Why MSU’s football opener against WMU just became a more certain blowout

The odds were already greatly against Western Michigan on Aug. 30 — 27 points against, by Las Vegas’ standards. There is a formula for a team like WMU to upset Michigan State (which I’ll get into in a later column). For several reasons, this isn’t it.

And now it’s worse.

WMU star wideout Jamie Wilson — the Mid-American Conference’s freshman of the year last season — broke his left ankle during Monday’s practice.

Wilson, who caught 67 passes for 792 yards last season, is the sort of player a mid-major school needs in a matchup like this — a playmaker on the outside that can produce no matter the competition.

Without him, WMU is much less dangerous and, just as devastating, probably knows it. It’s takes a certain swagger to compete when you play up a level.

The Broncos are already without senior center Terry Davisson (non-football illness), their most experienced offensive lineman.

The Kalamazoo Gazette’s David Drew, who covers WMU, joined Jack Ebling and me on The Drive with Jack Tuesday on 730-AM. He talked about Wilson and impact of his loss on the Broncos. Here’s a link to that interview.

The Vegas line, which began at 24 and was at 27 before Wilson’s injury, is at 27 1/2 today in favor of MSU. The effect, though, is far greater than a half-point.

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78 Responses to Why MSU’s football opener against WMU just became a more certain blowout

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Thats a tough blow for the kid, maybe you talk to the Coach about it game week.

    Do you think the NCAA may adopt the same stipend system for living expenses that Gannett has put in place for you and Solari?

  2. avatar TruGhostofBo says:

    So, what you’re saying is at wideout, WMU doesn’t have deep depth.
    Sort of like, the MSU tight end situation…

    • avatar Graham Couch says:

      It’s not as much a matter of depth as it is the need for a mid-major program to have a dynamic playmaker on the outside to have a chance to keep pace in a game like this. WMU had Greg Jennings, Jamarko Simmons and then Jordan White over the last eight years for its previous upsets (or near upsets) of high-major competition. All of those players, by the end of their careers, could get 12-16 catches against anyone, no matter the competition. And that allowed WMU to score against anyone.

  3. avatar Lancelot_Spartan says:

    Don’t sound so sad…

  4. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    I think what Cracker is saying is that the spread now is 35 and the institution of my first Masters doesn’t score any TDs

    • avatar If you think you could do a better job here, be my guest says:

      Stop making fun of this work product anti couch.

    • avatar And keep headin east... says:

      That comment doesn’t even make any sense. What a shock! Old timer still tryin to shoot down that Hawaiian Tour Helicoptor. Nurse, please get him a napkin. He’s drooling.

  5. avatar And keep headin east... says:

    And what is even more classic is a guy who can’t form or communicate a rational thought is critiquing a professional writer. Welcome to the world of blogging….where every dope gets a say.

    • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

      And you have had yours!

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Hey man you just called someone who picked up Apollo Astronauts out of the Ocean at Splashdown a dope.

      • avatar TruGhostofBo says:


        I’m sure very anti would tell ya, “Headin” doesn’t know the difference between a professional writer and a professional wronger.

      • avatar Sick of Anti says:

        That was a long time ago, Ted. Quit worshipping a retired ole’ guy who keeps living in the past but still wants to feel important. If he is as accomplished as you like to think he is, he’d “act like he’s been there”. Bloggers here are simply tired of him.

        • avatar TruGhostofBo says:


          “Bloggers” yeah right…. Bet those “blogger’s” names are: Me, Myself, and I…………..

          To use and slightly alter your comments of Aug 12, “Something kinda strange about guy(s)((Sick, Headin, very) aka Me, my..& I)) who do everything they can to Bully a writer with whom they disagree.” It appears to be 3 to 1. Odds that would favor Anti, and that is said unworshipfully.

          In addition, from what I have learned of 81, he doesn’t need to worship anyone. You owe 81 an apology.

          If “Bloggers” don’t like what anti says, don’t read him. Pretty simple…………….

          • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

            Thanks TGB, my initial thought here when that guy said “bloggers” was to snicker. I know 2 is plural and makes it “bloggers”, but when this site was Hey Joe, 50 folks used to drop by. This guy, with his MAC is the best attitude, have driven them all away.

            I know Cracker gets paid to type, but that doesn’t make him a professional writer by anyone’s stretched imagination. No one buys the LSJ (except his mother) to read his column. I’m certain nobody pays the online price to read his infrequent rehashes of others work. Granted he is trying to replace a legend (in the minds of most Spartans), but thus far his attempts have been hackneyed, trite and available elsewhere previously.

            So let’s just keep this amongst the 6 who do stop by here occasionally, but I think the Spartans deserve a better columnist and will continue to say so, your opinion of me notwithstanding. I’ll let ya in on a little secret of life, whoever you think you are to tell me what to do, gives me a little smile.

          • avatar bowels of sick, Headin, very) aka says:


            Are you sure that you are not whistling through the graveyard on those statements? I don’t often drink beer when I blog but when I do I drink Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friend.

          • avatar Sick of Anti says:

            Has anyone wondered what Anti expects to accomplish by being such a menace? To drive Couch off this blog? To get Him fired? To “upgrade this blog”? Well, who anointed Anti as the one to ensure that “Graham does his job”, anyway? Looks to me like he is trying to play some sort of god, doesn’t it?

            And you are fooling yourself if you think I am the only one out there sick of Anti. Bloggers who know Anti have been dropping civil hints to him for months to tone it down. This blog ain’t about Anti, it’s about the Spartans. But if you’ve followed this blog for the past two years like I have, you’d know that Anti wants it to be about him. The word narcissistic comes to mind. All he’s done is poison this blog with his vitriol and bitterness. Could that be a reason why bloggers stay away?

            If Anti doesn’t like Couch, all he has to do is stay on The Usual Suspects (TUS), a blog specifically designed by and for Rexrode holdovers. I shouldn’t have to be the guy to leave; I just want to read about the Spartans. Pretty simple.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          Realizing it was a long time ago, when George Webster went out for dinner with me a nobody fan I did not tell him ” No thanks that was a long time ago George” When Gene Washington called me five times to talk about the games in 66, I did not hang up on him and say that was a long time ago Gene”
          I still worship the heroes of the past understand you have the right not to. But think of this , what if instead of honoring Bubba Smith before he died , Hollis told him not to come and said. “Sorry Bubba, that was a long time ago.” Guess you dont feel we should have the statue of Earvin up in front of the Breslin because, ” that was a long time ago.” But you have the right to that opinion.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          And in regards to the Usual Suspects I did not create that website. Back in 2010 I reached out to members of the Old Hey Joe. The first person I collected was anti who you despise, I collected about a dozen. We met in Tampa at the Outback Bowl and drank beer for five hours with Joe.
          I snuck anti and several others into the Dantonio –Richt press conference and they did not throw us out. By random accident the sixth or seventh fan I collected was a CEO who was Terry Donnellys roommate at MSU. The CEO had far more resources than I and created that website when the LSJ paywall went up. About 30 of the 50 Hey Joe people are there. I have nothing to do with it any more than Colonel Sanders has anything to do with the present KFC. But that Sick of Anti Couch “was a long time ago.”

      • avatar And keep headin east... says:

        I have more respect for the guys that pick up my trash every Tuesday morning. But I’m sure Anti thinks he’s better than them too.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          I know you hate anti but I sure hope you did not mean you had no respect for the crew of Apollo 15, that was dangerous back then and those guys risked their lives .

          • avatar Sick of Anti says:

            I appreciate your attempt to maintain civility on this blog. Your input is refreshing. But to use the Apollo 15 crew as a basis to justify your arrogant self-absorbed Marine friend’s conduct is misguided. Sorry. We can agree to disagree, but if he were truly on the pedestal you place him on, he’d conduct himself with the same kind of class that you do.

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          You have a right to your opinion just think you should know that it was not I who placed him on that Pedestal, Bubba Smith and Earvin Johnson honored the Marine, I hand delivered their tributes to him. That being said the Marine told me he’s going to take some time off and I hope we can all come back and make this football season a run for the Roses.

          Go Green

  6. avatar Sick of Anti says:

    Oh, and Anti, far be it for me to tell you what to do. You are the self-appointed “Blog Leader”, aren’t you? Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’, and keep the posters here down to the “usual” six.

  7. avatar a very pro couch poster says:

    I know Cracker gets paid to type, but that doesn’t make him a professional writer by anyone’s stretched imagination

    Have to disagree with this statement anti couch I read Couch daily and find his writing to be top notch and high quality.

  8. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham you were right on Tyus Jones, Izzo has written him off

  9. avatar Cal says:

    I would sure prefer to read sports related postings. What happened to the days of Eeyore, Skiles, 66WVGY, etc.. Graham is here to do a job…..less than a year old at this level. If one or more of us feel we have constructive advice, why not mentor in an email instead of attempts at public embarrassment.

    We have more talent and depth this year than at any other time in recent history. Our defense might be the best in the country, despite the lack of an All-American nose tackle. 66 drops wasn’t a very good year, but I’m quite sure we won’t have half of those this year.

    I’ve said it in the past, and I’ll say it again. The best is yet to come.


    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      66 passed away August 3 , 2011 Cal , Gene Washington spoke at his funeral, I wrote Gene a letter regarding 66wavgy which prompted Gene to start calling my house to discuss football, the fifth and last call was during halftime of the BWW bowl. I introduced Graham to Gene at the MSU –Minn Gopher game New Years Eve. 66wavgy sent me a photo of him which I framed and presented to the Marine on the deck of a submarine in Muskegon.

  10. avatar Cal says:

    And ’81, thanks for your continued civility and contribution.

  11. avatar Cal says:


    While I don’t always agree with our overseas correspondent in County Mayo, it sure would be good to hear from him as well. AtlSpartan? You out there?


    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      Atlanta’s out there, occasionally on TUS he’s holding back the Kool Aid this year in case in his words “ I hope we do not waste another top 5 defense, I do not think we will, I think we are looking at another sequel to a disappointing year like 2010. Just my hunch. BTW Cal did you ever get to attend a NW game with (Prace the Hoover Vacuum Salesman)

  12. avatar TruGhostofBo says:

    Ahhhh, Couchonfire should be a place:
    ♫ ♪ Where never is heard, a discouraging word ♪ ♫
    ♪ ♫ And the Skies are not cloudy all day ♫ ♪

    • avatar bowels of sick, Headin, very) aka says:

      Stay thirsty my friend

    • avatar Cal says:

      Not necessarily….it’s the preponderance of evidentiary material that shall hopefully rule the day, not the “discouraging word”.

      GO GREEN!

      • avatar TruGhostofBo says:

        I know it gives a person pause,
        Those are the legal laws.
        In short, there’s simply not
        A more congenial spot
        For happily-ever-aftering, than here
        In Camelot.

        GO WHITE

    • avatar bowels of sick, Headin, very) aka says:

      True Ghost of Bo

      The woman at my table grow bored restless and bored with my tales of adventure, their literary desires can only be quenched by your cunning linguistics.

  13. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    MSU 38
    WMU 3

  14. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, do you think that Westerns passing game before the injury to Wilson was ahead of MSUs at this point?

  15. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    LSJ might have to let 3 journalists show their stuff this season

    Lenawee Avenue The second scrimmage of Michigan State’s preseason camp on Saturday should determine which two journalists will get the majority of the ink moving forward.
    But what if it doesn’t? Might LSJ give Graham Couch, Chris Solari and Brian Calloway chances to compete for the job on the field early in the season?
    “There’s always chances,” LSJ boss Brian Priester said today before practice.
    Asked if LSJ editors may have to go that route, Priester said: “I can’t say that. I just, basically all three of those guys are good journalists.”
    “They’ve all had good columns at times, because we work every day live,” Priester said. “So they’ve all done some good things. So we’ll see how it all shakes out. But obviously, this deadline is a big deadline.”

    • avatar TruGhostofBo says:


      More fodder for another Air Strike from Anti, on the Inflamed, Informers Blog

      Plus, Bad Beer and Bowels’ two movements

      • avatar Spartan 81 says:


        Anti told me over the phone he is taking some time off for shore leave, and will be scarce the next two weeks or so.

  16. avatar TruGhostofBo says:

    Wishing him a nice shore leave..

  17. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, are you going to be imbedded with Westerns team game week?

  18. avatar bowels of sick, Headin, very) aka says:

    I fear that Mark Dantonio may be whistling past the graveyard this season, for on November 2nd the ground will shake when the footsteps of Brady Hoke near Spartan Stadium.

  19. avatar bowels of sick, Headin, very) aka says:

    He has been known to cure narcolepsy just by walking into the room
    He has crossed the point of no return – on several occasions.
    He has inside jokes with complete strangers
    He lives vicariously through him self
    If he were to punch you in the face you have to fight off the
    strong urge to thank him.
    His words carry weight that would break a less interesting mans jaw
    His tailgate parties have been known to cause game delays
    He is the most interesting riddle that TrueGhostof Bo will never solve
    Tru, stay thirsty my friend.

    • avatar TruGhostofBo says:


      “Were it not for imagination, sir, a man would be as happy in the arms of a chambermaid as a duchess.”

      Thirstily, your dueling duality,


  20. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham did Terry rack up those stats against the first team defense, if so does his ability to create cause Dantonio to consider burning that redshirt?

  21. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    And I thought all of you hung on every last written word with noggins bowing to and fro like bobble heads.

  22. avatar GoSt8Go says:

    It’s sad that the Hey Joe crap has started all over again here.

    • avatar headeast says:

      so true…

    • avatar MayoSpartan says:

      Don’t WMU have a former MSU O-lineman eleigible to paly in 2014? Something to look forward to if this one is a blow out as predicted, and with their cople of very good WR’s the Bronco’s pass protection will be needed.

      How’s that for getting back on point?

  23. avatar headeast says:

    Gone are the days of just talking sports on here…Couch adds very little to the site (article written on Aug. 14th )…people changing their names to get in a dig at each other…State just had a important scrimmage ( yesterday ) and you’d think there would be some discussion on here from the writer of this blog…very disappointed in the lsj…it’s really bad when you have to turn to m-live for any information…

  24. avatar *** says:

    The tickets for the first three games on the Spartans schedule should be at half price considering the joke of a game these are expected to be. Charge full price
    when they play a “real” game.

  25. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    Most comments on here since the Nebraska post. I detect a few familiar entries from some folks that have been silent for eons. After his initial posts GC is a man of few words. My granddaughter is still disappointed that GC did not acknowledge her thoughts regarding his predictions for the season. Though she respects her elders (almost all humans alive) she feels she should not be unresponded to by GC because of the Anti Couch.

  26. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    To Couch or Anti-Couch that is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous bloggers.

  27. avatar NJ Rob says:

    This blog has gotten a bit weird. Let’s just talk Spartans, not ourselves.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      We need Couch to participate and put up fresh material more often than 5 days Rob , Graham is a columnist not a MLB pitcher, he can type onlessthan four days rest.

      • avatar TruGhostofBo says:

        Oh, he’s writing, and talking. Just heard him talking to Staudt about his “latest” column in the LSJ, Green and White:

        Graham Couch: AP preseason college football poll irresponsibly alters perceptions

        Aug. 18, 2013

        Aug. 18, 2013 11:38 PM


        Here’s a little quote: “If sports are kept in perspective, as an enjoyable sideshow in our lives, then this is all just fun and there’s nothing wrong with any of it.

        Except, this is actually a massive and cutthroat business, one that funds athletics at some universities, tosses losing coaches aside no matter their character and worth as educators, and drives fans to say things at stadiums and on online message boards that’s worthy of jail time.”

        He also predicted that Maxwell will be the starting QB..

        Has the Couch quit Combusting ?????

        • avatar Spartan 81 says:

          Its just a shouldering ember now, drop me a line at

          case_hall81@comcast.net and I will answer your unresolved question.

          • avatar TruGhostofBo says:


            Mark Dantonio: Damion Terry has a real chance at Michigan State QB job
            11:24 AM, August 19, 2013   |   2 Comments

            By Joe Rexrode

            Detroit Free Press Sports Writer
            “Terry’s rise comes as a late-camp surprise”

            I love that line

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