Suddenly, it looks like not redshirting Matt Costello was the right call

Kudos to colleague Joe Rexrode for his long-term perspective on Michigan State freshman Matt Costello. I missed on this one.

Until Tuesday night’s win over Michigan, I was certain that playing him this year had been a mistake, essentially a wasted year.

The Spartans’ big man out of Bay City looked like he wanted no piece of the ball offensively and seemed more in the way than part of the offense.

It’s amazing what seeing the ball go in the bucket can do for confidence.

Costello scored eight points and grabbed six rebounds in 11 minutes Tuesday.

By game’s end, it was clear he can help MSU win a Big Ten title, giving a few solid minutes a game the rest of the way. He looked more like the player I saw give Adreian Payne and Derrick Nix headaches during last summer’s Lansing Pro-Am.

Tom Izzo hinted last month that he wished he’d redshirted Costello. He’s probably glad he didn’t right now.

Rexrode has insisted all along that Costello would help at some point this season. I didn’t see it. I thought MSU would be better served getting a fifth year out of him down the road.

Until Tuesday.

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14 Responses to Suddenly, it looks like not redshirting Matt Costello was the right call

  1. avatar LancelotSpartan says:

    I really don’t think his performance against Michigan proves anything… Scoring 8 points in a blowout win? Let him do that against Indiana in a tight game then I will agree with you. Not saying he won’t be a good player in the future, but scoring 8 points in a blowout doesn’t really validate to me that he should not have been redshirted… I still agree with Izzo on this one (at least with what Izzo said last month) and think a redshirt year would have suited him well. Hopefully he proves me wrong and contributes down the stretch in tight games, but with Nix, Payne, Dawson, and Gauna, not sure that will happen on a consistent basis.

    • avatar headeast says:

      Two times in your statement you said, 8 points in a blowout win…he played throughout the game and played well…you make it sound like he was only in at garbage time…I believe he has passed Gauna and will continue to make strides…If coach things he can help I’m all for it…one more…

      Costello 11 minutes…8 pts….6 rebs….
      McGary 26 minutes…4 pts….4 rebs….

  2. avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

    As I said on the previous thread – although belatedly:

    Only people who thought the Spartans were in the tier below those others mentioned by Cheese-It were those who know nothing about Spartan Basketball. Of which, Cracker is a member in good standing.

    Abbot is getting valuable game minutes this year, contribution is not that important. He’s getting to play some in the away venues and that can only help with next years adjustment. Only Cheese-it would think 8 points in a blow out win would be contribution.

    • avatar A very ProCouch poster says:

      Chief you better watch your step or Graham will squash you like a bug. 8 points in a blowout win is impressive you have to admit that Chief.

      • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

        Abbott will do better than that as his career roles along, Madam. People of Cracker’s ilk say EeeeWWWWW when they see a bug dead on the windshield.

        • avatar A very ProCouch poster says:

          You are jealous of my intellect Chief, Costello is the real deal.

          • avatar A very anti Couch poster says:

            The term is sympathetic of your intellect, sweetheart, sympathetic. Single digits in this category makes life very difficult on so many levels.

    • avatar Spartan 81 says:

      It used to be that USMC retired would do battle with trolls of substance, men of renown.
      Now nothing but pathetic shells of the trolls he once battled remain on the battlefield. Kind of like swatting a mosquito with a sledgehammer

      Where have all the young Trolls gone?
      Long time passing
      Where have all the young Trolls gone?
      Long time ago
      Where have all the young Trolls gone?
      Gone because of USMCret soldiers every one
      When will they ever learn?
      When will they ever learn?

  3. avatar dmbtierney says:

    A must read for all Spartan fans: go to SI.com and read Michael Rosenberg’s “Five Stages of Izzo”. Very insightful and funny–all MSU fans will agree it hits the nail on the head describing our coach. Respectfully done, too.

  4. avatar DC Spartan says:

    I know he’s only getting between 5-10 minutes recently, and to be honest 0-5 not so recently, but we need him.

    If he can provide solid defense and help defense I’m all for it. He fights for rebounds and brings a lot of toughness. Him picking up a few put backs is found money at this point.

    I understand it’s not a huge contribution in a stat box, but think about how much better AP and Nix look when they don’t have to play 35 minutes every single game. I’ll take 28-32 minutes of pure Payne over 35 minutes of him being gassed. He wears down and at the end of game you’ve got centers like Zeller running by bc he’s too tired to rotate or run to the rim in transition.

    In a year like this, when there’s 12-15 teams with a legit shot at winning a title, you don’t save any bullets.

  5. avatar JMac says:

    When you see an opportunity to get to a Final Four and have a chance to win it all you have to go all in and all hands on deck. I think Izzo knew the opportunity was there all along and I think he knew this team could be pretty good by March. You leave no stone unturned, if Costello can help you put him in the mix.

    MSU has had much better teams that did not have a great chance of cutting down the nets in April. There are no great teams in 2013.

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