MSU vs. Michigan halftime musings: Spartans firing on all cylinders

EAST LANSING — Some of this is home-court advantage. Some of it is a Michigan State basketball team with a bevy of weapons, all of which have found their game and their roles, from Gary Harris to Matt Costello.

Yes, Matt Costello has four points in the first half, skipping off the court, after helping the Spartans to a 38-24 halftime lead over Michigan.

As out of sync as MSU has looked at points this season, especially early, this is a smooth-looking attack tonight, showing its potential. And it’s scary potential.

The first few minutes of the second half are critical. MSU appeared to let up for a moment after taking a 35-19 lead and is lucky to still be up 14.

MSU is out-shooting Michigan (53 percent to 42) and out-rebounding the Wolverines (19-12). If either of those continue at that pace, MSU wins this game without a nervous final minute.

A long way to go, though.

More after the game.

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2 Responses to MSU vs. Michigan halftime musings: Spartans firing on all cylinders

  1. avatar Chris says:

    If we just stay even the first five minutes, I think we take this huge win!

  2. avatar NJ Rob says:

    Wow…impressive win. Demoralizing to UM, regardless of outcome in Ann Arbor game, which won’t be this one-sided.

    Hope Dawson is okay.

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