.

Until a few weeks ago, the Hoosiers’ late-season Big Ten slate looked like it might have two nasty bumps beyond the Spartans — at Minnesota next Tuesday and then March 10 at Michigan.

If you’ve seen the Gophers play lately — they lost by 21 at Iowa and 26 at Ohio State last week — IU looks in decent shape heading into Williams Arena.

So that leaves Michigan, in Ann Arbor, on the last day of the regular season as Indiana’s most realistic chance at a loss.

Meanwhile, MSU would need to win out, including this Sunday at Ohio State and March 3 at Michigan.

If there’s hope for MSU, on its end at least, it’s in how the Spartans matched up with the Wolverines and Buckeyes the first time around, and the hope that the advantages that existed at home will still be difference-makers on the road.

The question is, if you tie a team for the Big Ten title but lose to them both times, does it truly feel like a championship?

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34 Responses to Would shared Big Ten title with Hoosiers, having lost twice to IU, feel like a championship?

  1. avatar Mike says:

    Banners are banners.

    • avatar Jeffrey Lubeck says:

      I agree Mike. Banners are Banners, and Titles are Titles as long as it is accomplished per the rules.

      If your car is in the garage, whether you drove in unassisted, backed in, were towed in or pushed in by unemployed Wolverines you hired from the Dollars For Jobs line; the car is in the garage. And if someone asks you a simple Yes or No question – Is your car in the garage? The answer is Yes.

      However, I like that Graham poses the question. One, because it is a fair one to consider, and two it will generate some good legitimate debate.

      And a question to Graham?

      Did you ask any of your media associates the following:

      Why during UofM’s legitimately hot run early this season to a #1 ranking – you hyped, referenced, and focused on a group called the Fab Five and their great record and accomplishments, and made no mention of the fact that all official records demonstrate that UofM is winless in all seasons from 1992-1999 and (according to the NCAA’s own reports) was a program that was part of the greatest exchange of illicit monies in the history of the organization?

      And if you asked this question, what were their responses?

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:

        Off the record
        1. Market Share
        2. Circulation Size
        3. All of the above

        They cant put that in print Jeff, have to get them in a bar.

    • avatar brian aslakson says:

      Banners are Banners and douches are douches, couch is a douche. Yes if you win a championship it will feel like 1. If MSU could win out with their February schedule they would deserve a championship more than any other team in the league.

  2. avatar Spartan in the D says:

    Absolutely! You take a championship anyway you can get them! Those sort of details tend to be forgotten 20 years later, while the banner hanging in the rafters looks great!

  3. avatar MSU Owns Beilien says:

    Michigan needed it’s arch rival, OSU, to beat MSU last year to back into a championship, and Beilien and Co. acted like they won it on their own. If I have to root for IU to beat Michigan last game of the year for MSU to share the title with IU, I’ll do it !

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Yes because Indiana did not beat us twice, the second game was illegitimate, The Zapruder video of Zeller shows that his magic bullet fraud caused a delay of the game that disrupted momentum. The momentum was disrupted as sure as the Super Bowl blackout allowed San Fran to come back. IU was just farther behind. So in a court of law this game would be reversed and awarded to MSU. The game is invalidated at both and both teams are 11-2 in my book. Zeller was ordered by Crean to cause the delay and stop the momentum, IU had no answer for Nix and the game was slipping away from them. That game was just as invalid as the Soviets in the 72 Olympics in Munich.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  4. avatar LancelotSpartan says:

    This seems like a stupid question, of course it still feels like a Championship.

    • avatar A veryProCouch question says:

      Are you accusing Graham Couch of asking a stupid question Lance? Can a brilliant man ask a stupid question? Thats an oxymoron

      • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

        We all know Cheese-it is asking a stupid question, by definition.

        Just like he told a blogger that Coach Izzo shouldn’t recruit another PG until DV graduates. What a “I only know about MAC Sports” comment. MAC teams are lucky to get 1 good PG so those used to covering them have no idea why any team would want 2 or 3.

        Cracker needs to
        A.) shave the attempt at a mustache
        B.) slink back to Kzoo or BG
        C.) get a positive outlook
        D.) All the above

        • avatar A very ProCouch poster says:

          Have to disagree with you there Chief. Couch is qualified because of his competitive background in Church league basketball. You are not, because you have never competed in competitive athletics at Graham’s level. See Chief it is the man in the arena who has earned the right to critique, you have never been in that arena.

  5. avatar DC Spartan says:

    Guess I’m in the minority. Sure, banners are nice, but knowing you lost twice to the co-champ puts a little less shine on that trophy.

    I know UM was ecstatic, but we aren’t UM. We’ve actually tasted success since 1989 (officially)

  6. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    idiotic subject..of course you celebrate..george perles is still celebrating the 1990 four way tie for a championship..as someone else said..banners are banners..

  7. avatar dmbtierney says:

    A championship is a championship. Lest ye yungins’ forget, UM won the Big Ten title in 1986 outright. But two of their four losses were to MSU (remember the Fatboy game?) and the skunk bears still crow about that championship. However, a tie with Indiana would make us a #2 seed in Chicago. Minnesota looks like they are going to get their clocks cleaned at home against IU, unless they do something they haven’t showed in nearly two months.

    A #2 or #3 seed in Chicago is OK. Don’t forget, we won the tournament last year as a #3 seed even though we tied for the title. If we win the last two at home, our two wins over Wisconsin almost insure no worse than a #3 seed.

    • avatar Doug says:

      Actually DMB, we were the #1 seed in last year’s BTT. We won the tie-breaker with OSU and UofM because we beat Wisconsin twice and then because we went 2-0 against Purdue (To go through all steps of the tie-breakers: All three teams went 2-2 against each other, MSU was 2-0 against Wisconsin, UofM was 1-0 and OSU was 1-1, then MSU wwas 2-0 against Purdue and UofM was 1-1)

  8. avatar Doug says:

    Also of note, I think the unbalanced schedule in basketball is a big factor for why any championship should be celebrated. MSU more or less has the toughest schedule in the Big Ten this year. Even a tie with Indiana is a great accomplishment.

    • avatar MSU Owns Beilien says:

      Good point, scUM had the easiest schedule least year which allowed them to back into a share of the title, they also have a easy schedule this year, getting psu and nw twice, and only having to play wisconsin 1 time.

  9. avatar SteveL says:

    A regular season championship is really a misnomer. Some teams have easier schedules and some have harder schedules. I long for the days when it was equal home and away. Those were real championships. This mess that we call a regular season is just wishful thinking. It really comes down to the tournament champion for a legitimate champion now. But it is all about the money. So lets keep adding schools until we end up playing each school sometime over a decade. With the remaining schedule for us I don’t think a regular season championship is in the cards. Shared or not.

  10. avatar msu76 says:

    In a word, yes. (or as the kids say, “Duh”)

  11. avatar AtlSpartan says:

    Dude, I have stuck up for you since you have shown up here, but you are making it more difficult. Hopefully your question was tongue-in-cheek and you expected a bunch of wise crack answers. Otherwise you know nothing about sports. Please tell everyone that you were just joking with that question?

  12. avatar kateri says:

    What a condescending question. What if your favorite team tied for a championship the exact same way, Graham? If we have the same amount of in conference losses, it will mean that IU lost to teams that we probably beat… They won’t deserve anything more than a shared championship at that point.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      With apologies to Alica Keys: sometimes it helps to laugh at a bad situation

      He’s just a columnist, and he’s on fire
      Hotter than a Mitch Albom fantasy, thread count lonely like a highway
      He’s living in an alienate the fan base world, and it’s on fire
      Feeling the catastrophe, but he knows he can fly away

      Oh, he”s got both feet on the Hey Joe legacy ground
      And he’s burning it down
      Oh, he got his head in the clouds
      And he’s not backing down

      This Couchs is on fire
      This Couch is on fire
      he’s playing with fire
      This Couch is on fire

  13. avatar kateri says:

    How did someone who is not a State fan get Joe’s job? It just shines through in every article and post.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Kateri, if you want to know where the Spartan Fans are , Jeff Lubeck Terry Donnellys former roomate runs and independent free site for real MSU fans , thats where the Hey Joe regulars and friends of Joe are. If you are interested you can contact Jeff at this email address. The site is not totally public to keep out trolls


  14. avatar Jake G says:

    Of course the title would count. That’s a silly question to even ask.

    But that’s putting the horse before the cart. Let the Spartans take down OSU, then Wisconsin, and we can start thinking about it then.

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