MSU vs. Texas pre-game dish: A good gauge for Big Ten play

BRESLIN CENTER — Through this entire non-conference season, Michigan State hasn’t played a high-major foe at home, as they’ll do nine times over the next couple of months in Big Ten play.

Road wins are what usually determine the success of a season, but owning one’s home court is essential to a league title run.

We really don’t know MSU’s personality at home this year, because the Spartans haven’t played anyone close to equal talent here.

We may get a feel for it today. And we’ll also see how close MSU is to being ready for the rigors of Big Ten play, which begins New Year’s Eve at Minnesota.

This is an athletic Texas team, per usual. A little young, but capable.

I’ll have more at halftime.

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4 Responses to MSU vs. Texas pre-game dish: A good gauge for Big Ten play

  1. avatar Chris says:

    If this Syracuse/Temple game ever ends maybe we will get to watch the game….

  2. avatar Chris says:

    Dawson, please stop dribbling. Turnover every time.

  3. avatar Dirk says:

    This is pathetic. I’ve seen one-armed blind men that shoot better than anyone on State’s team. There are at least 4 teams in the big ten that will destroy us at this rate. What a surprise Parker didn’t want to come here.

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