MSU vs. Indiana halftime musings: Spartans need to simmer down

EAST LANSING — Michigan State has taken several approaches to games this season, for better or worse.

They’ve been sluggish at times. Focused at others. Never before have I seen the Spartans rushed, until tonight.

MSU is trying to do too much too quickly offensively. Too much dribbling, too much taking the first semi-opportunity. Too much speed.

Indiana is playing really well. But MSU is as much at fault for its 36-30 halftime deficit.

It has eight turnovers, several costly, including one from Branden Dawson that forced Adreian Payne to pick up his second foul with 6:52 left to save a layup. After scoring 10 early points, Payne sat the rest of the half.

Two minutes later, Dawson picked up his second.

Mostly, though, the issues are on offense. Gary Harris can take Jordan Hulls, but seems in too hurry to do everything. Appling has spent seemingly the entire first half dribbling.

Plenty of time, but the Spartans are choking in the moment right now. They need to calm down.

More after the game.

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4 Responses to MSU vs. Indiana halftime musings: Spartans need to simmer down

  1. avatar jerseyjohn says:

    appling is playing like a dope..shades of durrell summers.

  2. avatar zukeys says:

    What happened to Dawson? Izzo just decide to sit best athlete on team? Appling lost for both IU games………what a waste.

  3. avatar LOsparty says:

    Choke. 4 point lead with 2 minutes to go. Just hit your free throws and go home a winner.

  4. avatar LOsparty says:

    Up 4 with 2 minutes to go at home and get out scored 9-1 in the final 2 minutes is a choke indeed.

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