MSU rides bigs Nix, Payne to emotionally charged win over Texas

EAST LANSING — Maybe it was Derrick Nix’s technical foul early in the second half that spurred Michigan State.

Maybe it was just Derrick Nix.

Adreian Payne, too.

The Spartan big men were again a tandem Saturday against Texas, a rebirth of a failed experiment earlier this year.

Nix finished with 25 points and 11 rebounds, Payne with 13 and seven. Both were demonstrative and focused, playing much of the second half together.

MSU really took control after Nix was called for a technical foul with 14 minutes to play and MSU ahead 41-40.

MSU’s senior center not-so-politely asked the ref, “What the (heck) are you doing?” It was a great question in the midst of a horribly officiated game. But the profanity led to the tech.

The tech, however, led to an amped up crowd (the alumni Izzone included). MSU scored the next eight points and was in relative control the rest of the way.

This was a good game for MSU, which hadn’t played a high-major opponent at home. The Spartans were emotional and dialed in and beat a pretty decent team.

It’s a good sign for Big Ten play, both in terms of MSU’s approach at home (at least in the second half) and how this team works in concert with the crowd.

Flaws remain. But the big advantage MSU hoped to have this season inside showed up against a sizable team.

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9 Responses to MSU rides bigs Nix, Payne to emotionally charged win over Texas

  1. avatar Spartan 81 says:

    this game was a barometer, this team will not finish in the middle of the pack in the big ten they win win 12-14 league games not go 9-9 and have a top 6 seed seeding in the NCAA. If you are going to finish in the top tier of the BIG you have to beat teams the caliber of Texas at home. I liked the angry play of Nix today he posted strong, I think in some games when things do not start off well he stops posting as strong. I think Izzo should stress keeping that up and he would start averaging 12-13 a game instead of 8-9 just my humble opinion

  2. avatar Trophy says:

    Terrible officials. I’ve always luv’d Nix, hope he plays / works with that attitude for the rest of his life. He’ll get MSU to the finals this year and be a huge success in all his future endeavors.

  3. avatar Ricky says:

    Alumni Izzone > Student Izzone.

    Alumni Izzone >>>>>>>>>>>> Spartan Stadium Student Section.

    Needed the big fellas to have a huge game on a day when the perimeter shooting was slightly colder than the temperature outside. They were great. On to the purifying waters of Lake Minnetonka.

  4. avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

    I have to provide a final muse on the Jabari Parker decision.

    There’s trouble on the tube tonight,
    I can feel it in my bones
    I had a premonition,
    That he would not go Izzo.
    I knew that Duke was loaded,
    But I didn’t think they’d kill.
    Everything exploded,
    And my blood began to chill.
    So JP, there’s your ticket,
    Put the suitcase in your hand.
    There’s a little money now,
    Do it just the way they planned.

    You be cool for sixteen months
    And they’ll pay you twenty mill.
    I’m sorry it went down like this,
    And someone had to lose,
    It’s the nature of the business,
    It’s the recruiter’s blues.
    Recruiter’s Blues

    The coaches and the players,
    The agents and the law,
    The pay offs and the rip offs,
    And the things nobody saw.
    No matter if it’s Florida, OSU, or Duke,
    You’ve got to have a swagger
    Cause it’s all about the cash.
    There’s lots of shady characters,
    Lots of dirty deals.
    Ev’ry name’s an All-Star
    In case their ego squeals.
    It’s the lure of easy money,
    It’s gotta very strong appeal.

    Perhaps you’d understand it better
    Standin’ in my shoes,
    It’s the ultimate enticement,
    It’s the recruiter’s blues,
    Recruiter’s blues.

    See it in the headlines,
    You hear it ev’ry day.
    They say they’re gonna stop it,
    But it doesn’t go away.
    They move it through Miami, sell it in L.A.,
    They hide it up in Telluride,
    I mean it’s here to stay.
    It’s propping up the programs in Columbus and Purdue,
    You ask any NCAA man,
    He’ll say There’s nothin’ we can do,
    From the office of the President,
    Right down to me and you, me and you.

    It’s a losing proposition,
    But one you can’t refuse.
    It’s the politics of college ball,
    It’s the recruiter’s blues,
    Recruiter’s blues.

    • avatar devil with the blue dress on says:

      The burden of proof rests with the plaintifff in any tort. Having recently visited your campus you have found your niche as a regional power. And remember GOB these two caveats/
      1. Everything has its price
      2/Proving what you know to be true is easier said than done.

      Jay B

      • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

        As an academic recruit by more than 200 colleges and universities 50I years ago, I didn’t give your backwoods school a second look. I am also aware of upon whom the burden of proof lies. Some day you will face the ultimate judge. Until then you must live with your conscience.

      • avatar Ghost of Biggie says:

        You’ve taken to wearing dresses now? Another reason to avoid your institution.

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