MSU vs. Purdue pregame dish: Last year’s meetings with Boilermakers fun for Spartans, full of story lines

For two games decided by a combined 39 points, MSU’s dates with Purdue last season were surprisingly interesting and memorable …

Branden Dawson’s controversial exchange with Boilermakers coach Matt Painter, Purdue’s travel woes in getting to East Lansing, Robbie Hummell’s O-for-11 shooting night, and then, in the rematch, more Dawson, who windmill dunked in the face of the Purdue student section — a group that booed him vigorously the entire game — for two of his 15 points.

The Gary, Ind., product, heavily recruited by Painter, finished with 29 points altogether in those two games.

In the first meeting, there were conflicting stories about what Dawson said near the Purdue bench after a Boilermakers’ turnover. Whatever it was, Painter didn’t like it and said so afterward.

It was probably overblown, but not by the media. Painter was the one who made a big deal about it in the postgame press conference.

Here’s guessing there’s no such sideshow moment between Dawson and Painter today.

Maybe Spartan freshman Gary Harris, a lifelong Purdue fan, will be the emotional catalyst instead.

Whatever the secondary story lines today, I don’t see this as being a close game. It took a complete Illinois collapse for Purdue to win its Big Ten opener at home and a better Boilermakers team last season didn’t match up with the Spartans’ athletes, especially on the road.

It’s important for MSU that it sets the tone today for the Breslin Center being a brutal place for visiting teams during this conference season.



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4 Responses to MSU vs. Purdue pregame dish: Last year’s meetings with Boilermakers fun for Spartans, full of story lines

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    Graham, do you have a prediction?

    Mine is MSU 72
    Purdue 65

  2. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    My second prediction is Nards is getting very little sleep on that ahem “recruiting trip” to SOCAL.

  3. avatar MSUDersh says:

    Those Purdue games were great last season. MSU owned them in both games, and the story after each game wasn’t how well MSU did, and how they stifled the Boilermakers, but rather Purdue crying over perceived “slights.”

    Supposedly the Izzone was chanting “Rob-bie, Rob-bie” on the 0-11 night, and why wouldn’t they? He was their best player. Also, there was allegations that a student said “Don’t blow out your knee” or something to that extent. And all Painter could talk about after the game is the fans. Hey, MP, worry about your team, and get them to play better ball, and maybe you will shut up the opposing crowd.

    Classes resume on Monday, so students are probably getting back on campus. I expect a loud & rocking Izzone, and hopefully MSU will run them out of the building like they did last season.

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