The idea that MSU beating Indiana would be an upset is as absurd as the AP rankings

I keep hearing and reading about what it’ll take for Michigan State to “knock off” No. 1 Indiana, as if it’d be some sort of upset.

First, you have to be an underdog to pull an upset and the Spartans opened as slight home favorites. So, there’s that.

But secondly, this notion that one of these teams is better than the other because the Associate Press pollsters say so is ridiculous.

This is the group that lacks enough perspective to allow for a top-ranked or highly ranked team to take a road loss and not drop them (same with the coaches).

If Indiana loses a close game to MSU on the road, and if you believed beforehand that the Hoosiers are the top team in the country, that shouldn’t change. But it will. Because rankings are done mostly by people who don’t see the games (no one’s fault; who has time?) and don’t really know the teams, and then vote entirely on the most recent result.

No. 2 Miami is a great example of the flaws in polls. The Hurricanes look like a legit top 5 team. They did in late November when they beat MSU, too. But nobody saw it then. Because most of us who analyze and vote have no clue how to decipher a good team from a good performance.

What makes college basketball great is that, other than publicity, rankings are completely useless — 68 teams make the NCAA tournament field and it’s played out there, so you actually get a champion not influenced by polls.

If MSU wins tonight — and, based on my column today and my prediction, I believe the Spartans will — it’s simply not an upset.

Most people who voted the Hoosiers No. 1 don’t even know the difference between Yogi Ferrell and Yogi Bear.

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6 Responses to The idea that MSU beating Indiana would be an upset is as absurd as the AP rankings

  1. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    The polls are beauty contests with all kinds of politics involved. Name and hype carry more weight than performance. As you say, the only rankings that matter are the NCAA tournament finish.

  2. avatar Mr. Cresote. says:

    Absolutely correct Mr. Couch.

  3. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    MSU 72
    IU. 69

    Go Green

  4. avatar dmbtierney says:

    The real absurdity is the selection of thde B10 Player of the Week. A player on a team that got its butt kicked was selected as the player of the week. Tom Crean actually contacted the B10 office questioning the selection and was told that winning games was actually part of the selection. Maybe some of what Derrick Nix said is true–certain sports writers get a genital protusion when the word “Michigan” is mentioned. One can only asuume they will kill themselves if something bad (God forbid!) ever happened to the Wolverines.

  5. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    sometimes we tend to lay an egg when magic is around..i hope he doesn’t make the team nervous..also, how many times are we gonna go to the well with these stupid white-outs?

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