Videos and photos from Germany, MSU basketball and beyond

Michigan State’s matchup with UConn Friday evening at Ramstein Air Base in Germany has been about more than just a basketball game. It’s involved visiting wounded veterans, included a ride on a C-130 cargo plane and the game, the first ever D-I basketball game in Europe, will be played in an Airplane hanger. So it’s not exactly a typical roadie.

If you’re itching for the season to begin or simply looking for good stories involving this MSU team, here are a few links that may interest you. And below that, well, a few videos and photos that give you a greater idea of what’s been happening in Germany leading up to tonight’s game.

Here’s a complete photo gallery of MSU’s second day at Ramstein Air Base, courtesy of MSU basketball’s Facebook page.

And this is MSU’s all-access video of Thursday night’s kids clinic on the air base.

Check out Friday’s Lansing State Journal and Greenandwhite.com for more coverage from me and Joe Rexrode.

Michigan State’s men’s basketball team boards a C-130 cargo plane Thursday at Ramstein Airforce base in Germany. (Graham Couch/ LSJ)

Forgive the blurriness, as the plane ride wasn’t exactly smooth at this moment. But the picture was too funny not to share. Here, MSU center Derrick Nix rest on fellow captain Russell Byrd late in MSU’s flight on a C-130 cargo plane at Ramstein Air Base Thursday. Coaches tried to keep the team on Eastern Time, so this was essentially 6 a.m. for the players. (Graham Couch / LSJ)

Hangar 5 on Ramstein Air Base Thursday appeared just about set for Friday’s basketball game between MSU and UConn. (Graham Couch / LSJ)

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