MSU vs. Texas, halftime take: Outside shooting woes, turnovers continue to plague Spartans

BRESLIN CENTER — This is a good Texas team, no question. A team that appears to have found a rhythm against Michigan State and North Carolina after a tough start.

But MSU isn’t doing itself any favors. And the issues are as they’ve been most of this early season — not enough outside shooting (none at all in this game) and too many turnovers.

MSU is 0-7 from beyond the arc here in the first half (not counting a last-second heave), trailing 33-28, while Texas is 3-6 from long range.

The Spartans also have coughed the ball up nine times (as has Texas).

In this game, Texas’ 10 free throws made on 12 first-half MSU fouls has helped lead to the five-point difference. But that’ll happen from time to time. These officials simply see what is and isn’t a foul differently from MSU. The Spartans will have to adjust.

The turnovers and shooting are more in MSU’s control.

This game is a terrific barometer. Nothing is really at stake, but MSU needs to be able to beat teams of Texas’ caliber at home if it hopes to compete at the top of the Big Ten.

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One Response to MSU vs. Texas, halftime take: Outside shooting woes, turnovers continue to plague Spartans

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    this game was a barometer, this team will not finish in the middle of the pack in the big ten they win win 12-14 league games not go 9-9 and have a top 6 seed seeding in the NCAA. If you are going to finish in the top tier of the BIG you have to beat teams the caliber of Texas at home. I liked the angry play of Nix today he posted strong, I think in some games when things do not start off well he stops posting as strong. I think Izzo should stress keeping that up and he would start averaging 12-13 a game instead of 8-9 just my humble opinion

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