The final game day of 2012 is here: Your final thoughts on this season and predictions (and an interview with Jamel the camel)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Tonight ends a difficult year for Michigan State’s football program, probably more exhausting for the coaches and players and fans alike than many other 6-6 seasons.

Expectations were for much more than this. And MSU’s struggle to score touchdowns only played into the frustration.

As I wrote in today’s LSJ, I think this football program still passes the ‘eye test’ and has a chance to get back on track in 2013. But the offense has to improve, from its QB to creativity.

One of the questions that’s not easily answered is if expectations for MSU’s football program have become unrealistic? Expectations are that of an individual, so I’m not sure it can be answered fan base-wide. But I’d be curious what you think about this.

As for our year-long prediction contest, Green Guy was our winner with two wins. Hopefully we’ll have a feature on the guy here soon — unless he chooses the Chris Solari autographed photo instead.

Rckbuilder picked the Minnesota game closest, predicting 27-12.

Where do you see this program? And what do you see happening tonight?

I picked TCU 19-16. Just can’t see MSU scoring more than one touchdown right now. Maybe I’ve seen too much this season.

I’ll be hosting a live chat before for the game (9 p.m. ET) here at Greenandwhite.com. Hope to see you then.

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16 Responses to The final game day of 2012 is here: Your final thoughts on this season and predictions (and an interview with Jamel the camel)

  1. avatar Dave says:

    I think MSU runs over Tex. Christian. Frogs are young and MSU is angry. MSU 35-14.

    My expectations for this program are to get to a Rose Bowl more than once every 25 years.

  2. avatar WilliamstonSpartan says:

    MSU doesn’t have to be alabama or USC. I’d settle for matching Wisconsin. Badgers are in the Rose and we’re playing for Wings. MSU 24, TCU 21.

  3. avatar MLM89 says:

    Not enough offense. TCU 23, Roushar’s Heroes 13. Thanks for trying to carry half the team, Le’Veon. Good luck on Sundays next season.

  4. avatar MayoSpartan says:

    TCU 20 – MSU 34. Contrary to logic and my own gut instincts after reading of Johnny Adams injury and many of the media predictions, MSU wins because this season just hasn’t been easy for anyone to foresee.

    Prior to the Iowa game, I thought a 9-3 season was still possible and very good with first year starters at QB and a few receiving positions. However, next year should be 10 wins with the MSU schedule.

    So, I expect Coach D is true to his word and makes the necessary changes to contend each season. MSU should win a couple of B1G titles and be a top 5 team at the end of the season prior to his retirement.

  5. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Twenty seven years ago George Webster told me in a bar that MSU consistantly goes 6-5 with 8-3 talent. 12 years ago Clark Kellog let me buy him a drink and told me MSU is a program that should win 8-9 games every year. Those are my and most boosters expectations 8-9 wins consistantly with the occasional Rose Bowl So in ten years two Rose Bowls 6 8 or 9 win seasons and two mulligans.

    MSU 20
    TCU 16

    I stand by it.

  6. avatar Trophy says:

    MSU 55 – tcu 50

  7. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    This is my final post. My attitude stinks.

    • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

      Another edit job by Grahm Couch to silence an opposing voice. I will always remember this Cracker: you are either a Nazi or a Communist making sure that those who dislike you are not heard.

      • avatar Graham Couch says:

        Here’s the thing about your comments, they’re always off topic. I don’t mind your screen name or criticism. But you’re constant hatred and anger toward life isn’t needed in these conversations about Andrew Maxwell, MSU football or whatever. Got an issue, email me, call me, leave your real name. Let’s chat.

  8. avatar jason nutt says:

    how in the world will this team win over 8 games with this high school offense it`s the worst msu offense i`ve seen in my 25 plus years of watching! Without Bell it will be a sad year if he leaves!

  9. avatar SteveL says:

    So far a third tier bowl for a third rate team. About right. Good thing it is being played so late , not many folks nation wide will be watching this sad ,embarrasing performance. So a little luck comes our way, but still a sad performance overall.

  10. avatar SteveL says:

    Congratulations on a W. Looks like what we take from this game is that Cook is in the drivers seat for QB next season. Shows more poise and has a powerful throw.

  11. avatar SocalSparty says:

    “Thank you coach D for putting us in the Rose Bowl and Happy New Year! ” Badger Nation. “Thank you coach D letting us go undefeated, should be playing for national champs, but we will thank coach Tressel for that” Buckeye Nation. “Thank you coach D for giving us the opportunity to get beat up by the “Tide” Irish Nation. ” Thank you coach D for letting Robinson finally win one. Wolverine Nation. ” “Just thanks coach D” Hawkeye Nation. In closing the Spartan Nation truly thanks Bell and Bullough for being real Spartans! Please bring us ROSES and not wings for 2013!!!

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