MSU’s Big Ten title hopes revived with Gophers’ upset of Hoosiers

Perhaps Tom Izzo’s weekly press conference should have been delayed until Wednesday morning.

He would have been in a better mood.

As Michigan State seeks to reinvigorate a basketball season that’s hit a sudden blip, it was given another reason to shake off the past two games.

The Spartans are back in the Big Ten title race, thanks to Minnesota’s upset of Indiana Tuesday night.

The slumping Gophers had a feel-good night at home, beating the Hoosiers 77-73, reminding us all how strong the Big Ten is eight teams team deep and, more importantly, bringing Indiana (12-3) back closer to the rest of the league’s upper tier.

MSU, Michigan and Wisconsin — with four Big Ten losses each — now have a legitimate shot at a share of the championship, with the Wolverines having control of their title shot, via the Hoosiers’ visit to the Crisler Center on the final day of the regular season.

From the Spartans’ perspective, they need to win at Michigan this Sunday before thinking about anything else.

But if they do, they’ll probably be rooting for Michigan on March 10. Indiana also has Iowa and Ohio State remaining, but both of those games are at Assembly Hall.

Sunday’s MSU-Michigan game in Ann Arbor just became a bit more important.

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16 Responses to MSU’s Big Ten title hopes revived with Gophers’ upset of Hoosiers

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    A special thanks to Tubby Smith for flying in a sports psychiatrist to MSP over the weekend to talk the language of Imbakwe if only for one night. The question for the esteemed panel is this.

    Indiana has to play Ohio State and close out their season at the Gulo dome on Senior Night. How likely is Joe Rexrodes prediction that no one gets through the BIG meat grinder with less than four losses likely to come true?

    Disapointment should be replaced in the morning with new life. Lets take one game at a time and just start playing better. Guarding the Ball Screen mini camp is underway. Lets get our second wind people.

  2. avatar dmbtierney says:

    The winner of Sunday’s MSU-UM game will have the possible opportunity to tie Indiana for the B10 title, while the loser more than likely will be looking at 3rd or 4th place.

  3. avatar NJ Rob says:

    Hard to see how Wisconsin doesn’t end up with a share of the B1G title…what a joke…MSU needs to end on a 3-0 run, which won’t be easy, but it’s definitely possible if these guys just focus and take advantage of this few day break to regain their legs…

  4. avatar LancelotSpartan says:

    After reading some of Joe’s tweets on Crean, I have lost a lost of respect for him. I used to like him and Indiana but that is quickly fading…

  5. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, in light of Coach Creans friendship with Izzo do you think Crean capable of orchestrating Zeller ???

    • avatar Graham Couch says:

      I don’t know what to think on this. Mostly because I don’t know Tom Crean. I do believe this sort of stuff happens regularly in college hoops and I’ve seen the videos, which make me suspicious.

  6. avatar MikeAPP says:

    Ball screens- while Michigan relies on this A LOT for their offense via Burke & Co., I hope that Izzo & Co. are prepared for some changes to how Michigan played MSU the first time. Michigan most likely is going to have Jordan Morgan back for significant minutes and he played very well vs. Ill. I think MSU should expect a little of the unexpected in this game coming up. Whether it’s Glenn Robinson or Levert, I think Michigan is going to try and change a few things. It’s one game at a time right now… we’ll see what a road trip and a week off does.

  7. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    i told all of you years ago that crean was a scumbag..so big deal, he coached here a hundred years ago..he was gone when we won the title in 2000..he’s a harbaugh loving idiot..

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