MSU vs. Indiana pregame dish: If this game is close it favors the Spartans

EAST LANSING — At this point, at game time approaches, about all has been written and said that can be.

One last semi-interesting factor of note might be Indiana’s record in close games this year. It’s not very good.

Part of that, of course, is the Hoosiers have blown out so many teams, which obviously isn’t a flaw.

But other than home wins over MSU and Michigan and an early season OT win against Georgetown, IU hasn’t been great in the final minutes of close games.

The Hoosiers panicked too early in a home loss to Wisconsin and melted down at Illinois two weeks ago. Their other loss was on a neutral floor to Butler in overtime.

MSU, conversely, has won four Big Ten games by five point or fewer. That said, the Spartans also haven’t been as consistently impressive. But down the stretch, in close games, MSU has been better.

We’ll see if that plays out tonight.

More at halftime. Enjoy the game.


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